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Toshiba 3000 series Quick Reference Manual

Strata ctx dkt/ipt telephone
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DKT / IPT Telephone
Quick Reference Guide
Business Telephones
Helping You
Communicate Better


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Toshiba 3000 series

  • Page 1 DKT / IPT Telephone Quick Reference Guide STRATA Business Telephones Helping You Communicate Better...
  • Page 2: What's My Line

    Introduction This quick reference guide applies to Toshiba 3000- and 2000-series digital telephones and Internet Protocol (IPT1020-SD) telephones connected to a Strata CTX system. See your Telephone System Administrator to find out which features you have. Use the check boxes or blank lines to enter the variable selections for your telephone.
  • Page 3: Spkr Button

    Which Codes Do I Use? Default feature codes are listed in this guide. Check with your System Administrator to see if these codes have been changed. If so, write the new codes in the blank lines and cross out the default codes. For example: 8sU…Ã...
  • Page 4: Account Code Calls

    Account Code Calls ³ To dial with a Forced Account Code (FAC) 1. Place a call in the normal method. 2. After the tone burst, enter the Account Code. If the code is invalid, you hear re-order tone and the call is rejected.
  • Page 5: Conference Calls

    Conference Calls 8sU… 1. While on a call, press 2. Call another station or outside line. 8sU… 3. When the called party answers, press . If it’s busy or 8sU… there’s no answer, press again to return to the original connection. All parties are conferenced. 4.
  • Page 6 Hold C‚yqà 1. To place a call on Hold, press the button. 2. To return to the held call, press the held line’s button. If you do not return to the held call, it rings back to your phone. If you are busy on another call, you hear two tone bursts. If the held party hangs up, the call is released.
  • Page 7: Call Park Orbits

    Call Park Orbits ³ To park a call Qh…xÃvÃP…iv‡ 1. While on a call, press 8sU… Æ"" ffffffffà ...or 2. Specify the Park Orbit using one of the following: • Press and the system automatically selects a General & & Park Orbit between .
  • Page 8: Speed Dial

    Redial Use this button to redial the last number dialed from your phone. Srqvhy ³ To redial the last number, press Speed Dial ³ To store a Station Speed Dial Number We suggest storing Speed Dial numbers on a One Touch button; use Speed Dial Codes to store more numbers.
  • Page 9: Voice Mail Call Monitor

    Voice Mail Call Monitor System Availability: Only with Strata CTX28 ³ To enable and disable Voice Mail Call Monitor 8hyyÃH‚v‡‚… 1. Press button. Æ 2. Enter your voice mail password, then press ³ To cancel Call Monitor 8hyyÃH‚v‡‚… ³ Press button.
  • Page 10: Flexible Buttons

    DKT3014-SDL LCD Features ³ To use Speed Dial or Directory Menus 1. Press the Soft Key FRED J NO. 3371 next to the Speed FEB 18 MONDAY 12:00 Dial (SD) or Directory (DIR) to DIRECT SS view the first SYSTEM SD screen.
  • Page 11: Flexible Button Codes

    Flexible Button Codes Account Code Auto Busy Redial Auto Callback Call Forward - Any Calls (Internal and External) All Call Busy No Answer Busy No Answer Call Park Orbit Call Pickup Incoming - Group Pickup Incoming - Directed Terminal Pickup Incoming - Directed Group Pickup Incoming - Directed DN Pickup On hold - Local Retrieve...
  • Page 12 Digital Solutions Division 9740 Irvine Blvd., Irvine, CA 92618-1697 (949) 583-3700 © 2004 Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. Printed in U.S.A. Digital Solutions Division. Strata is a registered trademark of Toshiba Corporation. Specifications subject to change without notice. Some features require optional...

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