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Electrolux REFRIGERATION Service Manual

Combi top no frost partial with erf550 electronic
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© Electrolux Home Products S.p.A.
Spares Operations Italy
Corso lino Zanussi, 30
I - 33080 Porcia (PN)
Fax +39 0434 394096
Edition: 06.2007
Publication no.
599 38 97-89
599 38 97-89



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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux REFRIGERATION

  • Page 1 SERVICE MANUAL REFRIGERATION REFRIGERATORS © Electrolux Home Products S.p.A. COMBI TOP NO FROST Spares Operations Italy Publication no. PARTIAL with ERF550 Corso lino Zanussi, 30 electronic I - 33080 Porcia (PN) 599 38 97-89 Fax +39 0434 394096 FACTORY: ZS S.O.I.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENT INTRODUCTION ............................3 AIR CIRCULATION............................ 6 REFRIGERATION CIRCUIT........................7 ELECTRIC WIRING........................... 8 COMPONENTS ............................10 5.1 Controls on air box........................... 10 5.2 Electronic board..........................10 5.2.1 Power and display board ERF550 ..................11 5.3 Cooler compartment ........................13 5.3.1 Temperature sensor ....................... 14 5.3.2 Air box.............................
  • Page 3: Introduction

    They are appliances (RI3406WL and RI3406W) with the following PNCs: MODEL BRAND 925589500 END42391W Electrolux 925589501 END42391X Electrolux 925589502 AND42391W Electrolux Arthur Martin 925589503 AND42391X Electrolux Arthur Martin 925589504 END42391X Electrolux 925589505 S75428DT AEG-Electrolux 925589507 RND42391W...
  • Page 4 MODEL BRAND 925587512 END32321S Electrolux 925587513 END32321W Electrolux 925587522 RND32351M Rex-Electrolux 925587523 RND32351Z Rex-Electrolux 925587524 RND32351Y Rex-Electrolux The controls of the appliance are inserted into the air box positioned in the cooler compartment. The power and control board is of ERF550 type.
  • Page 5 The cooler compartment is provided with a manually actioned fan (ON/OFF button) inserted in the air box. The appliance consists of the following compartments: • freezer; • cooler; The evaporating circuit consists of: • cold module (freezer compartment); • tube evaporator (cooler compartment). Key: A.
  • Page 6: Air Circulation

    2 AIR CIRCULATION Unlike the NO FROST refrigerators, in the PARTIAL NO FROST type the cooler and freezer compartments are separated physically. The battery evaporator cools only the freezer compartment, while the tube evaporator cools only the cooler compartment. The cold produced by the battery evaporator in the freezer compartment is distributed by the fan C placed above the cold module.
  • Page 7: Refrigeration Circuit

    3 REFRIGERATION CIRCUIT Key: 1. compressor; 2. anti-condensation coil; 3. condenser; 4. dehydrator filter; 5. capillary; 6. battery evaporator (freezer compartment); 7. tube evaporator (cooler compartment). 8. exchanger. - ITZAA 7/31 599 38 97-89...
  • Page 8: Electric Wiring

    4 ELECTRIC WIRING (Check the specific diagram for each model!) - ITZAA 8/31 599 38 97-89...
  • Page 9 Key: COMP compressor HEATER defrosting heater D.T.S. defrosting cut-out switch (+8 °C) S.T.S. safety thermal switch (+40 °C) CLOSED closed OPENED opened start of defrosting procedure activation of defrosting heater defrosting cut-out switch end of defrosting procedure yellow-green brown blue white black grey...
  • Page 10: Components

    5 COMPONENTS 5.1 Controls on air box Key: A. temperature selection button B. LED bar display C. cooler door button D. ACTION FREEZE symbol 5.2 Electronic board The electronic board of the appliance consists of: 1. power and display board ERF550 - ITZAA 10/31 599 38 97-89...
  • Page 11: Power And Display Board Erf550

    5.2.1 Power and display board ERF550 - View of the electronic board (side of components): Key: = temperature selection button = temperature LED (+2 °C) = temperature LED (+4 °C) = temperature LED (+5 °C) = temperature LED (+6 °C) = temperature LED (+8 °C) - ITZAA 11/31...
  • Page 12 1. defrosting heater line 2. free 3. compressor and cold module fan line 4. free 5. cooler door switch signal 6. free 7. air box fan neutral and lamp 8. neutral 9. free 10.line 1. cooler air temperature sensor 2. free 3.
  • Page 13: Cooler Compartment

    5.3 Cooler compartment Key: A. cooler air temperature sensor 1. cooler door switch 2. air box - ITZAA 13/31 599 38 97-89...
  • Page 14: Temperature Sensor

    5.3.1 Temperature sensor 1 NTC sensor detects the temperature of the cooler: • cooler air temperature sensor A (located on the cooler cell) The sensor A has the foamed cable inside the cabinet, therefore it is not replaceable (for further information please see Service Bulletin 599374122).
  • Page 15: Air Box Fan Air box fan The fan is located inside the air box. The air is intaken by the fan, therefore, in case of its replacement, ensure that the air coming out from the fan is forced towards the front part of the compartment. The fan has the following characteristics: voltage 240 V power 2,9 W...
  • Page 16: Freezer Compartment

    The electromechanical switch controlling the refrigerator door is actioned by the inner door. The function of the cooler door switch is: • controlling the switching on and off of the lamp • sending the open door button to the ERF550 electronic board The battery evaporator defrosting is driven by the electronic board and depends also on the detection of the opening of the cooler door.
  • Page 17: Cold Module Fan

    5.4.1 Cold module fan The fan is located above the cold module. The air is intaken by the fan, therefore, in case of its replacement, ensure that the air coming out from the fan is forced towards the freezer door. The fan has the following characteristics: voltage 220 V power 3,1 W...
  • Page 18: Compressor Compartment

    5.5 Compressor compartment Key: A. connector box B. freezer compressor 5.5.1 Connector box Inside the connector box there are: 1. connector for cold module fan 2. connector for thermal switches - ITZAA 18/31 599 38 97-89...
  • Page 19: Main Functions

    6 MAIN FUNCTIONS 6.1 Normal Warning: Unplug the appliance before operating. In case of first switching on with a freezer compartment temperature higher than 10 °C, the appliance operates with a test cycle (for the factory) for a maximum time of about 1,5 hours. In this period do not check the correct functioning of the appliance, since the loads are activated only for internal check (compressor, fan and defrosting heater).
  • Page 20: Defrosting

    6.3 Defrosting All the humidity in the compartment accumulates on the evaporator, which is the coldest part of the compart- ment; periodically, about every 14 hours with normal door opening (up to 72 hours if the doors never open!), it is then necessary to defrost the ice on the battery.
  • Page 21 Key: COMP compressor HEATER defrosting heater D.T.S. defrosting cut-out switch (+8 °C) S.T.S. safety thermal switch (+40 °C) CLOSED closed OPENED opened start of defrosting procedure activation of defrosting heater defrosting cut-out switch end of defrosting procedure - ITZAA 21/31 599 38 97-89...
  • Page 22: Flow Chart For The Defrosting Management

    6.4 Flow chart for the defrosting management START More than 5 h elapsed after power on & compressor off or compressor on for more than 2,5 h? DEFROSTING Resetting door accumulated timer More than 30 h elapsed after the last defrosting &...
  • Page 23: Malfunctioning Of Cooler Air Temperature Sensor

    6.5 Malfunctioning of cooler air temperature sensor If during the normal operation a failure occurs to the cooler NTC temperature sensor (the signal coming from the sensor is out of range), then: • All the LEDs of the display flash simultaneously •...
  • Page 24: Accessibility

    7 ACCESSIBILITY Warning: Unplug the appliance before operating. 7.1 Freezer compartment 7.1.1 Battery evaporator To access the battery evaporator and its components (fan, defrosting heater, door switch, and thermal switch- es) perform the following operations in sequence: a) remove the top b) remove the 4 screw covers and remove the 4 fix- ing screws c) remove the polystyrene insulation from the sides...
  • Page 25: Replacement Of The Thermal Switches

    e) the fan is fitted by means of 2 screws and 1 f) to access to the defrosting heater lift the 3 hooks bracket (remove the fan blade from the fan to access the screws) To replace the defrosting heater, detach its connec- To replace the fan, detach its connector In case of replacement of the fan, it is necessary to ensure that the fan draws in air.
  • Page 26 c) make a hole using a 25mm diameter milling cut- d) the cable of the new thermal switches must pass through the hole in the compartment e) seal the hole using the cable grommet cover part no. 2340125018 and the sealant part no. 960016954 f) position the thermal switches and connect the connectors again - ITZAA 26/31...
  • Page 27: Air Box

    7.2 Air box Warning:Unplug the appliance before operating. a) remove the 2 front fixing screws of the air box b) unscrew the 2 rear fixing screws of the air box c) detach the connector to remove the air box It is possible to access to the internal components (PCB, cooler door switch, fan, lamp) - ITZAA 27/31...
  • Page 28: Compressor Compartment

    7.3 Compressor compartment Warning: Unplug the appliance before operating. The following components are located in the compressor compartment: • compressor • connector box a) view of the compressor compartment: b) view of the internal components: A. connector box 1. cold module fan connector B.
  • Page 29: Troubleshooting

    8 TROUBLESHOOTING Warning: Unplug the appliance before operating. 8.1 Water leakage inside the freezer compartment In No Frost freezers, at the end of the water drain hose, in correspondence to the compressor drop tray, a rub- ber valve is inserted to avoid that the water enters the freezer compartment thus causing an excessive ice for- mation on the battery evaporator.
  • Page 30: Special Functions

    9 SPECIAL FUNCTIONS 9.1 Manual defrosting To carry out the test cycle and maintenance, a new manual defrosting procedure has been introduced, which has to be performed by cold internal temperature (to avoid the possible opening of the thermal switches of the defrosting heater.
  • Page 31: Display Symbols

    10 DISPLAY SYMBOLS LED +2 °C on = Appliance operates in ACTION FREEZE function to freeze All leds alternatively on and off = refrigerator compartment temperature sensor faulty The two led groups (+2 +5 +8) and (+4 +6) are alternatively on and off = Man- ual defrosting procedure activated - ITZAA 31/31...