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Add Code Id Prefix To All Symbologies - Honeywell Xenon 1900 Quick Start Manual

Corded area imaging scanner
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Streaming Presentation™
When in Streaming Presentation mode, the scanner leaves the scan
illumination on all the time and continuously searches for bar codes.
Streaming Presentation Mode
If you want a carriage return after the bar code, scan the Add CR
Suffix bar code. To add a tab after the bar code, scan the Add Tab
Suffix bar code. Otherwise, scan the Remove Suffix bar code to
remove the suffixes.
Add CR Suffix
Add Tab Suffix
Remove Suffix

Add Code ID Prefix to all Symbologies

Scan the following bar code if you wish to add a Code ID prefix to all
symbologies at once.
Add Code ID Prefix To All Symbologies

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents