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Panasonic CQ-C1103W Operating Instructions Manual

Cd player/receiver
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Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Web Site:
YFM284C499CA PTW1205-2
Printed in China(Y)



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  • Page 1 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Web Site: YFM284C499CA PTW1205-2 Printed in China(Y)
  • Page 2: Operating Instructions

    CD Player/Receiver CQ-C1103W Model: Operating Instructions ¡Please read these instructions carefully before using this product and keep this manual for future reference.
  • Page 3: Before Reading These Instructions

    Before Reading These Instructions Panasonic welcomes you to our constantly growing family of electronic products owners. We endeavor to give you the advantages of precise electronic and mechanical engineering, manufactured with carefully selected components, and assembled by people who are proud of the reputation their work has built for our company. We know this product will bring you many hours of enjoyment, and after you discover the quality, value and reliability we have built into it, you too will be proud to be a member of our family.
  • Page 4: Specifications

    Specifications General FM Stereo Radio Power supply : 12 V DC (11 – 16 V DC), test voltage Frequency range : 87.5 MHz – 108 MHz 14.4 V, negative ground Usable sensitivity : 6 dB/µV (S/N 30 dB) Current consumption : Less than 2.2 A (CD mode;...
  • Page 5 Preparation The 24-hour system is used for the clock. Clock Display at Power Off Turn the ignition switch Press [DISP] (Display) to change the display. A C C until the accessory indica- tor lights. Display off Press [SRC] (PWR: Power). Press [DISP] (CLOCK).
  • Page 6: Maintenance

    Your product is designed and manufactured to ensure the minimum of maintenance. Use a soft cloth for routine exterior cleaning. Never use benzine, thinner, or other solvents. If the replaced fuse fails, contact your nearest authorized Panasonic Service center. Warning ¡...
  • Page 7: Safety Information

    They contain instructions about how to use the system in a safe and connections and operations. The meanings of the pictographs are effective manner. Panasonic assumes no responsibility for any prob- explained below. It is important that you fully understand the mean-...
  • Page 8 ❑ To prevent damage to the unit, do not connect the Installation of this unit requires special skills and experience. For maximum safety, have it installed by your dealer. Panasonic is power connector until the whole wiring is completed. not liable for any problems resulting from your own installation ❑...
  • Page 9: Power On/Off

    General [D•M] (Direct Memory) tunes into the station memorized in D•M. [VOL] (Volume) (Turn) (Hold it down for more than 2 seconds to adjusts the volume. memorize the current station.) [MUTE] toggles mute on/off. lights when mute is ON. [SQ] (Sound Quality) [SRC] (Source) selects a sound type (SQ).
  • Page 10: Audio Settings

    Audio Settings [DISP] (Display) exits from the audio menu. [VOL] selects a value in the audio menu. (PUSH SEL) (Push to Select) selects items in the audio menu. Note: If no operation takes place for more than 5 seconds Display the audio menu. in the audio menu (2 seconds in Main volume adjustment), Press [VOL] (PUSH SEL).
  • Page 11: Radio

    Radio (FM/AM) [BAND] [D•M] (Direct Memory) tunes into the station memorized in D•M. selects a band in the radio source. (Hold it down for more than 2 seconds to Auto Preset Memory) (APM) ( memorize the current station.) executes APM in the radio source. (Hold it down for more than 2 seconds.) [DISP] (Display) switches the information...
  • Page 12: Display Change

    lights while receiving an FM stereo signal. Display change Frequency Band Preset Number Press [DISP] to change the display. Radio source display (Default) Clock display lights while receiving the D•M station. Up to 6 stations can be preset in AM, FM1, FM2, and FM3 Manual station preset respectively.
  • Page 13: Disc Player

    Disc Player Disc slot [TRACK s] [TRACK d] takes a disc in with the label-side facing up. skip to the previous/next track in the Note: The power will be turned on automatically player mode. when a disc is loaded. Hold down either of them for fast reverse/fast forward.
  • Page 14: Repeat Play

    Random indicator Display change Play time Track number Press [DISP] to change the display. Player source display (Default) lights when a disc is in the player. Repeat indicator Clock display Random play Scan play All the available tracks are played in a random sequence. The first 10 seconds of each track is played in sequence.
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    If the described suggestions do not solve the problem, it is recom- ¡ Do not use the unit in an irregular condition, for example, with- mended to take the unit to your nearest authorized Panasonic Service out sound, or with smoke or a foul smell, which can cause Center.
  • Page 16 Memorandum...