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Peavey Assisted Listening System User Manual

Wireless assisted listening system
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Peavey Assisted
Assisted Listening System



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  Summary of Contents for Peavey Assisted Listening System

  • Page 1 Peavey Assisted Listening System Wireless Assisted Listening System...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    2) Turn the unit off if it is exposed to excessive moisture while in operation. Allow unit to dry thoroughly, then power back up. If unit fails to power up, then refer unit to your authorized Peavey Service Center. WARNING! Risk of injury or death if used improperly DURING INSTALLATION AND SET UP •...
  • Page 3: Transmitter

    INTRODUCTION Thank you for choosing the Peavey Wireless Assisted Listening System. In addition to its ease of use, the Peavey Assisted Listening System provides outstanding sound quality. The system consists of one wireless transmitter and one or more pre-tuned portable wireless receivers.
  • Page 4 Extend ANTENNA (4) fully and position 90 degrees from top of the transmitter. Connecting Audio Input The LINE IN JACK (5) on the rear panel lets you connect the Peavey Assisted Listening System to your mixing console. This ¼” mono phone jack accepts an unbalanced line level audio source at 0 dBm nominal signal level.
  • Page 5: Installation

      in use with a Peavey Assisted Listening System receiver. This procedure is easy to do, and is explained in the receiver instructions, which follow.   PEAVEY ASSISTED LISTENING SYSTEM - INSTALLATION The transmitter’s SIG LED (6) will flash when a microphone or line level signal is broadcast by the transmitter.
  • Page 6: Operating Instructions

    Install (2) AA batteries in BATTERY COMPARTMENT (1), observing polarity. To preserve battery live always turn the Peavey Assisted Listening Receiver off when it is not in use. When the sound becomes weak or distorted, replace the batteries. The number of hours of operation for batteries is as follows: carbon zinc type battery: 10-12;...
  • Page 7   Operating the Receiver While wearing your earphones, turn the receiver on by rotating the OFF/ON/VOLUME WHEEL (3). The POWER ON INDICATOR (4) will illuminate. (To turn the receiver off, rotate the OFF/ON/VOLUME WHEEL (3) until it clicks, and the “Power On” indicator will go out.) Listen for your program source, and adjust receiver volume to a comfortable listening level.
  • Page 8: Architects & Engineering Specs

      ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERING SPECIFICATIONS Peavey Assisted Listening Transmitter The transmitter operates on the 72-76 MHz auditory assistance frequencies. Transmitted field strength shall not exceed 8000 uV/m at 30 meters. Maximum FM deviation should not exceed 75 KHz. Transmitter signal pre-emphasis is 75 uS.
  • Page 9: Specifications

      SPECIFICATIONS • Frequency Response 100Hz – 15 KHz, +/- 3dB • Signal-to- Noise Ratio 60dB • Total Harmonic Distortion <0.5% • RF Carrier Frequency between 72-76 MHz • Frequency Stability +/- 0.005% • Modulation FM +/- 75KHz max • Operating Range Up to 300 ft.