JVC PICSIO GC-FM2 Detailed User Manual

Hd memory camera waterproof with audio recording
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Detailed User Guide

Read this first
Before use, be sure to read "Safety Precautions" (P.2) and
"Cautions" (P.3) to use the product correctly.
GC-WP10 is waterproof. Before use in water, be sure to read
"Using the Camcorder in Water" (P.25).
Waterproof with
Audio Recording



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  • Page 1: Detailed User Guide

    Read this first Before use, be sure to read “Safety Precautions” (P.2) and “Cautions” (P.3) to use the product correctly. GC-WP10 is waterproof. Before use in water, be sure to read "Using the Camcorder in Water" (P.25). ® Waterproof with Audio Recording...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    It could tip over, causing serious damage to the camcorder. CAUTION! Connecting cables (Audio/Video etc.) to the camcorder and leaving it on top of the TV is not recommended, as tripping on the cables will cause the camcorder to fall, resulting in damage. CAUTION: The mains plug shall remain readily operable.
  • Page 3: Cautions

    ... swing it excessively when using the hand strap..swing the soft camcorder case excessively when the camcorder is inside it..store the camcorder in a dusty or sandy area. • To prevent the unit from dropping, - When using the camcorder with a tripod, attach the camcorder to the tripod securely.
  • Page 4 (USA and Canada only) Remember that this camcorder is intended for private consumer use only. Any commercial use without proper permission is prohibited. (Even if you record an event such as a show, performance or exhibition for personal enjoyment, it is strongly recommended that you obtain permission beforehand.)
  • Page 5: Daily Maintenance

    CAUTION • Camcorder Do not use benzene or thinner. (Cause of damage to or malfunction of the unit) • When using a chemical cloth or other products, be sure to observe the instructions of the product.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Recording Recording Video/Still Images ...20 Useful Functions for Recording ...23 Using the Camcorder in Water (GC-WP10 only) ... 25 Playback Playing Back on the Camcorder ...28 Deleting Files ...30 Copying a Part in the Video ...31 (Trimming) Viewing Files on TV ...32...
  • Page 7: Names And Functions Of Components

    Names and Functions of Components GC-WP10 GC-FM2 LCD Monitor Speaker Power Button [ SCREEN LOCK Button (P.26) (GC-WP10 only) & Video/Still Image Select Button [ (GC-WP10 only) POWER/CHARGE Lamp Recording Button (P.20)(GC-WP10 only) Tripod Mounting Socket Lens & Microphone GC-WP10: Stereo GC-FM2: Monaural AV Connector (P.32) GC-WP10: also serves as Headphones...
  • Page 8: Indications On Lcd Monitor

    Indications on LCD Monitor  T op Menu & Recording Mode Video Recording Button (P.20) Still Image Recording Button (P.20) Audio Recording Button (P.33) (GC-WP10 only) Time & Play Select Button Basic Settings Button (P.44) Battery Indicator (P.15) AC Adapter When connected When inoperative When both of the Battery indicator and AC...
  • Page 9  D uring Recording & Videos Videos WIND CUT [ON] (P.45) Headphones Volume Button (GC-WP10 only) AE Select Button (P.23) (GC-WP10 only) Recording Start/Stop Button & Menu Settings Button (P.44) Play Select Button Top Menu Button Zoom Buttons EFFECT (P.45) Counter/Remaining Time Still images Menu Settings Button (P.44)
  • Page 10  P layback Index Screen & Videos/ Videos/ Still Images Video (MP4)/ Still Image (JPG) Previous Page Button Recorded Date Recording Select Button & Eye-Fi SETTING Button (P.42, only when using Eye-Fi card) Zoom Display Button (P.28) Delete Button (P.30) Volume Button (P.28) Top Menu Button Next Page Button...
  • Page 11: Getting Started

    GC-FM2: Attach the core filter to the USB extension cable. The core filter reduces noise generated when connecting the camcorder to an external component. Connect the end of the cable with the core filter to the camcorder. Release the both stoppers.
  • Page 12: Inserting An Sd Card

    Getting Started Inserting an SD Card GC-WP10 Press the button( ) for about 1 second to turn off the camcorder. The power lamp goes out. Open the cover( ). Insert an SD card( ). Turn off the power of this unit before inserting or removing a card.
  • Page 13 Getting Started Manufacturer Panasonic, TOSHIBA, SanDisk, ATP, Eye-Fi Class 4 or higher compatible SD card (2 GB) Class 4 or higher compatible SDHC card (4 GB to 32 GB), or Class 4 or Video recording higher compatible SDXC card (48 GB to 64 GB) For ATP, only Class 4 or higher compatible SDHC card (up to 16GB) SD card (256 MB to 2 GB), SDHC card (4 GB to 32 GB), or SDXC card (48 Still image recording/...
  • Page 14: Charging The Battery

    NOTE • The charging time is when the camcorder is charged at 25°C (77 °F). If the battery is charged outside the room temperature range of 10 °C (50 °F) to 35 °C (95 °F), charging may take a longer time or it may not start. The recordable and playable time may also be shortened under some usage conditions such as at low temperature.
  • Page 15 The battery is not charged at the time of purchase. Charge before starting to use the camcorder. • When the battery level is extremely low, the camcorder does not turn on until it is charged even if it is connected to the computer or AC adapter. •...
  • Page 16: Using The Touchscreen

    Getting Started Using the Touchscreen The following are some examples. Touch to Select  T o select Video/Still Image/Audio on the Top Menu (Audio is for GC-WP10 only.) Touch to return to the Top Menu and select the mode.  R ecording Touch to start/stop recording.
  • Page 17 Getting Started  T o search for the desired scene Press the page switching button ( ) or the date switching button ( ) to search for the desired scene. MEMO • The touchscreen of this unit is pressure-sensitive. When the touchscreen does not respond smoothly, apply slightly more force to your fingertip.
  • Page 18: Clock Setting

    Getting Started Clock Setting Press the button( ) for about 1 second to turn on the camcorder. The power lamp turns on. Touch [YES( )] when the [SET DATE/TIME!] screen appears. Set the date and time( ). • Touch the month, day, year, hour and minute to select it.
  • Page 19 The [SET DATE/TIME!] screen does not appear when the date and time are already set. • The [SET DATE/TIME!] screen appears when the camcorder has not been used for a long time. Charge the battery before setting the clock. (P.14) •...
  • Page 20: Recording

    Before recording an important scene, it is recommended to conduct a trial recording. Press the button( ) for about 1 second to turn on the camcorder. Select video or still image mode( ) from the Top Menu. When you turn on the power, the Top Menu appears only for the first time after purchasing the camcorder.
  • Page 21 • Brightness of the LCD monitor increases when recording in bright light. The LCD monitor increases brightness when the AC adapter is connected to the camcorder. However, it returns to normal brightness when you do not operate the camcorer during video recording for 5 minutes. ( 3 seconds at the moment of switching.)
  • Page 22 Landscape mode: 1440 × 1920 (2.7M) • The image orientation do not switch automatically. Switch it according to the actual orientation of the camcorder. • Video is not output through the AV cable when the Image Orientation is set to Portrait.
  • Page 23: Useful Functions For Recording

    Recording Useful Functions for Recording Adjusting the brightness based on the touched area (Touch AE) Preparation: Video/ recording Touch (GC-WP10 only) With every touch, Touch AE and Face Priority AE alternate. Touch the area to adjust. With the touch, a frame appears in which exposure is adjusted.
  • Page 24 Recording stops automatically 99 hours after it is started. • Make use of a tripod and optional AC adapter for time-lapse recordings with long intervals. (optional: AC-V10LU/JVC) • The recording quality during time-lapse recording is the same as that of HD 720 (P.50).
  • Page 25: Using The Camcorder In Water (Gc-Wp10 Only)

    3 m (10 ft) or for not more than 30 minutes. (The waterproof capability is tested in accordance with JVC test standard and it does not assure damage- free or trouble-free operation. Waterproof function not evaluated by UL.) •...
  • Page 26 Recording Press the button( ) for about 1 second to turn on the camcorder. Select Video or Still Image mode( ) on the Top Menu. Press the SCREEN LOCK button( ) for more than 1 second. • When using this unit in water, temporarily disable the touchscreen so that it will not malfunction with the water pressure.
  • Page 27 Do not connect cables or charge with water drops remaining. • JVC cannot be held responsible of any loss of data due to ingress of water into the unit. • It is recommended to replace the packing (optional) once a year to maintain the...
  • Page 28: Playback

    Select a video or still image to play back from the index screen. Preparation: Video recording/ image recording Touch The camcorder turns to play back mode. Select a file. If you touch , the thumbnail images will enlarge. Touch and drag the thumbnail display left and right or touch to move to another page.
  • Page 29 Playback  O peration Buttons (during Video Playback) Playback Pause Advances to the next video Returns to the beginning of the scene Forward search Reverse search Forward slow-motion Reverse slow-motion  O peration Buttons (during Still Image Playback) Start slideshow Stop slideshow Advances to the next still image Returns to the previous still image...
  • Page 30: Deleting Files

    Playback Deleting Files Preparation: Video/ playback Touch Touch the video/still image file to delete. A check mark( ) appears on the selected video/still image. If you touch the video/still image with a check mark, the selection is cancelled. Touch [SEL ALL] to select all the video/still image files.
  • Page 31: Copying A Part In The Video (Trimming)

    Playback Copying a Part in the Video Preparation: Video playback Play back the video, then touch Pause playback at the starting point and touch TRIMMING QUIT Copy starting point ( Resume playback, pause at the end point and touch TRIMMING QUIT Copy end point ( Touch [SET].
  • Page 32: Viewing Files On Tv

    • If you connect the camcorder using the AV cable, image is output only when playing back video. If you connect the camcorder using the HDMI Mini connector, image is output when both playing back and recording video. However, if you connect the camcorder to a TV with 480p or 480i resolution, image is output only when playing back video.
  • Page 33: Audio Recording

    Audio Recording Recording Audio Press the button( ) for about 1 second to turn on the camcorder. Touch Audio mode( ) on the Top Menu. To return to the Top Menu, touch Touch the Recording START/STOP button( ). Audio recording starts.
  • Page 34: Audio Playback

    Audio Playback Playing Back Audio on the Camcorder You can select and play back the recorded audio from an index screen. Preparation: Audio recording Touch the PLAY button. The camcorder turns to play back mode. Select audio to play back.
  • Page 35 Audio Playback Repeated Audio Playback of a Part (A-B Repeat) Preparation: Audio playback Play back the audio, then touch at the starting/end points. With every touch, the setting toggles as shown below. Set starting point Set end point No setting (normal playback) NOTE •...
  • Page 36 Folders and files with more than 8 single-byte characters cannot be played. (You cannot edit file name with the camcorder. Use a computer and other devices to edit file names. • You cannot delete external audio files with the camcorder.
  • Page 37: Delete Audio Files

    Audio Playback Delete Audio Files Preparation: Audio playback Touch Touch the audio file to delete. SEL ALL REL ALL DELETE A check mark appears on the selected audio. If you touch the audio with a check mark, the selection is cancelled. You can select all the audio files by touching [SEL ALL].
  • Page 38: Copying A Part In The

    Audio Playback Copying a Part in the Audio Preparation: Audio playback Play back the audio file, then touch Pause playback at the starting point and touch TRIMMING QUIT Copy starting point ( (GC-WP10 only) Resume playback, pause at the end point and touch Copy end point( Touch [SET].
  • Page 39: Connecting With A Computer

    Connect the camcorder to a computer. GC-WP10 See page 7 for the position of the USB connector on GC-FM2. If the camcorder is not charged, it will not turn on when connected to the computer. Windows: Double-click [PICSIO_SD] in [Computer] (or [My Computer]).
  • Page 40: Using The Supplied Software

    • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5sp1 must be installed on your computer. • The camcorder is compatible to the graphic cards equipped with the playback support function of H.264 video. Windows Vista: Home Basic or Home Premium (Pre-installed edition only for both)
  • Page 41  T o start the supplied software Preparation: • Turn on the camcorder and the computer. • Connect the camcorder to the computer. (P.39) [Auto Play] window appears. If [Auto Play] window does not appear, double-click the [PICSIO_APP] icon in [My Computer] then double-click the LoiLoScope EX (LoiLoScopeEX.exe).
  • Page 42: Using An Eye-Fi Card

    (The files already transferred earlier are not transferred again.) • To abort Eye-Fi transfer, turn off the camcorder or set the [Eye-Fi SETTING] to [OFF] in the Basic Settings. • To transfer selected videos and still images, see page 43.
  • Page 43 If it doesn't operate properly, first confirm that the settings of the Eye-Fi card are correct and try the data transfer using other equipment. • Do not use the camcorder in places where wireless use is prohibited such as on a plane. •...
  • Page 44: Menu

    Menu Using the Menu You can make various settings using the menu.  B asic Settings Touch and display the Top Menu. Touch the Basic Settings button. The Basic Settings screen appears. Touch the desired settings. UPDATE PC SOFTWARE UPDATE HDMI OUTPUT Eye-Fi SETTING Touch...
  • Page 45 UPDATE PC SOFTWARE UPDATE Updates the functions of this unit and built-in software for PC to the latest versions. For details, refer to the JVC website. (Details will be available only after the [UPDATE] and [PC SOFTWARE UPDATE] are ready.)
  • Page 46: Further Information

    Troubleshooting Before requesting service, consult the following chart. If the solutions indicated in the chart do not solve the problem, consult your nearest JVC dealer or JVC service center for instructions. Refer also to the FAQ section on JVC’s website (http://www.jvc.com).
  • Page 47 Further Information Trouble Recording video/still image/audio cannot be performed. Recording stops automatically. The continuous shooting speed of still images is slow. Sound or video is interrupted. The same image is displayed for a long time during video playback, or motion is choppy.
  • Page 48: Warning Indications

    Further Information Trouble The LCD monitor is difficult to see. A band of bright light appears on the LCD monitor. The unit operates slowly when switching between video mode and still image mode, or when switching the power on or off. The unit heats up.
  • Page 49: Specifications

    Further Information Specifications  C amera Power consumption 2.2 W Dimensions (W × H × D) GC-WP10: 60 mm × 101 mm × 25 mm (2-3/8" × 4" ×1") GC-FM2 : 53 mm × 102 mm × 22 mm (2-1/8" × 4-1/16" × 7/8") Weight GC-WP10: 147 g (0.33 lbs)
  • Page 50: Approximate Time/Number Of Recording

    Further Information Approximate Time/Number of Recording  A pproximate Video Recording Time Type Quality 1920 × 1080 30 frames/second HD 1080 (Average 12 Mbps VBR) 1280 × 720 60 frames/second HD 720 (Average 12 Mbps VBR) 960 × 540 30 frames/second iFrame (Average 24 Mbps VBR) 960 ×...
  • Page 51 Further Information  A pproximate Audio Recording Time (GC-WP10 only) Sound quality MP3 44.1 kHz 16 bit Stereo (128 kbps CBR) • The above recording time is approximate.  A pproximate Recording Time (Using Battery) Approximate Battery Charging Time When using the Built-in Battery When using the •...
  • Page 52: Customer Support Information

    Customer Support Information Use of this software is authorized according to the terms of the software license. When contacting the nearest JVC office or agency in your country (refer to the JVC Worldwide Service Network at http://www.jvc-victor.co.jp/english/worldmap/index.html) about this software, please have the following information ready.
  • Page 53: Index

    Index A-B repeat ..... . .29, 35 Audio mode ......33 Basic settings .
  • Page 54 © 2010 Victor Company of Japan, Limited US 0810YMH-AL-OT...

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