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JVC KV-PX501 User Manual

Jvc portable navigation user manual.
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User Manual




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  • Page 1: User Manual

    PORTABLE NAVIGATION User Manual KV-PX501 LVT1821-001A...

  • Page 2: Regulatory Information

    Dieses Gerät ist für den Gebrauch in den europäischen Ländern vorgesehen. Dit Apparaat is bedoeld voor gebruik in Europese Landen. English Hereby, JVC declares that this KV-PX501 is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.

  • Page 3

    Dyrektywy 1999/5/EC. Portuguese JVC declara que este KV-PX501 está conforme com os requisitos essenciais e outras disposições da Directiva 1999/5/CE. Slovenian JVC izjavlja, da je ta KV-PX501 v skladu z bistvenimi zahtevami in ostalimi relevantnimi dolocili direktive 1999/5/ES. Slovak JVC týmto vyhlasuje, že KV-PX501 splna základné...

  • Page 4

    Gerät stimmt mit den gültigen europäischen Richtlinien und Normen bezüglich elektromagnetischer Verträglichkeit und elektrischer Sicherheit überein. Die europäische Vertretung für die Victor Company of Japan, Limited ist: JVC Technology Centre Europe GmbH Postfach 10 05 52 61145 Friedberg Deutschland IT –...

  • Page 5

    Dette apparatet er i samsvar med gjeldende europeiske direktiver og standarder for elektromagnetisk kompatibilitet og elektrisk sikkerhet. Den europeiske representanten for Victor Company of Japan, Limited, er: JVC Technology Centre Europe GmbH Postfach 10 05 52 61145 Friedberg Tyskland FI – Suomi Hyvä...

  • Page 6

    Denna apparat överensstämmer med gällande EU-direktiv och standarder beträffande elektromagnetisk kompatibilitet och elsäkerhet. Europarepresentant för Victor Company of Japan, Limited är: JVC Technology Centre Europe GmbH Postfach 10 05 52 61145 Friedberg Tyskland RO – Română Stimate client, Acest aparat respectă directivele şi standardele europene privind compatibilitatea electromagnetică...

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Regulatory information.............2 Safety Cautions ........... 10 Important Notice .............13 Warranty Statement ............16 Technical Support............17 Preface ................17 Symbols ................17 Other Functions ..............17 First time use..............18 Copyright ..............18 Package Contents ............19 Basic Operation ..............20 Introduction ..............20 Front View ............20 Rear View .............

  • Page 8

    Operating Methods ............28 Startup................28 Shutdown ..............28 Using Functions..............29 Function Menu ..............31 Bluetooth..............31 Bluetooth Phone Link ..........35 Hands-free: ..............40 Entertainment ..............43 Video ................ 43 Music Playback Function ........46 Storing MP3 files onto SD memory cards..... 46 Starting music playback......... 46 Image Browsing Function ........

  • Page 9

    Specifying the destination country....58 Specifying an address ........59 Selecting point of interest ........60 Selecting a point of interest of nationwide importance ............64 Selecting one of the last destinations ....65 Selecting a destination from the favorites list .. 67 Navigating to home ..........

  • Page 10: Safety Cautions

    Safety Cautions Please read this section carefully and follow all the instructions given. This will help ensure reliable operation and extend the service life for your appliance. Keep the packaging and the user instructions for future reference or inquiries at a later date.

  • Page 11: Electromagnetic Compatibility

    Electromagnetic Compatibility When connecting additional or other components the “Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive” (EMC) must be adhered to. Please also note that only screened cable (maximum 10ft) should be used with this appliance. For optimal performance, maintain a distance of at least 10 ft. from sources of high-frequency and magnetic interference (televisions, loudspeaker systems, mobile telephones and so on.

  • Page 12: Safety Instructions For Navigation

    4. It is not recommended to charge from a PC because the PC power voltage is not enough to supply the device. 5. When installing the apparatus, ensure that the plug is easily accessible. About the battery: 1. Use only the original factory approved charger. 2.

  • Page 13: Important Notice

    rules permit it! The navigation system will guide you to your destination even when you have to deviate from your planned route. The direction statements of the navigation system given do not release the driver of the vehicle from his or her duty of care or personal responsibility. Plan routes before you leave.

  • Page 14

    Do not block driver’s view Do not secure in front of airbag Do not place on unstable dashboard Do not secure in front of airbag Differences between manufactured and shipped versions may be present; this software may be updated frequently. If the descriptions in this manual are different from your software version, please follow the software version currently on hand.

  • Page 15: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Use the power adapter included with the package, using power adapters other than the one provided will result in malfunction and could prove dangerous. The device should only be used with the supplied batteries. About the power adapter Do not use the power adapter in a wet environment.

  • Page 16: Warranty Statement

    JVC, or repairs done by anyone other than JVC and authorized retail/service providers.

  • Page 17: Technical Support

    Please reset your unit. • Refer to page of How to reset your unit. Preface We appreciate your purchase of the KV-PX501. Please read all instructions thoroughly for a full understanding of the products’ features. Symbols For fast reference to the data you wish to find, this manual uses the following symbols.

  • Page 18: First Time Use

    Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other Countries. The Bluetooth word mark and logos ard owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) is under license. SD logo is a trademark.

  • Page 19: Package Contents

    Package Contents Your product should include the following accessories: KV-PX501 Unit Cradle Suction Cup Mount Cigarette Lighter Adaptor AC Adaptor Dashboard Disk DVD-ROM SD Memory Card Instructions (Digital map/User (Digital map) manual) External-GPS Antenna Carrying Case TMC Antenna (Optional)

  • Page 20: Basic Operation

    Basic Operation Introduction Front View 3.5” TFT LCD Charging with touch indicator LED screen Bluetooth LED Power button Charging indicator LED Charging: Orange Full: Green Charging indicator LED: Bluetooth LED: Charging: Orange Bluetooth ON: Blinking Blue Full: Green Bluetooth OFF: LED off Rear View Stylus Speaker...

  • Page 21: Left Side

    Left Side External Antenna port USB port (used for battery charging only by AC Adaptor) Right Side Stylus SD card slot Top View...

  • Page 22: Getting Started

    Getting Started If you are a first-time system user, the following explanations will help you quickly understand the system operations, and experience the system’s powerful and convenient functions. SD memory card installation This unit is equipped with a SD memory card slot. To insert the memory card: With the metal contacts of the memory card facing back, insert the card into the slot on the right side of the unit.

  • Page 23: Using The Stylus

    Using the stylus This unit can be controlled easily though the touch screen. The stylus is an assist tool for operating this unit and is concealed in a pen slot at the rear. Pull out to use. Stylus...

  • Page 24: Charging

    Charging Using the AC Adaptor Before using the device for the first time, we strongly suggest you use a fully charged battery. Insert the USB connector into the unit. Plug the adapter into a power outlet. The USB connector is used for battery charging only by AC Adaptor.

  • Page 25: Using The Cigarette Lighter Adaptor

    Using the Cigarette Lighter Adaptor While using the device in a vehicle, use the included car charger for long periods of usage. Plug in the small plug into the power jack on the rear of the in vehicle bracket. Insert the other end into the cigarette lighter. This device uses a built-in rechargeable battery, please note the following: •...

  • Page 26: Using The In Vehicle Bracket

    Charging indicator Using the In Vehicle Bracket The included in vehicle bracket set can be securely suctioned on the front windshield, or using the adhesive plate, securing on top of the glove compartment. This device will effectively secure the GPS unit in the vehicle. Follow the procedures below to secure the bracket: Follow the arrows and stable the unit into the in-vehicle bracket fitting holes to secure.

  • Page 27

    Bend the bracket support to a proper angle. Suction the vehicle bracket securely to the windshield, ensuring its base is resting firmly on the dashboard. Follow the directions to insert the bracket into the slots on the bracket, and slide to fix the set (A The in vehicle bracket assembly is complete.

  • Page 28: Operating Methods

    Operating Methods Startup For first time use, please turn the system power switch at the rear side On. Press and hold the power button for about two seconds to turn on the power. Note: Before the first time use, please switch the system power on. Shutdown While power is on, press the power button to turn off power.

  • Page 29: Using Functions

    Using Functions During the first startup, the screen will show the main screen consisting of four functions: GPS, Bluetooth, Entertainment, and Settings. Directly select the icon onscreen to use the function. Loads the navigation program and navigation screen Note: If the SD card with navigator software is inserted, the system will enter GPS function automatically after startup.

  • Page 30

    VIDEO Plays video. Need to create Folder "file" Can read file with __txt format. eBOOK Need to create Folder "ebook" SETTING System setup...

  • Page 31: Function Menu

    Function Menu Bluetooth Select [Bluetooth] icon from the main menu of setting to access the Bluetooth Main Menu screen. Click the [Setup] icon to access the Bluetooth Setup screen.

  • Page 32

    Click the [Setup] [Power On] icon to turn on Bluetooth. After turn on Bluetooth, the [Search Phone] icon will be enabled. Click the [Search Phone] icon, you will see the paired handset manager. You can select one to establish Bluetooth Hands-free connection. (Before you connect to Phone, make sure the Bluetooth is enabled on your handset.) If you want to connect with other handset, click search button , &...

  • Page 33

    Click the [Search] icon, & start to search handset. After the phone searching is done, you’ll see a phone model list. Click on the one you’d like to use.

  • Page 34

    Click [Pair] button to start the pairing process. (During the pairing process, if your handset requires you to specify a password, please enter”1234”.) When the connection is established, it will return to the Main Menu automatically and start using Bluetooth PhoneLink.

  • Page 35: Bluetooth Phone Link

    Bluetooth Phone Link On the Main Menu, you can see the following icons: [Call log], [Message], [File Transfer], and [Setup]. Click on the icon to enter and operate the function. Call Log: Click on [Call log] icon at Bluetooth main menu and wait for the call log transferring.

  • Page 36: Phone Book

    Phone Book: Click phone book icon to view the contacts list saved in SIM card/handset. Up/down: click on Up /down button to view the previous/next page. Refresh: click on Refresh button to refresh your call log data. Click on the contact’s name to make a call. (If the contact you selected has more than one number saved, then click on the number you’d like to reach.

  • Page 37

    7. Exit: click exit button to go back to the previous screen. Dial Pad: Click on Dial Pad button , you can access the dial pad screen. Click on Backspace button to delete the number you’ve entered. Dial up the phone number and then click on the call out button make a call.

  • Page 38

    Message: Click on [Message] icon at Bluetooth main menu to view your SMS list. Refresh: click on Refresh button to refresh your call log data. Up/down: click on Up /down button to view the previous/next message. Click on each message to see the content. Exit: click exit button to go back to the previous screen.

  • Page 39: File Transfer

    File transfer: You can import media files (photos, MP3, etc) from the handset through the Bluetooth function. Click on [File Transfer] icon at Bluetooth main menu to open the File Manager, you can view the media files you’ve saved in your handset or transfer them.

  • Page 40: Hands-free

    Exit: click exit button to go back to the previous screen. Note: The files that you transferred via Bluetooth, it will be saved to SD card & sorted according to the rules below. User can access the files on SD card. *.mp3 save to SD Card/mp3/.

  • Page 41

    Click hang up button to hang up incoming call. Phonebook Setting: At Bluetooth setup menu, click [Phonebook] icon to open the phonebook setup. Here you can adjust your phonebook settings by checking/uncheck the checkboxes. Exit: click exit button to go back to the previous screen.

  • Page 42

    Message Setting: At Bluetooth setup menu, click [Message] icon to open the SMS setup. Here you can adjust your SMS settings by checking/uncheck the checkboxes. Exit: click exit button to go back to the previous screen.

  • Page 43: Entertainment

    Entertainment Video Video can read the film with the following data format: __.wmv, __.asf. Please convert file into readable format and save them onto the SD memory card in a folder named "film". Insert the SD memory card with Video files into the SD memory card slot on the unit.

  • Page 44

    Use the arrow key right/left to forward/backward the film. Video Title Play / Pause Video status Stop Screen Forward Progress bar Previous Volume Next Time Full Screen Exit Battery Timer / Total Video Time...

  • Page 45

    Full Screen Mode Double click at anywhere on the screen to exit full screen mode Press "X" to exit the film viewer.

  • Page 46: Music Playback Function

    Music Playback Function This unit has an MP3 Music Playback function that is capable of playing back MP3 files stored on SD memory cards. Storing MP3 files onto SD memory cards On your computer, you must first convert the music from an audio CD into MP3 files, then save them onto the SD memory card.

  • Page 47: Progress Bar

    The Music Playback Window. Use the buttons to control each playback function. Play / Pause Progress bar Stop Timer Previous Music Status Repeat mode Volume display Next Time Battery indicator Exit...

  • Page 48: Image Browsing Function

    Image Browsing Function The system has an Image Browsing function that is capable of displaying images/photographs stored on SD memory cards. All the files need to be stored under the Image folder, and the file format needs to be “*.jpg”. Insert the SD memory card with stored image files into the SD memory card slot on the unit.

  • Page 49: Ebook

    eBook eBook can only read file with __txt format, please save them onto the SD memory card in a folder named "ebook". Insert the SD memory card with ebook files into the SD memory card slot on the unit. Power on, and at the Main Menu Screen, select the [Entertainment] icon.

  • Page 50

    Use the arrow key up and down to change between books. eBook Title Next Screen Page up Time Page down Exit Page Status Previous Battery Press "X" to exit the eBook reader.

  • Page 51: Setting

    Setting Time After system startup, select [Entertainment] from the main screen to go into the System Settings window. Select from the Hour pull down menu and choose the correct value. Select from the Minute pull down menu and choose the correct value. Hour Minute Select...

  • Page 52: Volume

    Volume Under the settings window, control the volume directly with the scroll bar. There are six levels of volume in total. Scroll Bar Startup Message Under the settings window, check on the Warning Voice to (check / uncheck) for whether the startup message is to be broadcast.

  • Page 53: Stylus Adjustment

    Stylus Adjustment Control of the unit is accomplished primarily through the stylus by touching/writing on the screen. If the system cannot correctly identify your stylus’ input, please run through the screen calibration procedure. From the settings window, select [Stylus Adjustment] to start the screen calibration procedure.

  • Page 54: Backlight Setting

    Backlight Setting The backlight setting will adjust the brightness of the backlight and the auto-off time. Under the setting window, select Backlight to enter the backlight setting window. Select the time to turn off backlight when running off the battery / external power (1 min, 3 min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min, Always).

  • Page 55: Language

    Language Select 8 User Interface Languages Select 18 Navigation languages Version 1. Under the setting window, select Version to enter the version window. The screen display will show the version information. 3. Select to exit the Version screen.

  • Page 56: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting System reset Only under extremely few circumstances will it be required to reboot the system. Reset your system if the following situations occur: Heavy lag experienced with screen refresh or operations, resulting in an inoperable system. Cannot turn off the system with power button. No response with selection on the screen.

  • Page 57: Gps Main Menu

    GPS Main Menu Main menu 1 Opens the N AVIGATE TO window. 2 Starts navigation to home (the home address must be entered beforehand). 3 Opens the map. The current location is indicated during GPS-reception. 4 Opens the S window. ETTINGS Here you can configure the navigation system according...

  • Page 58: Specifying A Destination For Navigation

    Specifying a destination for navigation Tap in the main menu on Navigate to. The N window opens. AVIGATE TO Specifying the destination country The name of the country used for specifying / selecting destinations is located below the button (Region) on the window AVIGATE TO Tap on (Region) in...

  • Page 59: Specifying An Address

    The name of the selected country will now appear on the N AVIGATE window below the button (Region). Specifying an address Tap on the Address button in the window. AVIGATE TO The A window opens. DDRESS Tap on the City or ZIP field.

  • Page 60: Selecting Point Of Interest

    Enter the name of the destination city. The zip codes are included in the list of cities. If two or more cities have the same name then tap on the Upward and Downward buttons in order to mark the correct entry. Tap on (Ok).

  • Page 61

    Select a point of interest in a particular city. Are you looking for a restaurant or a hotel in a particular city? Tap on the ... in a browsed city button in the P OINT OF INTEREST window. The P OINT OF INTEREST IN A window opens.

  • Page 62

    Tap on the Subcategory field. Select the type of restaurant that you would like to find in Berlin (e.g. African). Tap on the Point of interest field. Select the African restaurant that you would like to navigate to in Berlin (e.g. AMUN). You are not required to make a selection in the Category and Subcategory fields.

  • Page 63

    Selecting nearby point of interest Are you looking for a restaurant or a or a hotel near your current location? Tap on the ... nearby GPS position button in the P OINT OF window. INTEREST The P OINT OF INTEREST NEARBY window opens.

  • Page 64: Selecting A Point Of Interest Of Nationwide Importance

    You are not required to make a selection in the Category and Subcategory fields. Their purpose is to narrow down the list in the Point of interest field. This list can be very comprehensive, especially in the larger cities. Tap on the Start navigation button after you have selected the desired destination.

  • Page 65: Selecting One Of The Last Destinations

    Tap on the Category field. Select the type of point of interest that you would like to find in Berlin (e.g. tourism). Tap on the Point of interest field. Select the point of interest you would like to navigate to (e.g. conservation park Bavarian Forest).

  • Page 66

    Use the Upward and Downward buttons in order to mark the destination that you would like to navigate to. Only enter the first few letters of the name of the destination if the list is long. The name of the first destination beginning with these letters is then marked.

  • Page 67: Selecting A Destination From The Favorites List

    Selecting a destination from the favorites list Would you like to navigate to a destination that you saved in the favorites list? You will not be requested to enter all of the information again. Tap on the Favorites button in the N window.

  • Page 68

    The destination information is displayed. Tap on the Start navigation button after making the necessary entries. The route is then calculated and navigation starts. Tap on (Show on map) in order to see the destination on the map. Tap on (Save) in order to save the destination under a different name in the F...

  • Page 69: Navigating To Home

    Navigating to home Would you like to drive home? Tap in the main menu on Take me home. The route is then calculated and navigation starts. You will be requested to enter your home address if you have not yet done so. Tap on (Ok).

  • Page 70

    The settings window H opens. ADDRESS Tap on Save. The main window opens.

  • Page 71: The Map During Navigation

    The map during navigation 1 The Tool bar driving 11 Increase maneuver scale after the 12 Blocking / next unblocking a 2 The route stage distance 13 Day / night up to the mode next 14 Volume driving maneuver 15 Move / enlarge 3 The next driving...

  • Page 72: Settings

    Settings Tap in the main menu on Settings. The S window opens. ETTINGS Use the Upward and Downward buttons in order to mark the settings window that you would like to open. Tap on (Ok). Change the settings according to your needs.

  • Page 73: Settings Window

    Settings window Take the time to learn the RODUCT INFORMATION product version. Run the product demo Indicate whether points of AP INFORMATION interest or street names should be displayed on the map. Select the navigation map that you would like to load. Navigation destinations must be recorded on the map.

  • Page 74

    Indicate your speed profile and OUTING OPTIONS the type of route (dynamic, shortest route, fastest route) Indicate whether you would like to use the interstate, ferries, or toll ways during your trip. Indicate your time zone. IME ZONE Indicate whether summer is the current time of year.

  • Page 75: Overview Of The Buttons For Mn5|base

    Overview of the buttons for MN5|BASE Main menu Point of interest ... in a browsed Navigate to: Enter the city: Point of navigation destination interest in a city ... nearby GPS Show map: Display the map position: Nearby point of interest ...

  • Page 76

    Terminate: Do not Enlarge: Enlarge the scale confirm in a dialog (zoom out) Calibrate: Start the Block / unblock: Block a touchscreen certain route stage calibration Day / night mode: Switch Upward: Scroll between the display modes upward in a list Entire route: Show the entire Downward: Scroll route on the map...

  • Page 77: Quick Troubleshooting

    Quick Troubleshooting Power Cannot startup Insufficient battery charge, please connect to the adapter and restart system. Screen No screen After powering up, if the system does not displayed respond, try the following: 1. Connect adapter, restart system. 2. Reset system. Display speed is 1.

  • Page 78: Keep Away From Strong Magnetic Fields

    Keep away from strong magnetic fields When using or storing, please keep away from strong electromagnetic/radioactive or magnetic field equipment. Operating temperature The products operating temperature is between -10°C ~ 60°C; please do not operate under extreme temperatures. Avoid exposure to sunlight Please avoid long periods of sunlight or high temperature exposure.

  • Page 79: Specifications

    Specifications Integrated GPS Receiver 32 parallel channels Processor Samsung S3C2440A 400 MHz. Operating System Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Core Version Memory 64 MB NAND flash memory and 64MB SDRAM memory Mass(Approx.) 170 g Dimensions(W/H/D) 95 (W) x85 (H)x25 (D) mm Input voltage: 12-24V.

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