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Samsung CK135M Service Manual page 8

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Table of Contents
4-3 Replacement of Fuse
1. Disconnect the oven from the power source.
2. When 15A fuse blows out by the operation of interlock monitor switch failure, replace the primary
interlock switch, door sensing switch, monitor switch and power relay.
3. When the above three switches operate properly, check if any other part such as the control circuit board,
blower motor or high voltage transformer is defective.
4-4 Replacement of Drive Motor
1. Take out the glass tray and guide roller from the
2. Turn the oven upside down to replace the drive motor.
3. Remove a screw securing the drive motor cover.
4. Disconnect all the lead wires from the drive motor.
5. Remove screws securing the drive motor to the
6. Remove the drive motor and coupler.
7. When replacing the drive motor, be sure to
remount it in the correct position with the
8. Connect all the leads to the drive motor.
9. Screw the drive motor cover to the base plate
with a screw driver.
Disassembly and Reassembly
Drive Motor Cover
Base Plate
Samsung Electronics
Drive Motor

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Table of Contents

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