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GE ITI North American Sensor Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation Instruction page 2

Iti/north american sensor


Use the following guidelines for installing the CO alarm:
Install the CO alarm only in outlets that are not controlled by a switch. The CO
alarm can fail to warn occupants of dangerous CO levels if the outlet switch is
turned off.
follow the "Programming" procedures before installing the CO alarm.
install CO alarms on each level of a building, including near bedrooms and in a base-
perform a sensor test to confirm signal reception.
Do not install...
above or below heating vents.
above cooking surfaces or within five feet of an open flame appliance.
next to windows, exterior doors, or in locations where furniture or draperies may block
the unit.
near automobile exhaust pipes (doing so will damage the sensor).
This alarm indicates the presence of CO at the alarm sensor only. Dangerous levels
of CO may be present in other areas of the home.
The CO alarm is not suitable for smoke or fire detection and should not be
installed near hazardous locations as defined in the national electrical
The following steps provide a general guideline for programming (learning) the CO alarm
into control panel memory. Refer to the specific panel installation instructions for complete
programming details.
To add the CO alarm to panel memory:
1) Make sure the CO alarm is unplugged.
The CO alarm must remain unplugged until step 6 of this procedure. Only within the first 67
seconds of power-up does the CO alarm transmit a signal that the panel can learn.
2) Set the panel to PROGRAM mode.
3) Proceed to the LEARN/ADD SENSORS menu.
4) When the panel prompts you for a sensor group number, enter the appropriate group
number based on the system panel. For Concord
all other GE Security panels, enter Group 29 (AUXILIARY).
5) Select the desired sensor number.
6) When the control panel prompts you for sensor activation, plug in the CO alarm and
wait five seconds for the unit to stabilize. Next, press and hold the test button for five to
seven seconds; the unit beeps, a red alarm light flashes, and a transmitter inside the CO
alarm transmits a Tamper/Alarm signal that the panel learns into memory.
Hold one hand over the siren vent (see Figure 1) while pressing the test button to muffle the siren.
ITI/North American Sensor Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation Instructions
panels, enter Group 34 (GAS); for



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