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Bosch Axxis Quick Start Manual page 2

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Bosch Axxis® Condensing Dryer Quick Start
Congratulations, you have chosen a modern, high-quality home appliance from Bosch. A distinctive
feature of your dryer is low energy consumption. To get started using your dryer, please read the
directions below.
Tips on saving energy, money and time:
a. Before drying, spin the laundry thoroughly in the washing machine. Use the highest
possible spin speed for the type of laundry.
b. Use maximum recommended loads. However, do not exceed loads.
c. Clean the filter before and after each drying process.
d. During the drying process provide an adequate supply of fresh air.
e. Do not dry rubberized or air-tight items.
Cleaning and Care:
a. Wipe the housing and fascia with a soft cloth and soapy water only.
b. Wipe the drum, door seal and inside of the door with a damp cloth only.
c. The lint filter should be cleaned after each drying process, however at the latest when
the "Filter" light illuminates. The filter should be rinsed once a year under warm
running water. If using dryer sheets, this should be done more frequently and a mild
detergent may be needed to remove wax build up.
d. Clean the air cooler 3-4 times a year or if "Filter" indicator flashes continuously after
the fluff filter has been cleaned. See Use and Care manual for instructions (Page 18 &
e. Occasionally clean the moisture sensors with a soft cloth and a little white vinegar to
remove a fine layer of transparent buildup. More often if dryer sheets are used. See
Use and Care manual for instructions (Page 19).
Selecting a Program: For optimum drying results your dryer offers several program
groups and additional options. There are automatic programs for different types of textiles;
regular/cotton, permanent press.
a. Regular/Cotton: For cottons and coloreds made of cotton or linen. "Extra Dry" for
terry bathrobes and terry bed linen; "Very Dry" for thick terry towels, kitchen towels,
hand towels, bed linen underwear, cotton socks; "Regular Dry" for terry towels, kitchen
towels, hand towels, bed linen, underwear, cotton socks; "Damp Dry" for T-shirts,
sports shirts, dresses, trousers, overalls, underwear, bed linen and table linen.
b. Permanent Press: Easy-care (drip-dry) laundry made of synthetic and blended fabric,
cotton e.g. polyester. "Very Dry" for bed linen and table linen, track suits, anoraks,
blankets; "Regular Dry" for shirts, blouses, sports clothing; "Damp Dry" for trousers,
dresses, skirts, shirts, blouses, leggings, sports clothing with synthetic-rich fibers,
c. Special Cycles: "Wools" for washable woolen textiles; "Short" for small loads and
loads that need a short drying time.
Low Heat for temperature sensitive textiles. The temperature of the drying process is
reduced, the drying time is extended.
b. Easy Ironing extends the automatic Wrinkleblock feature from 1 hour to 2 hours. This
feature prevents the laundry from creasing. The dryer drum rotates at specific intervals
following the drying program.


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