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JVC 0597TOV*UN*SN Instructions Manual

Compact vhs camcorder


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  • Page 2 Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing the JVC Compact VHS camcorder. Before use, please read the safety information and precautions contained in the following pages to ensure safe use of your new camcorder. Using This Instruction Manual • All major sections and subsections are listed in the Table Of Contents ( pg.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    MAJOR FEATURES Program Manager ( pg. 14 – 25) Programme AE with Special Effects pgs. 14, 15) • Auto Mode Lock • Auto Mode Release • Electronic Fog Filter • ND Effect • Sepia • Twilight • Sports • 1/1000 sec. High Speed Shutter •...
  • Page 4: Getting Started

    BN-V22U BN-V25U USING THE BATTERY PACK ATTACH BATTERY PACK Hook its top end to the camcorder and push the battery pack in until it locks in place. DETACH BATTERY PACK Slide BATT. RELEASE and pull out the battery pack. Push in.
  • Page 5: Using Ac Power

    The CHG. indicator may not light properly with a brand new battery pack, or with one that’s been stored for an extended period. In this case, remove and reattach the battery pack and recharge it. The CHG. indicator should light during recharging. If not, contact your nearest JVC dealer. USING A CAR BATTERY Use the optional Car Battery Charger/Adapter (connect as shown in the above illustration).
  • Page 6: Clock (Lithium) Battery Insertion/Removal

    Set POWER to “CAMERA”. Clock (Lithium) Battery Insertion/Removal This battery is necessary for clock operation and to perform date/time settings. SWITCH OFF POWER Switch off the unit’s power and remove the power supply unit. OPEN COVER Open the clock battery compartment cover while pressing the release tab.
  • Page 7: Date/Time Setting

    MENU PROGRAM AE select dial NEAR – G ai n U p Menu Screen Te l e M a cr o I n te rv al T i m e r R e c Ti m e JL I P I D N O . Ta l l y S et C ha ra ct e r D a t e/ T i m e...
  • Page 8: Tape Length Setting

    S-VHS-C cassette VHS-C cassette Playback The pictures recorded with the camcorder can be viewed in playback by directly connecting it to a TV; and can also be played back using a VCR. Tape Length Setting Set the tape length according to the length of the tape used.
  • Page 9: Loading/Unloading A Cassette

    Make sure the Erase Protection tab is in the position that allows recording. If not, slide the tab. Some cassettes have removable tabs. If the tab has been removed, cover the hole with adhesive tape. The cassette holder can’t be opened while the camcorder is in the record mode.
  • Page 10: Grip Adjustment

    Recording Start/Stop button Grip Adjustment EXPAND LOOP Separate the Velcro strip. INSERT HAND Pass your right hand through the loop and grasp the grip. ADJUST STRAP LENGTH Adjust so your thumb and fingers can easily operate the Recording Start/Stop button and Power Zoom lever.
  • Page 11: Recording

    If you’re recording on a cassette from the middle, use the RETAKE function ( end of the last recording so you don’t erase any of it. The LENS COVER warning blinks for about 10 seconds when the camcorder is turned on, when the cover is closed.
  • Page 12: Basic Features

    This is normal. FEATURE: Retake PURPOSE: To re-record certain segments. OPERATION: 1) Make sure the camcorder is in the Record–Standby mode. 2) Press either RETAKE button to reach the start point for new recording. Pressing “F” forwards the tape and pressing “R”...
  • Page 13 1) Press AUTO PAUSE so that “APS ON” appears in the viewfinder for 2 seconds. When the camcorder is tilted down by a large degree from its horizontal position during recording, the Record-Standby mode is automatically engaged.
  • Page 14: Advanced Features

    1 second later, the mode is activated. After 1 sec. Sepia Viewfinder Mark PROGRAM AE FAR NEAR select dial – RECORDING Programme AE With Special Effects All you have to do to access any of the variety of shooting effects is to turn the PROGRAM AE select dial. SELECT MODE Turn the PROGRAM AE select dial until the symbol of the function you want is aligned with the mark.
  • Page 15 SYMBOL INDICATION LOCK Auto Lock Auto Mode Lock Locks the camcorder in Full Auto mode, preventing incorrect operation due to accidental button pressing during shooting. • In this mode the following controls are disabled; Fade/Wipe, Wide, Title, Display, M.W.B. (Manual White Balance), Manual Focus, Focus Lock, Exposure Control and MENU.
  • Page 16 This feature locks the focus in place, which is especially helpful in the following situations: •When things pass between your subject and the camcorder. Engage the focus lock function to lock your subject in before recording. •When you want your subject to be focused, and to appear in a corner of the screen.
  • Page 17 NEAR PROGRAM AE select dial Manual Focus NOTE: You should already have made the necessary viewfinder adjustments ( pg. 6). If you haven’t, do so before continuing. SELECT MODE Turn the PROGRAM AE select dial to any position except AUTO LOCK. ADJUST FOCUS To farther subject .
  • Page 18: Exposure Control

    • When shooting scenes with low-contrast backgrounds Switch off Picture Stabilizer when recording with the camcorder on a tripod. Exposure Control This feature automatically adjusts the iris for the best available picture quality, but you can override and make the adjustment manually.
  • Page 19: Standby Mode

    [Ex. : Black Fader] FADE IN FADE OUT Function indication Fade/Wipe Mosaic Fader After 2 sec. Black Fader Mosaic Fader Shutter Wipe Slide Wipe (No indication) SELECT button SET button PROGRAM AE select dial NOTES: Pressing and holding the Recording Start/ Stop button allows you to record a black blank screen, or a mosaic pattern if Mosaic Fader is selected.
  • Page 20: Instant Titles

    Press SET. RESTORE NORMAL SCREEN Press SET again while “ Instant Titles The camcorder has eight preset titles in memory. You can superimpose one of them above a previously stored title as shown in the illustration to the left. DISPLAY...
  • Page 21: Character Generator

    MENU PROGRAM AE select dial Gain Up NORM Tele Macro Interval Timer Rec Time JLIP ID NO. Tally Set Character Date/Time END :MENU KEY SET : MENU KEY A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Ä...
  • Page 22 SELECT repeatedly until “ SET. To recall the display, press SET again. AUTO DATE RECORD Auto Date Your camcorder automatically records the date for about 5 seconds after recording is initiated in the following situations: •After changing the date. •After loading a cassette.
  • Page 23 To switch to automatic white balance adjustment, press SET until the indication disappears, or turn the PROGRAM AE select dial to “AUTO LOCK”. Re-adjust the White Balance when the lighting has changed, when the camcorder has been turned off and on again, or when the PROGRAM AE select dial’s position has been changed.
  • Page 24: Using Menu For Detailed Adjustment

    RECORDING Using Menu For Detailed Adjustment This camcorder is equipped with Program Manager, an easy-to-use, on-screen menu system that simplifies many of the more detailed camcorder settings. SELECT MODE Turn the PROGRAM AE select dial to any position except AUTO LOCK.
  • Page 25 Rec Time 1/4s 1/2s JLIP ID NO. This number is necessary when connecting the camcorder to a device such as a computer using the J terminal (JLIP). ( The numbers range from 01 to 99. Factory setting is 07. Tally Set Character Allows you to input characters.
  • Page 26 (or whomever is operating the 1/2s camcorder) can enter the scene before recording starts. NOTE: Make sure the camcorder is in the Record-Standby mode before performing the following steps. ACCESS MENU SCREEN MENU Turn the PROGRAM AE select dial to any position except AUTO LOCK, then press MENU.
  • Page 27 NOTE: Make sure the camcorder is in the Record-Standby mode before performing the following steps. ACCESS MENU SCREEN Turn the PROGRAM AE select dial to any position except AUTO LOCK, then press MENU.
  • Page 28: Playback

    These are some basic types of connections. When making the connections, refer also to your VCR and TV instruction manuals. A. Connection To a TV or VCR equipped with a SCART connector compatible only with regular video signal White to AUDIO Yellow to VIDEO jack cover* B.
  • Page 29 As shown in the illustration at left, connect the S-VIDEO cable and/or the A/V cable to the S- VIDEO (or the VIDEO) and AUDIO connectors on the camcorder and to those on the VCR or SUPPLY POWER Turn on the camcorder, VCR and TV.
  • Page 30: Basic Playback

    : Still Playback Tape counter NOTE: PLAY/PAUSE Make sure you connect your camcorder as directed in “Basic Connections” ( LOAD A CASSETTE Slide EJECT to open the cassette holder, then insert the cassette with the label facing out. Press PUSH to ensure the holder is closed and locked.
  • Page 31: Features

    PLAYBACK Features – COUNTER R/M PLAY/PAUSE STOP FEATURE: Manual Tracking PURPOSE: To eliminate noise bars that appear on the screen during playback. OPERATION: 1) Press either +/– button as many times as necessary for best picture. NOTES: To reset TRACKING to the original preset, press both + and –...
  • Page 32: Using The Cassette Adapter

    Recording safety hole PLAYBACK Cassette Adapter Use this to play back a S-VHS-C/VHS-C video cassette recorded with this camcorder. It is fully compatible with any S-VHS/VHS video cassette recorder. The C-P7U adapter is battery powered and automatically performs tape loading and unloading.
  • Page 33: Editing

    VCR (Recording deck) Tape Dubbing CONNECT EQUIPMENT Following the illustration at left, connect the camcorder and the VCR. (refer also to page 28 and PREPARE FOR DUBBING Power switch Set the camcorder’s Power switch to “PLAY”, turn on the VCR’s power, and insert the appropriate cassettes in the camcorder and the VCR.
  • Page 34: Random Assemble Editing [R.a.edit]

    REC STBY (you don't need to press VCR CTL for this one). You’re now ready to try Random Assemble Editing. IMPORTANT Although the MBR is compatible with JVC VCRs and those of many other makers, it may not work with yours or may offer limited functions. NOTES: If the VCR’s power doesn’t come on in step 1, try...
  • Page 35 CONNECT TO . . . JVC VCR EQUIPPED WITH REMOTE PAUSE TERMINAL Connect the editing cable to the Remote PAUSE terminal. JVC VCR NOT EQUIPPED WITH REMOTE PAUSE TERMINAL. Connect the editing cable to the R.A. EDIT connector. NON-JVC VCR WITH NEITHER Connect the editing cable to the RM-V704U/ V700U’s Pause-In jack.
  • Page 36 NOTES: The RM-V704U/V700U can be used to operate other camcorder functions as well. Point the RM-V704U/ V700U at the camcorder's remote sensor and press any of the following buttons (function appears in parentheses): — ON/OFF (camcorder R.A. EDIT) —...
  • Page 37 R.A. Edit-capable JVC VCR. The recording deck can be... a VCR other than JVC, or a JVC VCR which has neither a Remote PAUSE nor an R.A. EDIT connector How to use: — Connect the playback deck and RM-V704U/V700U as AV IN shown on the left.
  • Page 38: Using Remote Control Unit

    Animation/Time-Lapse ( pg. 39) Retake (forward) ( pg. 12) Retake (rewind)/Quick Review ( — — Functions same as the Recording Start/Stop button on the camcorder. Index Code marking ( pg. 39) Zoom in and out ( pg. 12) — —...
  • Page 39 Transmitted beam effective area Remote sensor When using the remote control, be sure to point it at the remote sensor. The above illustration shows the approximate transmitted beam effective area for indoor use. The transmitted beam may not be effective or may cause incorrect operation outdoors or when the remote sensor is directly exposed to sunlight or powerful lighting.
  • Page 40: Insert Editing

    ENGAGE INSERT EDITING MODE Press and hold INSERT, and without releasing INSERT, press and release PAUSE. The Insert mode is engaged. When the scene the camcorder is aimed at appears on the screen, go to the next step. BEGIN INSERT EDITING Press Recording Start/Stop.
  • Page 41: Audio Dubbing

    A. DUB, press and release PAUSE. BEGIN AUDIO DUBBING Press PLAY. When the counter reaches “0:00:00”, Audio Dubbing stops automatically and the camcorder enters the Audio Dub-Standby mode. END AUDIO DUBBING Press STOP. NOTES: Do not press FF or REW during Audio Dub-Standby, or the edit points will not be accurate.
  • Page 42: Troubleshooting

    Remove the cassette and disconnect the power source, then after a few minutes, try turning the power back on. If it still doesn’t come on, consult your nearest JVC dealer. The recording tape’s Erase Protection tab is missing. Cover the hole with adhesive tape. (Some tapes have sliding tabs.
  • Page 43 When the camcorder is swung or shaken, a noise can be heard. The camcorder is a microcomputer-controlled device. External noise and interference (from a TV, a radio, etc.) might prevent it from functioning properly. In such cases, first disconnect its power supply unit (battery pack, AC Power Adapter/Battery Charger, etc.) and clock battery;...
  • Page 44: Index

    Controls Diopter Adjustment ... QUICK REC Button ... Power Zoom Lever ... BATT. [Battery] RELEASE Switch ... Recording Start/Stop Button ... POWER Switch ... STOP Button ... Tape Length [30•45•60] Select Button ... COUNTER R [Reset]/M [Memory] Button ... EDIT Button ... R.A.EDIT CANCEL Button ...
  • Page 45: Connectors

    Random Assemble Editing ( •It is used to connect the camcorder to a device such as a personal computer. For further detail consult your nearest JVC dealer. Information (in English) is also available at our home page: External MIC Jack (capped) ...
  • Page 46: Viewfinder

    Viewfinder Indications Cassette Warning/Remaining Tape Time ... When no cassette is inserted: the Cassette ( Warning blinks. When Erase Protection tab is not in the position that allows recording: the Cassette ( lights. Otherwise, the Remaining Tape Time is displayed. PROGRAM AE Indicator ...
  • Page 47: Cautions

    ... remove from charger or powered unit when not in use, as some machines use current even when switched off. 3. To prevent damage to the camcorder ..replace the battery pack when it begins to deliver less recording time per charge.
  • Page 48: Main Unit

    Serious malfunctioning If malfunctioning occurs, stop using the unit immediately and consult your local JVC dealer. For Your Maintenance 1. After Use Set the power switch to POWER OFF to turn off the camcorder.
  • Page 49: Specifications

    •Active Carrying Bag CB-V7U •Wireless Remote Control Unit RM-V704U or RM-V700U Some acccessories are not available in some areas. Please consult your nearest JVC dealer for details on accessories and their availability. E.&O.E.Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

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