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Casio Logosease Instruction Manual page 2

Underwater two way radio logosease
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After purchasing, charge the power of the unit first. For details, please refer to the [10 How to charge]
Set the unit at right side of mask strap by clip.
To avoid dropping the unit, set a strap at the strap holder
and put it into the mask.
(To mask strap)
Set a bone conduction microphone as touching the bone in front of antilobium (base of jaw).
(Please refer to the drawing above). The sound transmitted by bone conduction has extremely
little vibration. Touching the microphone to the above section correctly and attaching close to
your face is most important to transmit the sound to other divers. Adjust microphone setting
positions to hear the transmitted voice in the best condition. Setting position of speaker does
not make much difference on its performance.
Using Logosease with a hood]
Using Logosease with a store-bought hood together is not recommended. Make sure to wear
the hood specialized for Logosease (sold separately) when you use a hood.
In setting the unit with a store-bought hood, setting a microphone outside on the hood causes difficulty in
collecting bone conduction sounds, and the sound becomes smaller. Although you can set the unit under
the hood in use, you should be careful not to drop the unit to the bottom of water since you can not set a
clip at the mask strap.
Hood shields ultrasound. When setting the unit under the store-bought hood, please make sure not to
cover the antenna by hood. You may feel pain on your face where the unit touches under the hood
by tightening the hood.
An antenna is set toward the front, and designed as the strongest level of ultrasonic sound can
reach at the line of sight. Anything including barriers and bubbles attached to the antenna degrades
transmitting/receiving quality. Make sure nothing is attached to the antenna. Continued overleaf
(To the main unit)