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Halex Madison II Owner's Manual And Instructions

Halex madison ii electronic dartboard
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Owner's Manual
And Game Instructions



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  Summary of Contents for Halex Madison II

  • Page 1 #69901 Owner’s Manual And Game Instructions...
  • Page 2 Halex Electronic Dartboard LIMITED-1 YEAR WARRANTY This Halex product is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship or materials at the time of purchase for a period of 1 (one) year. Should any evidence of defects appear within the limited warranty period after the date of purchase, Regent Sports will either send replacement parts or advise another course of action.
  • Page 3: Mounting

    Halex Electronic Dartboard Setup / Mounting Instructions Choose a location to hang the dartboard where there is about 10 feet of open space in front of the board. The “toe-line” should be 7’ 9 1/4” from the face of the dartboard. Since this dartboard is powered with an AC adapter, you may want to mount it close to an electric outlet for convenience.
  • Page 4 Halex Electronic Dartboard Mounting Instructions (continued) Center of bullseye should be 5’ 8” from the ground. Plug the A/C adapter into the wall outlet and into the jack at the bottom right of the dartboard and you’re ready to play.
  • Page 5: Dartboard Functions

    Halex Electronic Dartboard Dartboard Functions POWER button - Located on the lower right corner of the dartboard (when doors are open). Be sure the AC Adapter is plugged into the jack on the right side of the dartboard. Press the POWER button to turn game on or off.
  • Page 6: Operation

    Halex Electronic Dartboard Electronic Dartboard Operation Press the POWER switch to activate dartboard. A short musical introduction is played as the display goes through power-up test. Press GAME button until desired game is displayed (see Game Menu on page 23).
  • Page 7 Turn darts clockwise as you pull them from the board. This makes it easier to remove darts and extends the life of the tips. If you need to replace your AC adapter, use only a genuine Halex AC adapter (available directly from Halex) for this dartboard. Use of a non-Halex AC adapter may cause electrical shock, fire, and damage to the electronic circuits and will void your warranty.
  • Page 8: Accessory Storage

    Halex Electronic Dartboard Accessory Storage Dart holders and spare tip compartments are located on the inside doors. The spare tip compartments open for easy access. Refer to diagram below. Dart Holders Accessory Tray Game Rules Your electronic dartboard is loaded with games and options. The rules for each game are detailed below in the order they appear on the LED display when paging through the games.
  • Page 9 Halex Electronic Dartboard This popular tournament and pub game is played by subtracting each dart from the starting total until the player reaches exactly 0 (zero). If a player goes past zero it is considered a “Bust” and the score returns to where it was at the start of that round. For example, if a player needs a 32 to finish the game and he/she hits a 20, 8, and 10 (totals 38), the score goes back to 32 for the next round.
  • Page 10 Halex Electronic Dartboard Numbers can be opened or closed in any order. A number is “closed” when the other player(s) hit the open segment 3 times. Once a number has been “closed”, any player for the remainder of the game can no longer score on it.
  • Page 11 Halex Electronic Dartboard CUT-THROAT CRICKET Same basic rules as standard Cricket except once scoring begins, points are added to your opponent(s) total. The object of this game is to end up with the fewest points. This variation of Cricket offers a different psychology to the players. Rather than adding to your own score and helping your own cause as in standard Cricket, Cut-Throat offers the benefit of racking up points for your opponent(s), digging him in a deeper hole.
  • Page 12 Halex Electronic Dartboard Scoring is as follows: Single segment = 1 Point Double segment = 2 Points Triple segment = 3 Points Single Bullseye = 4 Points When the computer selects double Bullseye, the outer bull scores 2 points and the inner bull scores 4 points.
  • Page 13 Halex Electronic Dartboard The object of this game is to be the first player to reach the specified point total. Point total is specified when the game is selected. Each player attempts to score as many points as possible per round. Doubles and triples count 2 or 3 times the numerical value of each segment.
  • Page 14 Halex Electronic Dartboard • ROUND-THE-CLOCK Triple 15 - Game starts at triple segment 15 KILLER This game will really show who your friends are. The game can be played with as few as two players, but the excitement and challenge builds with even more players. To start, each player must select his number by throwing a dart at the target area.
  • Page 15 Halex Electronic Dartboard reversed which will be indicated on the LED display. Second, an additional round is included toward the end in which players must attempt to score three hits that add up to 41 points (20, 20, 1; 19, 19, 3; D10, D10, 1: etc.). This “41” round adds an extra level of difficulty to the game.
  • Page 16 Halex Electronic Dartboard ALL FIVES The entire board is in-play for this game (all segments are active). With each round (of 3 darts) each player has to score a total which is divisible by 5. Every “five” counts as one point.
  • Page 17 Halex Electronic Dartboard triple on the first shot of a hole it is counted as an “eagle” and that player gets a completes that hole with 1 “stroke.” Note: The active player continues to throw darts until he “holes out” (scores 3 hits on the current hole).
  • Page 18 Halex Electronic Dartboard steeplechase, there are obstacles throughout the course to hurdle. The four hurdles are found at the following places: • 1 fence Triple 13 • 2 fence Triple 17 • 3 fence Triple 8 • 4 fence Triple 5 The first player to complete the course and hit the bullseye wins the race.
  • Page 19 Halex Electronic Dartboard If a player shoots and hits their own side of the dartboard (army) they lose that army. Adjustable difficulty settings are as follows: BATTLEGROUND DOUBLES: Players shoot for double segments only to eliminate opponent’s armies • BATTLEGROUND TRIPLES: Players shoot for triple segments only to eliminate opponent’s armies...
  • Page 20 Halex Electronic Dartboard ADVANCED BATTLEGROUND The rules are the same as standard Battleground except now there are land mines on the battlefield! Players must be careful to avoid the land mines located in the Triple and Double rings of opponents segment numbers.
  • Page 21 Halex Electronic Dartboard This is a very challenging 2-player game that is best suited for players of advanced skill. One player will play the role of the cat and the other will be the mouse. The object of the game is for the mouse to get back to his hole before being caught by the cat. The mouse starts first from the “20”...
  • Page 22: Game List

    Halex Electronic Dartboard Game # Code Description Cricket Scram Cut Throat Cricket English Cricket Advanced Cricket Shooter Big Six Overs Unders Count Up High Score Round The Clock Killer Double Down Double Down 41 All Fives Shanghai Golf Football Baseball...
  • Page 23: Important Notes

    Cleaning your Electronic Dartboard Your Halex electronic dartboard will provide many hours of competition if cared for properly. Regular dusting of the cabinet is recommended using a damp cloth. A mild detergent can be used if necessary.
  • Page 24 Halex Electronic Dartboard 10 11 12 13 1. LED Scoring displays 7. Speaker 2. Player indicators 8. Singles ring 3. Double In/Out, Master 9. Doubles ring Out indicators 10. Triples ring 4. Cricket Scoreboards 11. Start/Hold button 5. Dart Holders 12.
  • Page 25 Halex Electronic Dartboard Accessories / Spare Parts Item # Description Price 100-64675 12 darts with replacement Tips $12.95 100-64670 AC Adapter $12.95 68950 Aluminum Shafts (3 pack) $ 4.95 191-68751 48-pack SofTech replacement tips $ 5.95 68670 Metallic Flights (3 pack). Assorted Styles $ 4.95...

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