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JVC LT-32Z48 Instructions Manual

Jvc wide lcd panel tv instructions.
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LT-42Z48 / LT-32Z48


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   Summary of Contents for JVC LT-32Z48

  • Page 1


  • Page 2: Warning

    (Consult your retailer.) Unplug the power cord when When attaching the TV to the going out! wall, use the optional JVC The power buttons on the remote wall mounting unit! control and the TV unit cannot completely turn off the TV.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    To set up your TV Please read “Getting started” (P. 6 - 11). The main descriptions are in the following pages. Connecting the external devices and aerial Language Initial settings Editing channels ENGLISH Contents First things first! PAGE PAGE Getting started Let’s try it out PAGE Try the advanced features...

  • Page 4: Remote Control

    Remote control Return to a frequently watched channel (P. 13) Turn on “Clear SD” (P. 20) Switch between “TV / STB / DVD / AUDIO” (P. 17) Switch between TV / VIDEO devices Volume control / Turn off muting Display PR List and channel information Choose a favourite channel (P.

  • Page 5: Names And Functions Of Parts

    Names and functions of parts Remote control sensor Power lamp ON: Lit (Blue) OFF: Unlit When “Power Lamp” is set to “Off”, the Power lamp will not light up. g“Power Lamp” (P. 23) ENGLISH TV/VIDEO Switch between TV / VIDEO devices MENU/OK Display on-screen menu / set Change channel / page / Hyper Scan (P.

  • Page 6

    Change the direction of TV Names and functions of parts Attach the stand to the TV Insert the stand into the panel at the position where the screw holes are and fasten the screws (x 4, provided). Note If you face any problem with the stand assembly, please contact your retailer or authorised dealer.

  • Page 7: Getting Started

    Power requirements Connect the power cord only to a 110 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz AC outlet. When attaching the TV to the wall, use the optional JVC wall mounting unit Consult a qualified technician. See the included manual on mounting procedures.

  • Page 8: Getting Started 7

    Connecting your external devices Make sure all the devices and the TV are turned off. You can connect many different devices to the rear panel of the TV. Please read the user manuals of each device before setting up. (Connecting cables are not supplied with this TV.) Component input Composite input VIDEO-1...

  • Page 9

    Connecting an aerial and VCR / DVD player AERIAL VIDEO-2 VIDEO-2 VCR / DVD player After all the connections have been made, insert the plug into an AC outlet. ENGLISH...

  • Page 10

    Turn on If the remote control doesn’t work, confirm that the mode is set to “TV”. Start initial settings If the JVC logo does not appear, refer to “To perform initial settings again”. Select a language Language To the previous screen...

  • Page 11

    Editing channels You can edit the channel list. Display the “Edit” menu Display the menu bar Select “Set Up” A select B next Edit channels Edit CH/CC _ _ _ _ _ Select channel Select edit function Insert Delete select a Manual channel Finish...

  • Page 12

    Manual Register a new channel Manual CH/CC _ _ _ _ _ (B / G) If necessary, press change the broadcasting system. g“Sound and colour system A Search a channel Fine tune Press the red or green button. Auto-search begins, and the nearest frequency is imported.

  • Page 13: Enjoy Your New Tv

    Enjoy your new TV! Watching TV PAGE PR List _ _ _ _ _ Watching videos / DVDs PAGE Useful functions Change the aspect ratio PAGE Change the sound effect Select a preset picture setting Set the sleep timer ENGLISH TV/VIDEO Viewing Teletext PAGE...

  • Page 14: Watching Tv

    Watching TV Mute Turn on The power lamp on the TV lights. If the remote control doesn’t work, confirm that the mode is set to “TV”. Press again to turn the screen off and put the TV into standby mode. To completely turn off the TV, unplug the power plug.

  • Page 15: Viewing Teletext

    Viewing Teletext This TV can display TV broadcasts and Teletext on the same channel in two windows. Enter a Teletext page Move up or down a page down MODE View sub-pages Display sub-pages Move up or down a page (red) (green) down Release Press “...

  • Page 16: Watching Videos / Dvds

    Hold the current page Hold the current page Release Press “ Reveal hidden pages Display hidden information (answers to quizzes, etc.) Enlarge the text Double the size of the displayed text Switch briefly from Teletext to TV Leave the current page open, while you switch to watch TV Useful when running a page search.

  • Page 17: Useful Functions

    Useful functions Zoom Change the aspect ratio Select the aspect ratio Zoom Auto Regular Panoramic 14:9 Zoom 16:9 Zoom 16:9 Zoom Subtitle Full Full Native Slim Panoramic Zoom 16:9 Zoom Move the picture with When “Slim” is selected, a 4:3 image stretched out to 16:9 will revert back to its original aspect ratio with black bands.

  • Page 18: Configuring Your Remote Control

    Configuring your remote control You can configure your TV’s remote control to operate your other devices. Configure your remote control. Turn on the device manually. Switch the remote control mode to a mode that matches your device. Refer to the table on the right to select an appropriate mode.

  • Page 19

    Using the search code function This function searches through the codes one by one, beginning from the first code in the list. Turn on the device manually. Switch the remote control mode to a mode that matches your device. Press to select the mode.

  • Page 20: Customising Your Tv

    Customising your TV Display the menu bar Display the desired menu Picture Change or adjust the setting Picture Picture Mode Backlight Contrast Brightness Sharpness Colour Note Tint White Balance Depending on the Features situation (channels, select video signal formats, external inputs, etc.), some items will be displayed in black...

  • Page 21: Features (sub Menu)

    Features (sub menu) Features Note Clear SD “Smart Picture” is not available when Digital VNR DigiPure “Picture Mode” is set to “Bright” (P. 19). Pull Down Auto Colour Management “Clear SD”, “Digital VNR”, “DigiPure”, Picture Management Smart Picture “Pull Down”, “MPEG Noise Reduction” Dynamic Backlight and “Colour System”...

  • Page 22: Sound

    Sound Sound Bass Treble Balance Cinema Surround Auto Volume Control MaxxBass Stereo/t u Select stereo, monaural or bilingual language (v: Monaural / s: Stereo / t: SUB1 / u: SUB2 / Mono) Bass Low tones (Weaker l Stronger) Treble High tones (Weaker l Stronger) Balance Speaker balance (Left stronger l Right stronger)

  • Page 23: Features

    Features Features Timer Channel Guard Blue Back Child Lock Auto Shutoff Favourite Setting Power Lamp Eco Mode Timer Timer for turning on and off the TV Timer On Timer Sleep Timer On Timer: Set a time for the TV to turn on automatically select “On Timer”...

  • Page 24

    Blue Back Displays a blue screen and mutes the sound when the signal is weak or absent (On / Off) Child Lock Disable the front control buttons on the TV. (On / Off) Auto Shutoff Set the TV to turn off if no signal is received and no operation is performed for about 15 minutes (On / Off) Select in RF mode only.

  • Page 25: Set Up

    Set Up Set Up Auto Program Edit / Manual Note Language VIDEO Setting “PC Setting” is only available when Teletext Language HDMI-1 Audio Setting Auto “AV Select” is set to “PC”. (P. 15) HDMI Mode Setting PC Setting Auto Program Automatically registers the channels Auto Program Edit...

  • Page 26

    Setting video terminals Display the “VIDEO Setting” menu Display the menu Select “Set Up” A select B next Select an input, and then proceed with setting VIDEO Setting select VIDEO-1 VIDEO-2 Edit names of connected devices (ID List) A Show the name list B Select a name from the list (blue) Clear the name...

  • Page 27: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Severe noise or snow Is the TV connected correctly to the aerial? Change the direction of the aerial. Is the aerial or its cable damaged? Consult your retailer Patterns, stripes or noise Is the aerial receiving I can’t turn it on! interference from high- Is the power cord...

  • Page 28

    Problem Actions If the top of the image is distorted, check the video signal quality itself. Strange picture when If movement appears unnatural when using an external receiving a signal from a DVD player etc., device with 576p (625p), change the output setting of the external device to 576i (625i).

  • Page 29: Technical Information

    Technical information Language group for Teletext Group Languages English, French, Swedish, Finnish, Hungarian, Turkish, German, Group-1 Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek Polish, French, Swedish, Finnish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, German, Group-2 Slovenian, Croatian, Italian, Rumanian English, Russian, Byelorussian, Estonian, Czech, Slovak, German, Group-3 Ukrainian, Lettish, Lithuanian English, French, Swedish, Finnish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, German,...

  • Page 30: Ch/cc" List

    “CH/CC” list To use the “Insert” function (P. 10), find the “CH/CC” number corresponding to the TV’s Channel number from this table. US: The US channel numbers are the channel numbers used in the United States, Philippines, etc. CCIR: The CCIR channel numbers are the channel numbers used in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. OIRT: The OIRT channel numbers are the channel numbers used in Eastern Europe, Russia, Vietnam, etc.

  • Page 31: Specifications

    (4 cm x 16 cm) normal x 2 145 W [0.6 W] 80.1 cm 791 x 571 x 230.5 [791 x 520.5 x 103.9] 14 kg [12.5 kg] Remote control unit (RM-C1940) x 1, “AAA/R03” dry cell battery x 2, Screw x 4 LT-32Z48...

  • Page 32

    Terminal name VIDEO-1 VIDEO-2 HDMI-1 Input terminals HDMI-2 HDMI-3 HDMI-1 (DVI ANALOG AUDIO) PC INPUT D-SUB (15 pins) x 1 PC AUDIO PC-IN (3.5 pinjack) x 1 OUTPUT Output terminals Headphone HDMI, the HDMI Logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. We may change the design and specifications without notice.

  • Page 33

    © 2008 Victor Company of Japan, Limited 1008GLT-SW-MT...

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