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Safety Precautions - Canon 5x17 FC Instructions Manual



Safety Precautions
• Do not look at the sun through the binoculars.
Doing so can cause loss of vision.
• Do not leave the binoculars on an unstable surface where it can fall over or drop.
• Do not use the binoculars while you are walking. Doing so may result in a
collision, fall, or injury.
• Do not hold the strap and swing the binoculars around. Doing so can hit another
• Injury can result if a finger is caught between the two binocular barrels during
eye width adjustment. Be aware of this if a young child uses the binoculars.
• Do not leave the binoculars under direct sunlight. Doing so can result in fire .
• If the rubber eyecups are pressed against the skin repeatedly over a prolonged
period, skin inflammation may result. If any suspicious symptoms occur, consult
a doctor.
• Do not leave any plastic bags (from the product packaging) within the reach of
young children. A young child can accidentally suffocate or choke with a plastic



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