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Frigidaire FRF170FF Instruction Manual

Frost free upright
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guidelines for use
Frost free upright freezer
Model FRF170FF



  Summary of Contents for Frigidaire FRF170FF

  • Page 1 Frost free upright freezer Model FRF170FF...
  • Page 2: Product View

    When selecting a position for your upright freezer you should make sure the floor is flat and firm, Please read these instructions carefully before using your new Frigidaire upright freezer. and the room is well ventilated with an average room temperature of between 16°C and 32°C.
  • Page 3: Attaching Handle To Door

    INSTALLATION USING YOUR UpRIGhT fREEzER Attaching the handle to the door Switching on your upright freezer Indicator Lights Super freeze – green 1 As soon as the upright freezer is plugged into the mains the green The handle is shipped inside the baskets in your upright freezer. To fix it: Power light on the control panel will glow, and after two minutes the This light shows when the Super freeze button has been pressed.
  • Page 4: Shopping For Chilled Foods

    USING YOUR UpRIGhT fREEzER Noises inside the upright freezer By pressing and holding the Super freeze button for about 5 seconds, the Purchase frozen food last Temperature Display will indicate the highest internal temperature reached Always buy frozen products last on your shopping trip or visit to If you have not owned a refrigerator or freezer before, you may notice during the power failure for about 3 seconds, then it will stop flashing.
  • Page 5: Preparations For Freezing

    USING YOUR UpRIGhT fREEzER Preparations for freezing Recommended storage periods • Leave cooked food to cool completely. (when frozen from fresh) • Chill food in the fridge before freezing if possible. • Consider how you want to cook the food before freezing it. •...
  • Page 6: Reversing The Door Swing

    REVERSING ThE DOOR SWING The door of your upright freezer can be reversed. • Ensure the freezer is unplugged and empty. • We recommend you have someone to assist you. Tools required • Phillips style screwdriver. • Flat bladed screwdriver. •...
  • Page 7: Cleaning/Maintenance

    CLEANING MAINTENANCE Cleaning inside the upright freezer Moving your upright freezer You should clean the upright freezer internally with a weak solution of Location bicarbonate of soda. Rinse with warm water using a wrung-out sponge Do not place your upright freezer near a heat source, eg. cooker, boiler or cloth.
  • Page 8: Troubleshooting

    (Kg) Power cut The policy of Frigidaire is one of continuously seeking new ways of improving its products. Therefore the Company reserves the right to If the internal temperature of the freezer compartment is -18°C or less change the specification of items illustrated and described, at any time.
  • Page 9 SAfETY Disposal The wires in the mains lead fitted to this appliance are coloured in accordance with the following code: Old appliances still have some residual value. An environmentally friendly method of disposal will ensure that valuable raw materials can be If the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this appliance do not recovered and used again.
  • Page 10 There are separate collection systems for recycling in the eU. For more information, please contact the local authority or your retailer where you purchased the product. For further information please contact FRIgIDAIRe CONSOLIDATeD LIMITeD Tuscany Way, Normanton the Frigidaire Service Helpline on:...