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Rip curl ATS Oceansearch Instruction Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Rip curl ATS Oceansearch

  • Page 3 INDEX Description of modes and functions Page 4 Setting Time and Date Page 5 Compass Instructions Page 6 Tide display explanation Page 8 Tide setting procedure Page 9 Future tide prediction Page 11 Chronograph Page 12 Heat timer Page 12 Alarms Page 12 Beach list...
  • Page 4 OCEANSEARCH TIDE INTRODUCTION. Congratulations on owning your new Oceansearch tide watch. Easily set to thousands of beaches worldwide, and providing pre-programmed tide information for 200 preset locations, your watch has been specifically designed to help you know where and when to find the best surf.
  • Page 5: Setting Time And Date

    LIGHT / RETURN START / STOP MODE / SET LAP / RESET SETTING THE TIME AND DATE. -Ensure you are in Time, Tide, Date mode. -Press MODE/SET to advance through the modes. -HOLD down MODE/SET for 2 seconds to enter setting mode. -Press MODE/SET to advance through Year, Month, Day/date, Hour, Minute, 12/24 Hour format, Hourly chime, Key tone.
  • Page 6: Compass Mode

    COMPASS MODE. (ONLY AVAILABLE IN ULTIMATE OCEANSEARCH STYLE) -Press MODE/SET to advance to COMPASS MODE. -Use the arrow on the top of the watch case to find your direction. -Compass will operate for 60 seconds then revert back to TIME/TIDE/DATE MODE to conserve battery life.
  • Page 7 NOTE: For accurate compass readings you must re-calibrate your compass after it has come into contact with strong magnetic forces. Eg: An Airplane trip or long distance travel in a car or train. Also note: After calibration, compass readings should be taken away from large metal objects and appliances.
  • Page 8 TIME, TIDE, DATE DISPLAY EXPLANATION MOONPHASE-Shows the current state of the moon NEXT TIDE TIME- Shows the TIDE DIRECTION GRAPH -This time of the next tide and if it graph indicates the current is a high or a low. state of the tide (ie; just above mid.) The arrow indicates the direction of the tide.
  • Page 9: Tide Setting

    TIDE SETTING. -Press MODE/SET to advance to TIDE SET MODE. -After preset tide location name has finished scrolling, press and HOLD the LAP/RESET for 2 seconds to enter beach setting mode. -To toggle between REGIONS use START/STOP & LAP/RESET. When you find desired region press MODE/SET. -Use START/STOP &...
  • Page 10 ALSO NOTE: Once you have customized a preset location, ie Torquay, that location has been over written and will no longer appear in the watches’ beach list. To return to the original beach, ie Torquay, you must be in TIDE SET, press and HOLD MODE/SET for 2 seconds, the digits will flash, use START/STOP &...
  • Page 11 beach name by following procedure below, or to leave the name as Spot X, simply HOLD MODE/SET for 2 seconds. -Or use START/STOP & LAP/RESET to scroll through the alphabet and change the selected letter. Press MODE/SET to move to the next letter. -Once complete, HOLD MODE/SET for 2 seconds to save all.
  • Page 12 NOTE: After 30 seconds, If no buttons are pushed the screen will revert to the current day’s date and tide data. CHRONOGRAPH (STOP WATCH) -Press the MODE/SET button to advance to CHRONOGRAPH. -Press START/STOP to start or stop the chronograph. -Press LAP/RESET to time lap times while the chronograph is running.
  • Page 13 Use START/STOP & LAP/RESET to select required hour. -Press MODE/SET, the minutes will flash. Use START/STOP & LAP/RESET to select required minutes. -HOLD MODE/SET for 2 seconds to confirm the settings. The alarm icon will have appears in the bottom left of the screen. -Press START/STOP to turn the alarm icon on/off.
  • Page 16 BEACH LIST ASIA PACIFIC AUSTRALIA SOUTH AUSTRALIA SAMOA QUEENSLAND Robe Boulders WEST COAST Cairns Victor harbour Spot X Imperial Beach CA Townsville Seaford Reef San Diego CA Noosa NEW CALEDONIA Chinamans Blacks CA Noumea Caloundra Port Lincoln Swami’s CA Brisbane Bar Spot X Elliston Oceanside Harbor CA...
  • Page 17 EAST COAST PUERTO RICO AFRICA PORTUGAL Hampton Beach NH Rincon Figueira Da Foz SOUTH AFRICA Cape Cod MA Spot X Supertubos Cape Town Montauk NY Carcavelos Jeffrey’s Bay GUADELOUPE New Port RI Spot X Port Elizabeth Le Moule Casino Pier NJ Durban Spot X Ocean City NJ...
  • Page 18 To keep your watch in peak condition for Surfing we recommend every 24 months you have your watch seals replaced and fully tested at the Rip Curl Watch Service Centre. (See page 21 for contact details.) RIP CURL PTY. LTD. assumes no responsibility for any loss, or any claims by...
  • Page 19 • Do not clean watch with spray cleaners, thinners or other such volatile agents. • Do not wear leather bands in water. • Never try to open the watch. Have batteries changed by Rip Curl technicians. • Avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures.
  • Page 20 The warranty book is not proof of purchase without a purchase receipt. eg. A purchase receipt is the cash register receipt or your credit card statement. NOTE : Rip Curl reserves the right to repair or replace, with an equivalent style, any warranty watch.
  • Page 21 Warranty and Service Enquires : Thailand Australia Hardcore Skate Co Ltd. Rip Curl Pty Ltd Watch Service Centre Watch Service Centre 13/16 Vipavadeerangsit Rd. 101 Surfcoast Hwy, Tungsonghong, Laksi, Torquay, Vic. 3228 Bangkok 10210. Tel: 03 5261 0022 Thailand. Fax: 03 5261 4700 Tel: 02 9546400 Hours: 9am to 5.30 pm Mon-Fri E.S.T.
  • Page 22 Navigation disclaimer IMPORTANT : Oceansearch watches must not be used for navigation at any time. Remember that weather conditions, changes in climate and the coastal environment can affect tidal changes/ranges, sometimes very strongly. Rip Curl does not guarantee the information contained in this watch, nor accept responsibility or liability for variances to actual tide conditions.
  • Page 23 TO BE RETURNED WITH ANY WARRANTY CLAIM NOTE: For any warranty claim proof of purchase must be attached. ie) sales receipt or credit card statement clearly showing the date of purchase Senders Name: Return Address: Contact Phone: Email: Brief description of fault:...

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