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Using The Battery - IBM Options ThinkPad i Series 1200 User Manual

Li-ion battery
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Using the Battery

The Li-Ion battery option is supported on the following models 1200 and 1300
of the ThinkPad
v i Series 1200 (1161–62x, 1161–72x, 1161–92x)
v i Series 1300 (1171–5Wx, 1171–5Bx, 1171–7Wx, 1171–6Lx, and 1171–9Lx)
Note: The model (machine type) can be found on the serial number label on
the base of the computer.
To install the battery, refer to your computer's Setup Guide.
To maximize battery life:
v For a new battery or a battery that you have not used recently:
– Repeat recharging and discharging the battery completely at least three
times before use.
v Always use power management features such as standby and hibernation.
There is a danger of an explosion if the rechargeable battery pack is
incorrectly replaced. The battery pack contains a small amount of harmful
substances. To avoid possible injury:
v Replace only with a battery of the type recommended by IBM
v Keep the battery pack away from fire.
v Do not expose it to water or rain.
v Do not attempt to disassemble it.
v Do not short-circuit it.
v Keep it away from children.
Do not put the battery pack in trash that is disposed of in landfills.
When disposing of the battery, comply with local ordinances or
regulations and your company's safety standards. In the United States,
call IBM at 1–800–IBM-4333 for information on disposal.
© Copyright IBM Corp. 2000
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