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Casio STC-U10 User Manual

Casio stc-u10 stamp maker user's guide
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User's Guide
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  Summary of Contents for Casio STC-U10

  • Page 1 STAMP MAKER User’s Guide Be sure to keep all user documentation handy for future reference. STC-U10...
  • Page 2: Unpacking

    Unpacking The shape of the power cord plug varies according to country or geographic area. AD-A12200L Printer AC adaptor Quick Guide STC-PC10 Application CD-ROM Ink (Color: Black/Volume: 0.17 fl .oz. (5 ml)) USB cable Stamp Kit Sheet holder Stamp Labels (2) Stamp sheet size: 15 mm ×...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Unpacking ......................1 Contents ......................2 Introduction .................... 4 Safety Precautions....................4 Precautions during Use ..................9 About This Manual ....................10 Getting Ready ..................12 Printer Features ....................12 What you can do with the Printer ..............12 Types of stamps you can create................ 13 About the CD-ROM ...................15 Computer operating environment (for included stamp making software) ..
  • Page 4 Appendix ....................41 Separately Available Stamp Kits ..............41 Types of separately available Stamp Kits ............41 Using a Replacement Sheet Holder Set ............42 User Maintenance .....................44 Troubleshooting ....................46 Specifi cations ....................47 Optionally Available Items ................. 48...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction Safety Precautions Thank you for purchasing this product. Before using it, be sure to read the Safety Precautions contained in this User’s Guide. Keep this manual handy in a safe place for future reference when required. Warning This symbol indicates information that, if ignored or applied incorrectly, creates the possibility of death or serious personal injury.
  • Page 6 Warning Smoke, abnormal odor, overheating, and other abnormalities Do not continue to use this product while it is emitting smoke or strange odor, or generating heat. Continued use creates the risk of fire and electric shock. Immediately perform the following steps whenever any of the above symptoms are present.
  • Page 7 Warning Dropping and Rough Treatment Continued use of this product after it is damaged by dropping or other rough treatment creates the risk of fire and electric shock. Immediately perform the steps below whenever any of the above symptoms are present. 1.
  • Page 8 Caution AC Adaptor/USB Cable Misuse of the AC adaptor/USB cable creates the risk of fire and electric shock. Make sure you observe the points below. • Never locate the AC adaptor/USB cable near a stove or other heating device. • When unplugging from the wall outlet, grasp the AC adaptor/USB cable plug. Never pull on the AC adaptor/USB cable.
  • Page 9 © 2014 CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. Except as required for proper use or for creating backup copy, any reproduction of this manual and/or the program, either in part or in their entirety, is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.
  • Page 10: Precautions During Use

    Precautions during Use To ensure that your Printer provides you with the many years of operation for which it is designed, be sure to note the important precautions described below. • Do not use the Printer in any location where any of the following is present: exposure to direct sunlight, high humidity, static electric charge, extreme temperature fl...
  • Page 11: About This Manual

    CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. is forbidden under copyright laws. • CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. shall not be held liable for any damages or losses suffered by you or any third party due to the use or malfunction of this product.
  • Page 12 This term: Means this in this manual: print Outputting a stamp sheet on a stamp sheet printer Printer CASIO STC-U10 Stamp Maker printer STC-PC10 Application Computer application for laying out stamp face contents for output on a Stamp Maker printer. layout Arranging text and/or graphics with the STC-PC10 application for output on a Stamp Maker printer.
  • Page 13: Getting Ready

    Getting Ready Printer Features What you can do with the Printer Your Printer provides you with the tools you need to create your own personalized stamps. After you use the stamp making software that comes with the Printer to layout the stamp on your computer, you can use the Printer to print the stamp (page 29).
  • Page 14: Types Of Stamps You Can Create

    Types of stamps you can create ■ Postcard and greeting card stamps Create stamps for birthday cards, Christmas cards, or other special event cards. Be creative and use a different design for each season of the year. ■ Stamps with images of your family members or pets You can incorporate photographs stored on your computer into your stamps.
  • Page 15 ■ Stamps for business Create stamps to mark business documents with labels such as “CONFIDENTIAL” and “URGENT”. You can design your stamps be businesslike, or you can add illustrations to make them more fun. ■ Name stamps You can incorporate your name or other text into a stamp design. You can even combine a name with a facial image for an even greater degree of personalization.
  • Page 16: About The Cd-Rom

    About the CD-ROM Computer operating environment (for included stamp making software) Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3 Computer: PC/AT compatible computer that complies with the following conditions. • One of the above operating system pre-installed •...
  • Page 17: Installing The Stamp Making Software

    • To install or uninstall a program, you will need to log in using a pre-confi gured administrator account or an account with administrator privileges. Included stamp making software and user documentation • STC-U10 Printer User’s Guide (This Manual) • STAMP MAKER STC-PC10 Application • STC-PC10 Application User’s Guide...
  • Page 18: Installing The Software

    Installing the software Important! • Be sure to install the software on your computer before connecting the Printer. You may experience problems with operation if you install the software after connecting. • Exit all other programs currently running on your computer before installing the software.
  • Page 19 Select the installation language and then click OK. This starts the installation process. Follow the instructions that appear on the display. • If your computer is running Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista, the message shown below will appear during installation. Click Install to proceed with the installation.
  • Page 20: Uninstalling The Stamp Making Software

    Properties on the menu that appears. On the left side of the screen, click Device Manager. If the USB driver is installed, you will see CASIO STC Device in Universal Serial Bus Controllers Uninstalling the stamp making software On the Windows Control Panel–Add or Remove Programs screen, remove STC-PC10.
  • Page 21: Names Of Parts And Their Functions

    Names of Parts and Their Functions Power button Lamp (LED) Sheet holder outlet AC adaptor connection terminal Connect the supplied AC adaptor. (Back of Printer) USB port Sheet holder inlet slot Plug in a USB cable when connecting to a computer.
  • Page 22 (Bottom of Printer) Release lever Slide to the RELEASE side when clearing jams or when cleaning the Printer. Important! Except when clearing jams or cleaning, always leave the release lever in the PRINT position.
  • Page 23: Turning Power On And Off

    Turning Power On and Off Use the procedures below to turn power on or off. ■ To turn on power Press the power button (page 20) on the top of the Printer. The lamp will light orange to indicate that power is on. ■...
  • Page 24: Connecting To A Computer

    Connecting to a Computer Important! Be sure to install the stamp making software on your computer before connecting the Printer to it. ■ To connect to a computer Start up Windows and then connect the supplied USB cable to a USB port on the computer.
  • Page 25 Connect the USB cable to the Printer’s USB port. This will display a USB driver install wizard on your computer. Important! When connecting for the fi rst time, remove the label from the Printer’s USB port. A USB driver is required for proper data communication between your computer and Printer.
  • Page 26: Creating A Stamp

    Creating a Stamp Stamp Creation Flow This section explains how to create a stamp design on a computer and then create the stamp using a Stamp Kit. [Example Stamp] Workfl ow Get ready. Perform the tasks below to get ready. Install the software required for designing a stamp on your computer (page 16).
  • Page 27 Design the stamp on your computer. Here we will use one of the stamp designs built into the stamp maker application. For information about how to use the stamp making software, refer to the STC-PC10 Application’s User’s Guide. Start up the stamp maker application. Select one of the built-in stamp designs.
  • Page 28 Print the stamp. Printing a stamp creates the face of the stamp. • Prepare the sheet holder. Press the Printer’s power button to turn it on (page 20). On the stamp making software screen, click Print. This will send the stamp design you laid out with the Application to the Printer.
  • Page 29 Assemble the stamp. Start assembly of the stamp after stamp printing is complete. • A Printer stamp is made up of the parts shown below. Stamp Component Parts Label Grip Stamp base (Double-sided tape) Stamp sheet • Refer to page 32 for details about how to assemble a stamp. Your stamp is complete after you assemble its component parts.
  • Page 30: Printing A Stamp

    Printing a Stamp Printing a stamp creates the face of the stamp. A sheet holder is required to print a stamp. Sheet holder • Refer to page 25 to see the work fl ow for stamp printing. Important! • Do not use a sheet holder that is bent or otherwise deformed. Doing so can cause malfunction.
  • Page 31 Insert the sheet holder into the Printer. Insert the sheet holder into the inlet slot on the back of the Printer, and lightly press it in as far as it will go. The sheet holder will be pulled into the slot and stamp printing will start automatically.
  • Page 32 Wait until the sheet holder is completely ejected from the front of the Printer. ● If a sheet holder becomes jammed If the sheet holder catches on something inside or is not ejected correctly for some reason, slide the release lever on the back of the Printer towards the RELEASE side and then pull out the sheet holder.
  • Page 33: Assembling A Stamp

    Assembling a Stamp This section explains how to assemble the component parts into a fi nished stamp. Assembly Flow A stamp consists of a number of different component parts. Become familiar with each of the steps below before actually trying to assemble a stamp. Remove the stamp sheet from the sheet holder.
  • Page 34: Assembling A Stamp

    Assembling a stamp Remove the stamp sheet from the sheet holder. As shown in the illustration, bend the sheet holder of the printed stamp sheet along its perforated line. Sheet holder Stamp sheet Perforated line (for removing the stamp sheet) Break the transparent cover along the perforated line and remove the stamp sheet.
  • Page 35 Important! Do not cut the stamp sheet with scissors, a cutter, or any other implement, and take care not to scratch the printed surface. Affi x the stamp sheet to the stamp base. Remove the cap. Remove the protective paper from the stamp base. Protective paper Stamp base...
  • Page 36 Taking care to ensure that the orientation of the stamp base is correct (see illustration below) and that the printed surface of the stamp sheet is facing upwards (away from the stamp base), affi x the stamp sheet to the stamp base. Stamp sheet (Printed surface upwards.)
  • Page 37 Twist the cap of an ink bottle and remove the cap. Apply ink on top of the lines you want to ink. Cover the text and graphic lines with ink. Stamp sheet printed surface • Ink is separately available in a selection of various colors (page 48). You can also use multiple colors on a single stamp.
  • Page 38 Example: Blue text Red heart • Be sure to replace the ink bottle cover after you are fi nished inking. Wait for a while (about fi ve to ten minutes, depending on the stamp face) to give the ink a chance to permeate. Wait until all of the ink on the stamp sheet is absorbed.
  • Page 39 Try out the stamp. Use an old, unneeded piece of paper to stamp about ten times. Check the stamped images to make sure they are clear, without any excess ink seepage. Affi x the label to the grip. Stamp the label. Your stamp Label Press down carefully, taking care to ensure that the pattern does not slip out of place.
  • Page 40 After the ink dries, remove the protective paper from the label. Protective paper Position the label correctly as you affi x it to the back of the grip. Grip Affi x the label so its orientation is the same as the stamp face. •...
  • Page 41 You are now ready to use your stamp. ● Stamping precautions • For information about the types of paper that can be used with the stamp, refer to “Supported paper types” (page 12). • Stamping works best on smoother surfaces. You may not be satisfi ed with the results if you stamp a surface that is uneven or rough.
  • Page 42: Appendix

    Appendix Separately Available Stamp Kits Optionally available Stamp Kits are available with a selection of different stamp sizes (page 48). Types of separately available Stamp Kits ■ Stamp Kit A Stamp Kit contains a sheet holder, a stamp (stamp base, grip, and cap), and labels. Sheet holder Stamp Labels (2)
  • Page 43: Using A Replacement Sheet Holder Set

    Using a Replacement Sheet Holder Set Use the procedure below when you want to replace your current stamp base with a different one. You can replace the stamp base without removing the cap. Remove the current stamp base. Remove the current stamp base (with cap attached) from your stamp. Stamp base Slide the stamp base (with cap attached) to the side to remove it.
  • Page 44 Insert into the groove on the stamp base. Grip Stamp base Press until the stamp base clicks securely into place.
  • Page 45: User Maintenance

    User Maintenance A dirty print head or rubber roller will make proper printing impossible. Perform the procedure below to clean the print head and the rubber roller as required. Important! • Use a cotton swab or some other soft object to clean the print head and the rubber roller.
  • Page 46 Insert a cotton swab moistened with alcohol into the sheet holder outlet slot, and wipe the surfaces of the print head and the rubber roller. • Insert the cotton swab by picking up the Printer and looking into the sheet holder outlet slot from below so the interior becomes visible.
  • Page 47: Troubleshooting

    This section explains reference information that comes in handy when you experience problems with Printer operation. If, for any reason, you cannot fi nd the solution to your problem here, contact your original retailer or nearest authorized CASIO service center. Symptom Cause and Required Action ●...
  • Page 48: Specifi Cations

    • Do not touch the sheet holder. • Do not change the release lever position. • Do not disconnect or unplug the AC adaptor. Specifi cations Model: STC-U10 Printing Printing method: Fusion melting by thermal head • Stamp type: Permeation-type stamp...
  • Page 49: Optionally Available Items

    Optionally Available Items ● Stamp Kits Model Size STK-1515 15 mm × 15 mm ( " × ") STK-1530 15 mm × 30 mm ( " × 1 ") STK-1560 15 mm × 60 mm ( " × 2 ") STK-3030 30 mm ×...
  • Page 50 CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. 6-2, Hon-machi 1-chome Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8543, Japan MO1406-A © 2014 CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.