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Undo; Disc Maintenance; Toc Write; Fra Check - Yamaha MDX-596 Owner's Manual

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The UNDO function lets you immediately return to the
condition before an edit is made (note: you cannot undo
an edit once you press any other button).
1 Press & to stop the MD recorder.
2 Press EDIT repeatedly to display "Undo ____
then press ENTER.
"Undo OK ?" appears in the display. To cancel undoing,
press CANCEL (or &).
: The name of editing you can undo is displayed here.
3 Press ENTER again to undo.
• You cannot undo an edit once it has been written to the
• The TOC indicator lights to show that the TOC
information has not yet been written to the disc. Undo is
possible only when the TOC indicator is lit.
However, if you perform a recording operation (by
pressing REC, TIME, or SYNC), UNDO is not possible
even if the TOC indicator is lit.
This unit features two disc maintenance functions which
optimize performance of your MD discs. The TOC
WRITE function allows you to write any edits to the
TOC without having to eject the disc. The FRA CHECK
function recovers recordable space on a disc that may
have been lost because of multiple edit operations.


When making a recording, the TOC (Table Of Contents)
of the MD is written as soon as recording is finished.
When making disc edits or titling, however, the TOC
isn't automatically written unless the disc is ejected. If
the unit is accidentally turned off before writing edits or
titling to the TOC, it is possible that these changes will
not be saved. By using this function, you can ensure that
your edits or titles are saved on the disc.
Press & to stop playback.
Press EDIT repeatedly to display
"TOC Write ?", then press ENTER.
"TOC Write OK ?" appears.
Press ENTER.
"TOC Writing" blinks in the display momentarily.
• The TOC Write function can only be selected when the
TOC indicator is lit in the display.
• You can update the TOC information by pressing
When "TOC Writing" appears in the display, the
TOC is being updated and edits are being written to
the MD. While this message appears, do not pull
the power plug from the wall outlet or subject the
unit to shock or vibration.


When edit functions such as "MOVE" and "DIVIDE"
are performed, spaces of recordable space may be lost
and "TOC Full" may appear in the display to indicate
that no more recording can be performed. When this
occurs, it may be possible to recover the FRA (Freely
Recordable Area) on the disc that was lost during edit
functions so that more recording is possible.
Press & to stop playback.
Press EDIT repeatedly to display
"FRA Check ?", then press ENTER.
"FRA Check OK ?" appears.
Press ENTER.
"Complete" appears momentarily.




Table of Contents

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