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Casio Logosease Instruction Manual page 4

Underwater two way radio logosease
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Lithium-ion battery is built-in the unit. Charging by USB is available. The full-charged
battery is enough for 3 hours. Charge the battery after diving is done for a day.
Make sure USB terminal of the unit has no water drop.
Connect the USB cable to the battery charger and PC.
Set the unit at the battery charger. Push it until you hear the "click".
While charging, red LED is ON. When charging (for about 2 hours) is finished,
red LED will be OFF.Once charging is done, remove the unit from the battery charger.
If you can not charge, clean terminals in the battery charger.
When battery is being charged correctly, red LED is ON and when charging is done,
it will be OFF.If LED is not ON or is blinking, charging is not being done correctly.
If you can not charge correctly, clean USB terminal with brush, and try again.
Please use the battery properly to increase its life.
Make sure to charge the unit before use when you use it first time or you have not
used it for long time.
The built-in battery is too old to work. Please contact the shop you bought the unit.
The battery will be replaced by the manufacturer (Yamagata Casio Co., Ltd.)
Clean up the unit and the contact point of the charger with brush.Charge the battery in the
appropriate temperature (between 0C to 40C)..
the power ON. In this case, the power will be OFF in 1 minute.
Static electrical charge may turn