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Samsung SPH-m230 User Manual

Portable tri-mode telephone
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Table of Contents
T r i - M o d e
User Guide
Please read this manual before operating your phone,
and keep it for future reference.


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Samsung SPH-m230

  • Page 1 SPH-m230 P O R T A B L E T r i - M o d e T E L E P H O N E User Guide Please read this manual before operating your phone, and keep it for future reference.
  • Page 2: Intellectual Property

    Company AKA 3M CORPORATION DELAWARE. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Samsung Electronics Canada, Inc. is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
  • Page 3 Except as set forth in the express warranty contained on the warranty page enclosed with the product, the purchaser takes the product "as is", and Samsung makes no express or implied warranty of any kind whatsoever with respect to the product, including but not limited to the merchantability of the product or its fitness for any particular purpose or use;...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Getting Started................1 Open View of Phone ........1 Closed View of Phone .
  • Page 6 Countdown ..........47 Memo Pad.
  • Page 7 Group Settings ......... . 81 My Name Card.
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    Getting Started Open View of Phone 1. Earpiece 2. Signal Strength 13. Battery Strength Indicator Indicator 3. Main LCD (Display) 4. Navigation Key 5. Softkey (Left) 12. Softkey (Right) 6. MENU/OK 11. END/POWER Key 7. TALK Key 8. BACK Key 9.
  • Page 9: Closed View Of Phone

    Closed View of Phone 14. Volume Button 15. Sub LCD 16. Headset Jack 17. Charger/Accessories Jack Getting Started 2...
  • Page 10 Key Functions 1. Earpiece: Allows you to hear the other caller and the different ring tones and sounds offered by your phone. 2. Signal Strength Indicator: Displays the current signal strength. 3. Main LCD (Display): Displays all of the information needed to operate your phone.
  • Page 11: Viewing The Display Screens

    • When in the main menu, press to return the phone to standby mode and cancel your input. 12. Softkey (Right): Can be used in several different ways. • In standby mode, press to access your Contacts . • In text entry mode, press to change the character input type. •...
  • Page 12 Indicates that position location is active. Indicates that position location is inactive. Indicates that your phone is in web security mode. Indicates that your phone is roaming. Indicates that you have Voicemail, text, picture messages or video messages waiting. • Press and hold to dial your Voicemail box.
  • Page 13: Features Of Your Phone

    Indicates that Bluetooth technology is enabled. Indicates that Bluetooth technology is connected. Features of Your Phone Congratulations on the purchase of your Samsung SPH-m230 phone. This phone is lightweight, easy-to-use, reliable, and offers many significant features and service options: •...
  • Page 14: Turning Your Phone On And Off

    • Downloadable games, ringers, screen savers, and applications allow you to turn down time into fun time and to personalize your phone. See "My Downloads" on page 75. • The built-in organizer lets you schedule alerts to remind you of important events.
  • Page 15: Using Your Phone's Battery And Charger

    Using Your Phone’s Battery and Charger Battery Capacity Your phone is equipped with a Lithium Ion (LiIon) battery. It allows you to recharge your battery before it is fully drained. When the battery reaches a low capacity, the battery icon will blink, followed eventually by an audible alert and then power off.
  • Page 16 • To remove the battery, pull the top of the battery away from the phone (1) and disconnect it (2). • To insert the battery, insert the battery into the opening on the back of the phone at an angle (3), making sure the metal contacts on the battery connect with the matching connectors in the phone.
  • Page 17 A “Low Battery Recharge Soon” message appears on the phone’s display screen. Always use a Samsung-approved desktop charger, travel adapter, or vehicle power adapter to charge your battery. Warning! FOR CONNECTION TO AN ELECTRICAL SUPPLY NOT LOCATED IN NORTH AMERICA, YOU MUST USE AN ADAPTOR OF THE PROPER CONFIGURATION FOR THE POWER OUTLET.
  • Page 18 It takes approximately 4 hours to fully recharge a completely drained standard battery. With the Samsung approved LiIon battery, you can recharge the battery before it drains completely. An animated battery icon is displayed on both the Main LCD screen and the Sub LCD screen.
  • Page 19: Phone Basics

    Phone Basics Note: Your phone can display the various features and options in one of two different menu styles, 3x3 Black and List style. By default, your phone is set to the 3x3 Black style and this user guide corresponds to the 3x3 Black style. The List style uses a different numbering scheme for the top-level menus.
  • Page 20 call. Toll free numbers are not location specific and no province or state name will be displayed. 3. Press to call. 4. Press or close the phone when you are finished. Tip: To redial your last recent call, press twice. You can also place calls from your phone using Voice Dial (page 31), Speed Dialing numbers from your Contacts (page 17), or using your Call History listings (page 52).
  • Page 21 Ending a Call To disconnect a call when you are finished: • Close the phone or press Missed Call Notification When an incoming call is not answered, a Missed Call message is displayed on your screen. • To dial a missed call press Calling Emergency Numbers You can place calls to 911 (dial and press...
  • Page 22 • (7) Messaging: Allows you to use the messaging menu and to send text messages. • (8) Tools: Accesses the Tools menu options. • (9) Phone Info: Displays the phone number, icon glossary, hardware/ software version, and Advanced menu options. End-of-Call Options After receiving a call from or making a call to a phone number that is not in your Contacts, the phone number and duration of the call are displayed.
  • Page 23 Dialing and Saving Phone Numbers With Pauses You can dial or save phone numbers with pauses for use with automated systems, such as voicemail or credit card billing numbers. There are two types of pauses available on your phone: • Hard Pause sends the next set of numbers when you press •...
  • Page 24 5. Press the navigation key up or down to select On and press 6. Input the five or six digit prefix and press to Save. Making an Abbreviated Dial Call To make a call: 1. Enter the last four or five digits of the prefix phone number. 2.
  • Page 25: Entering Text

    2. Press and hold the second digit for approximately two seconds. (The display confirms that the number has been dialed when it shows “Speed Dial # ...”.) Entering Text Selecting a Character Input Mode Your phone provides convenient ways to enter words, letters, punctuation, symbols, and numbers whenever you are prompted to enter text (for example, when adding a Contacts entry or when sending text messages).
  • Page 26 Entering Characters Using Alpha mode To enter characters by tapping the keypad, select the Alpha mode (see “Selecting a Character Input Mode” on page 18). Press the corresponding key repeatedly until the desired character appears. When the icon is shown, the first letter of the first word is capitalized and the following letters are lowercase.
  • Page 27: Using Voicemail

    Note: The complete character set is provided to show which key is to be used to enter the characters. The French and special characters are only available when the phone is in French mode. If you need to compose a text message that contains the French characters, please refer to "Language"...
  • Page 28: Responding To Call Waiting

    off. To avoid this problem, set the backlight to "flip open". For more information, see "Changing the Backlight Time Length" on page 61. Responding to Call Waiting When you’re on a call, Call Waiting alerts you of incoming calls by sounding two beeps.
  • Page 29: Tty Use With Handset

    TTY Use With Handset A TTY (also known as a TDD or Text Telephone), is a telecommunications device that allows people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have speech or language disabilities to communicate by telephone. Your phone is compatible with select TTY devices. Please check with the manufacturer of your TTY device to ensure that it supports digital wireless transmission.
  • Page 30: Roaming

    Roaming Understanding Roaming Recognizing Icons on the Display Screen Your phone’s display screen always lets you know when you’re off the network. The following chart indicates what you’ll see depending on where you’re using your phone. Roaming Indicator Network Other Digital Networks Note: You will pay a higher per-minute rate for roaming calls.
  • Page 31: Menus

    Menus Menu Styles Your phone can display the various features and options in one of two different menu styles: Note: Key commands for the first menu level in the List style differ from those in this guide. For more information on changing the menu style between the 3x3 Black style and the List style, see "Changing the Phone’s Menu Style"...
  • Page 32 Changing the Phone’s Menu Style Your phone allows you to choose how the menu appears on your display screen. To select the phone’s menu style: 1. Press for Menu. 2. Press (if using 3x3 Black style) or (if using List style) for Settings.
  • Page 33: Viewing The Menus

    Viewing the Menus 9: What time does it start? 10: I love you! Menu Diagram 11- 20: [Empty] The following list outlines your phone’s 4: Edit Signature menu structure in the 3x3 Black style: • On 1: Voice Kit • Off 1: Voice Service 5: Message Alerts •...
  • Page 34 3: Tools 1: Recent History 2: Air Time 1: Bluetooth 1: Last Call 1: Trusted Devices 2: Total Calls 2: Enable 6: Web • On • Off 7: Settings 3: Visibility 1: Display • Always visible 1: Main Screen • Visible for 3min 1: Screen Saver •...
  • Page 35 • Small 3: Alerts 7: Power Save Mode 1: Minute Beep • On • On • Off • Off 8: Keypad 2: Out of Service • Flip open • On • 30 seconds • Off • 15 seconds 3: Connect •...
  • Page 36 5: Used Word Dic. • Display • Yes • Ringer Type • No • Missed Alerts 6: Display Candidate 2: Down Key (Options same as Up • Display On key) • Display Off 3: Left Key (Options same as Up 7: Prediction Start key) •...
  • Page 37 2: Lock Phone 7: Security 1: Change Lock 2: Special # 3: Erase 8: My Downloads • Games • Get New Games • Ringers • Get New Ringers • Screen Savers • Get New Screen Savers • Applications • Get New Applications 9: Contacts •...
  • Page 38: Voice Kit

    Voice Kit Voice Service Voice recognition allows you to say commands to perform common functions supported by your phone. There is no voice training required to use the voice recognition feature. You simply say the pre-designated command displayed on your screen in a normal tone of voice to perform the desired function. To activate voice recognition: 1.
  • Page 39 Tips for using Voice Dial: • Voice Dial works best in quieter environments. • When saying a name, speak at a normal speed. To place a call using Voice Dial: 1. Activate voice recognition by pressing and holding . (The phone prompts you for a command.) 2.
  • Page 40 2. Press for Settings. 3. Press for More. 4. Press for Accessibility. 5. Press for Voice Service. 6. Press for Choice Lists. 7. Press the navigation key up or down to select Automatic, Always On or Always Off and press Changing Voice Dial Prompts By default, your phone provides audio prompts such as “Please say a command”.
  • Page 41: Messaging

    Messaging Now you can exchange text and multimedia messages right from your phone and stay connected without saying a word. Within the Messaging menu you can also view the number of voicemail messages you have waiting for you. For more information on using your phone’s voicemail feature, see ‘Voicemail”...
  • Page 42 uncheck the entry. You can check multiple Contacts (up to a maximum of 10). When you are finished, press the left softkey Done. • To select from a list of recently viewed contacts, press the right softkey for Recent List. A list of your recently viewed Contacts appears.
  • Page 43: Voicemail

    To read and reply to a Text Message: When you receive a text message, you will see “New Message” on your display screen. To reply to the text message: 1. While the message is open, select the left softkey for Reply. 2.
  • Page 44 Note: You must request this feature from your service provider for it to work correctly. Note: The voicemail setup process may vary in certain Affiliate areas. Voicemail Notification There are several ways your phone alerts you of a new message: •...
  • Page 45: Settings

    To Use One-Touch Message Access: • Press and hold . Follow the system prompts. To Use the Menus: 1. Press for Menu. 2. Press for Messaging. 3. Press for Voicemail. 4. Press to call the voicemail server. Note: You may be charged for airtime minutes when you are accessing your voicemail from your phone.
  • Page 46 • Notification: Allows you to configure whether new messages will appear with a message and icon or with an icon only. • Sending Options: Allows you to configure the default Priority level and Call Back number for messages. • Preset Messages: Allows you to edit or change the default pre-written messages.
  • Page 47 Priority There are two priority levels associated with text messaging. They are: • Normal: This option sends the message as normal with regular delivery. • Urgent: This option sends the message at the highest level and alerts the recipient that it is urgent. This setting allows you to select the default priority level when creating new messages.
  • Page 48 3. Press and hold to erase the message. Enter your new message and press to save. You can also edit the existing message using the keypad. Note: When you send a message using Preset Messages, the last message selected automatically displays as the first choice when sending a new message. This also applies when you edit or add to a message.
  • Page 49 Note: Press the navigation key down to highlight Always Vibrate and press to select it. Alert Type This option allows you to select the ringer type for voicemail, text messaging, and web alerts. Any ringer saved in the phone can be used as the default ringer. Ringers that are downloaded can also be assigned.
  • Page 50 3. Press the navigation key up or down to select the desired duration and press to select. Save in Outbox This option allows you to save a copy of the outgoing text message in the outbox. To turn this option On or Off: 1.
  • Page 51: Tools

    Tools Bluetooth Bluetooth is a short-range communications technology that allows you to connect wirelessly to a number of Bluetooth devices, such as headsets, hands-free car kits, and Bluetooth-enabled handhelds, PCs, printers, and wireless phones. For more information, see "Bluetooth" on page 87. Today and Scheduler Your Scheduler helps organize your time and reminds you of important events.
  • Page 52 To add an event for a specific calendar date: 1. Press for Menu. 2. Press for Tools. 3. Press for Scheduler. 4. Using the navigation key scroll to the desired date. 5. Press to view the highlighted date. • If you have no events currently scheduled for this date, the New Event menu is automatically displayed.
  • Page 53: Task List

    2. Press for Tools. 3. Press for Today or for Scheduler. • If you selected , the day’s events are displayed. • If you selected , use the navigation key to scroll to the desired date and press to view that day’s events. Erasing Events for a Day To erase events for a day: 1.
  • Page 54: Countdown

    4. Enter the task description using the keypad and press the left softkey for Next. 5. Enter the Due Time and Date using the keypad. (Press for AM and for PM.) 6. Press the navigation key left or right to select a Low or High priority. 7.
  • Page 55: Memo Pad

    4. Enter a name using the keypad and press 5. Enter the Input Time. (Press for AM or for PM.) 6. Enter the Input Date values and press the left softkey for Done. To view a countdown: 1. Press for Menu. 2.
  • Page 56: World Time

    To delete saved memos: 1. Press for Menu. 2. Press for Tools. 3. Press for Memo Pad. 4. Highlight the memo you wish to delete using the navigation key. 5. Press the right softkey for Options. 6. Press to Erase the highlighted memo or for Erase All.
  • Page 57: Using The Alarm Clock

    4. Press for Update Firmware. 5. Follow the onscreen instructions to update the phone. Using the Alarm Clock Your phone comes with a built-in alarm clock with multiple alarm times. To use the alarm clock: 1. Press for Menu. 2. Press for Tools.
  • Page 58 • Left to Subtract • Right to Add • Up to Multiply • Down to Divide 6. Enter the next number using the keypad. Repeat steps 4 and 5 as necessary. 7. Press to view the results. 51 Tools...
  • Page 59: Call History

    Call History Viewing History You’ll find the Call History feature very helpful. It is a list of the last 150 phone numbers (or Contacts entries) for calls you missed, made, or accepted. Call History makes redialing a number fast and easy. It is continually updated as new numbers are added to the beginning of the list and the oldest entries are removed from the bottom of the list.
  • Page 60: Making A Call From Call History

    Making a Call From Call History To place a call from Call History: 1. Press for Menu. 2. Press for Call History. 3. Press for Recent History. 4. Highlight the entry you want to call and press to dial the number. Tip: When in standby mode, you can also press the key to show your recent calls.
  • Page 61: Erasing Call History

    To prepend a phone number from Call History: 1. Press for Menu. 2. Press for Call History. 3. Press for Recent History. 4. Highlight the entry you want to prepend and press 5. Press the right softkey for Options, and select Prepend. 6.
  • Page 62: Web

    The Wireless Web Your phone comes equipped with Wireless Web access. You can view specially designed versions of popular sites including sports, weather, news, stock quotes well as accessing downloadable ringtones, screensavers, and games. When you launch the web, the phone will connect to the Internet and the service indicator icon will display.
  • Page 63 Navigating the Wireless Web Navigating through menus and Web sites during a web session is easy once you've learned a few basics. Here are some tips for getting around: Softkeys When browsing the Web, the bottom line of your phone's display contains one or more softkeys.
  • Page 64 • To go back one page, press on your phone. (Note that is also used like a BACKSPACE key to delete text.) Using the Menu to Navigate By pressing the Menu softkey, you can navigate between web pages. Press the Menu softkey and select one of the following options: 1.
  • Page 65: Settings

    Settings Display Changing the Main Screen Your new phone offers options for what you see on the display screen when in standby mode. To change the Screen Saver: 1. Press for Menu. 2. Press for Settings. 3. Press for Display. 4.
  • Page 66 2. Press for Settings. 3. Press for Display. 4. Press for Main Screen. 5. Press for Incoming Calls. 6. Press for With Caller ID or for No Caller ID. 7. Use the navigation key to select Preset Animation or Downloads. 8.
  • Page 67 4. Press for Outer Screen. 5. Press for Screen Saver. 6. Press the navigation key left, right, up, or down until the desired image is displayed. 7. Press the left softkey for Assign. To change the LCD Sub Contrast: 1. Press for Menu.
  • Page 68 5. Using the navigation key, increase or decrease the contrast level setting and press Changing the Backlight Time Length The backlight setting lets you select how long the display screen and keypad are backlit after any key press is made. To change the backlight setting: 1.
  • Page 69 • Hyphenate: Displays each block of digits separated by hyphens in a different color. 7. A sample of the new Dialing Font color appears onscreen. • If you selected Monochrome, press the navigation key left or right to select your desired color and press the left softkey for Done.
  • Page 70: Sounds

    3. Press for Display. 4. Press for Keypad. 5. Press the navigation key up or down to select Flip open, 30 seconds, 15 seconds, 8 seconds, or Off and press to save your changes. Language Your phone can display text in English or French. Language selection changes all menus and voice message settings.
  • Page 71 5. Press for Voice Calls, for Messages, for Scheduler, for Roaming, or for Vibration • For Voice Calls, press for With Caller ID or for No Caller • For Messages, press for Voicemail, for Text Message, for Web Alert. • For Roaming, press Normal or Distinctive and press to save and exit.
  • Page 72 Tip: You can adjust the ringer volume in standby mode (or the earpiece volume during a call) using the volume key on the side of your phone. Alerts Your phone can alert you with an audible tone when you change service areas, once a minute during a voice call, or when a call has been connected.
  • Page 73 Key Tones Your phone offers a number of options for selecting the audible tones accompanying a key press. There are three different tones available: • DTMF: Dual tone, Multi-Frequency beeps are heard when a key is pressed. • Xylophone: Musical polyphonic tones are heard when a key is pressed. •...
  • Page 74: Text Entry

    2. Press for Settings. 3. Press for Sounds. 4. Press for Key Tones. 5. Press for Tone Length. 6. Select Short or Long and press to save and exit. Text Entry The Text Entry menu allows you to customize how T9 text entry mode functions on your handset.
  • Page 75: Call Setup

    • Help: Provides additional information on using T9 text entry mode. Scroll up or down using the navigation key. When you are finished, press the left softkey for OK. Call Setup Call Setup options allow you to set up the following options: •...
  • Page 76 Contact Match With the Contact Match feature, your phone displays the Contact’s name and phone number if the incoming call or outgoing call is in your Contacts list. To set up contact match: 1. Press for Menu. 2. Press for Settings. 3.
  • Page 77: Launch Pad

    6. Select Allow All, Contacts Only, or Special# Only and press Call Answer To set the actions required to answer an incoming call: 1. Press for Menu. 2. Press for Settings. 3. Press for Call Setup. 4. Press for Call Answer and select one of the following: •...
  • Page 78: Phone Info

    5. Press the navigation key up or down to select one of the following functions: • • • Contacts Display • • • Messaging Voice Service Ringer Type • • • Text Inbox Scheduler Missed Alerts • • Send Message Alarms •...
  • Page 79 receiving calls or data is prohibited. When your phone is in Airplane Mode, it cannot send or receive any calls or access online information. All incoming calls will be sent directly to your voicemail box. To set your phone to Airplane Mode: 1.
  • Page 80 Note: This feature works with the wire headset and does not work with the Bluetooth headset. To change the Turbo Button: 1. Press for Menu. 2. Press for Settings. 3. Press for More. 4. Press for Headset Mode. 5. Press for Turbo Button.
  • Page 81 4. Press for Location. (A brief explanation will display. Use the navigation key to scroll through to read the entire text.) 5. Press the navigation key up or down to select On or Off. 6. Press to save and exit. When the Location feature is on, your phone’s standby screen will display the icon.
  • Page 82: My Downloads

    My Downloads With your new web enabled phone, you have access to a variety of services such as downloadable Games, Ringers, Screen Savers, and Applications. While each type of download involves a different file type, the basic method for accessing and downloading files is the same.
  • Page 83: Ringers

    Ringers Downloading Ringers To download an available ringer to your phone: 1. Press for Menu. 2. Press for My Downloads. 3. Highlight Ringers and press 4. Highlight Get New Ringers and press . The web will launch and take you to the Ringers download menu. 5.
  • Page 84: Screen Savers

    Screen Savers Downloading Screen Savers To download an available Screen Saver to your phone: 1. Press for Menu. 2. Press for My Downloads. 3. Highlight Screen Savers and press 4. Highlight Get New Screen Savers and press . The web will launch and take you to the Screen Savers download menu.
  • Page 85: Applications

    Note: You can assign a Screen Saver to more than one task. Applications Downloading Applications To download an application to your phone: 1. Press for Menu. 2. Press for My Downloads. 3. Highlight Applications and press 4. Highlight Get New Applications and press .
  • Page 86: Contacts

    Contacts Your phone can store up to 500 numbers. Each contact can store up to a total of five phone numbers. For instance, you could store both the home and mobile numbers for someone. Each Contact name can contain up to 20 characters. Finding Contacts There are several ways to display your Contacts entries: by name, speed dial number, group, and voice dial recognition.
  • Page 87: Editing A Contact

    Editing a Contact You can always edit a Contact to change a phone number, add an additional phone number, add it to a group, or provide a custom ringer or image. To edit a Contact 1. From standby mode, press the right softkey for Contacts.
  • Page 88: Group Settings

    6. Using the navigation key, highlight the number that you wish to assign and press the left softkey for Assign. 7. Highlight the Contact that you wish to assign to the speed dial # and press To call a Contact using speed dial, see "Using One-Touch or Two-Touch Speed Dialing"...
  • Page 89: My Name Card

    7. Press the right softkey for Options and select press Rename group. 8. Enter the new name for the group and press My Name Card This function is similar to an entry in the Phonebook, except that it contains your contact information, like a business card.
  • Page 90: Phone Security

    Tip: If you cannot remember your lock code, try using the last four digits of either your Social Insurance Number or Phone Number or try 0000. If none of these work, call Customer Service at 1-800-SAMSUNG. Using Your Phone’s Lock Feature...
  • Page 91: Using Special Numbers

    2. Enter your lock code. Changing the Lock Code To change your lock code: 1. Press for Menu. 2. Press for Settings. 3. Press for More. 4. Press for Security. 5. Enter your lock code. 6. Press for Change Lock. 7.
  • Page 92: Erasing Phone Data

    8. Press and hold to clear the existing number. 9. Enter the number using the keypad. 10. Press to Save. Note: There are no Speed Dial options associated with special numbers. Erasing Phone Data You can erase different categories of saved data from your phone. Once deleted, they cannot be recovered.
  • Page 93: Default Setting

    Default Setting Resetting the phone restores all the factory defaults, including the ringer types and display settings. The Contacts, Call History, Scheduler, and Messaging are not affected. To restore the default settings on your phone: 1. Press for Menu. 2. Press for Settings.
  • Page 94: Bluetooth

    10 meters (30 feet). Note: There are many Bluetooth devices in the market whose compatibility with the SPH-m230 cannot be guaranteed. Enable By default, your device’s Bluetooth functionality is turned off. Turning Bluetooth on makes your device “discoverable”...
  • Page 95: Device Name

    3. Press for Bluetooth. 4. Press for Visibility. 5. Select your desired Visibility setting and press • Always visible: To allow other Bluetooth devices to detect and identify your phone. • Visible for 3min: To allow other devices three minutes before changing your status to hidden.
  • Page 96: Trusted Devices

    5. When you are finished, press the right softkey for Cancel. Trusted Devices Trusted Devices The Bluetooth pairing process allows you to establish trusted connections between your phone and another Bluetooth device. When devices are paired, a passkey is shared between devices, allowing for fast, secure connections while bypassing the discovery and authentication process.
  • Page 97 5. If no devices are currently listed, press the left softkey for Add new. Otherwise press the right softkey for Options and press Add new. 6. Select Wait for request and press 7. Select Always visible or Visible for 3min and press 8.
  • Page 98: Safety

    Safety Getting the Most Out of Your Reception Keeping Tabs on Signal Strength The quality of each call you make or receive depends on the signal strength in your area. Your phone informs you of the current signal strength by displaying a number of bars next to the signal strength icon.
  • Page 99: Maintaining Safe Use Of And Access To Your Phone

    Maintaining Your Phone’s Peak Performance There are several simple guidelines for operating your phone properly and maintaining safe, satisfactory service. • Hold the phone with the antenna raised, fully-extended, and over your shoulder. • Try not to hold, bend, or twist the phone’s antenna. •...
  • Page 100 • Use your phone to help others in emergencies. • Call roadside assistance or a special non-emergency wireless number when necessary. Following Safety Guidelines To operate your phone safely and efficiently, always follow any special regulations in a given area. Turn your phone off in areas where use is forbidden or when it may cause interference or danger.
  • Page 101: Caring For The Battery

    The guidelines listed below help you get the most out of your battery’s performance. • Use only Samsung approved batteries and desktop chargers. These chargers are designed to maximize battery life. Using other batteries or chargers voids your warranty and may cause damage.
  • Page 102 • Don’t attempt to disassemble or short-circuit the battery. • The battery may need recharging if it has not been used for a long period of time. • It’s best to replace the battery when it no longer provides acceptable performance.
  • Page 103 SAR values at or below the federal standard of 1.6 W/kg are considered safe for use by the public. The highest reported SAR values of the SPH-m230 are: CDMA mode (Part 22) Head: 1.29 W/kg;...
  • Page 104: Owner's Record

    Record the serial number in the space provided below. This will be helpful if you need to contact us about your phone in the future. Model: SPH-m230 Serial No.: User Guide Proprietary Notice CDMA Technology is licensed by QUALCOMM Incorporated under one or more of...
  • Page 105: Manufacturer's Warranty

    80% of rated capacity or the battery leaks, and this Limited Warranty does not cover any battery if: (i) the battery has been charged by a battery charger not specified or approved by SAMSUNG for charging the battery; (ii) any of the seals on the battery are broken or show evidence of tampering;...
  • Page 107 Product pricing reflects this allocation of risk and the limitations of liability contained in this Limited Warranty. The agents, employees, distributors, and dealers of SAMSUNG are not authorized to make modifications to this Limited Warranty, or make additional warranties binding on SAMSUNG. Accordingly, additional statements such as dealer advertising or presentation, whether oral or written, do not constitute warranties by SAMSUNG and should not be relied upon.
  • Page 108: Index

    Index Erase Downloads 85 Abbreviated Dialing 16 Activating Voice Recognition 31 Font Air Time 54 Changing the color Airplane Mode 71 Changing the size Alerts 65 Auto Answer 70 Greeting 59 Backlight 61 Backlight Brightness 60 Icon Glossary 4, 71 Backlight Contrast 60 Battery Capacity...
  • Page 109 Finding Entries Ringers Phone Number 12, 71 Screen Savers Phone Numbers Saving With Pauses Resetting Your Phone 86 Restricting Calls 69, 84 Ringer Types 63 Roaming 23 Other Digital Networks Security Menu 83 Sound 63 Special Numbers 84 Speed Dialing 17 T9 Text Input 18 Text Messaging 34 Three-Way Calling 21...