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Casio Logosease Instruction Manual page 3

Underwater two way radio logosease
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IMPORTANT: Before actually start speaking underwater,,,
please practice speaking with a regulator in your mouth at the beginning.
Speech Training Sheet
Points of Conversation Training
Read a sentence slowly for three times
This sheet is waterproof. You can use it underwater.
To get accustomed the conversation underwater smoothly,
Sample sentences for speech training
This sheet is to practice underwater conversation
1. Comm Check. I hear you loud and clear.
Check the position to set bone-conduction
please use the attached Speech Training Sheet in
2. Are you okay? Yes. No.
The place you feel vibration when you speak.
(the point
in the figure)
3. Stay closer.
Remember strength of tapping and swiching sound
4. Can you hear me? Yes. No.
Tap lightly the part in gray in the figure.
practice. You will learn how to pronounce underwater
Pi bo
5. Isn't this great?
Look at the person you speak to
Pi bobobo
6. Check your air.
Speak, inclining your head
Speak/Listen with inclining your head to right
7. I don't understand.
to right
(for avoiding exhaust
and get the knack of smooth conversation.
8. Ready to ascend? Yes. No.
Read the sentences of speech training sheet (on the back side)
each other
9. I will lead.
Read one sentence for three times.
10. I can't clear my ears.
Talk freely with short phrases
Alternative: I can't equalize.
Avoid speaking "m" "b" "p" sounds.
Power will be ON/OFF by detecting water.
[ Power ON ]
Power will be ON automatically by putting the unit in the water. Then LED will be ON to indicate
battery status for 2 seconds. LED blinking in red indicates battery is not charged. In this case,
please charge the battery. Green LED indicates battery is fully charged. Blue LED indicates
battery is enough for one shot diving. If battery is not charged at all, the power will be OFF. Please
charge the battery then. 1 second after showing battery status,the unit will move to receiving mode.
[ Power OFF ]
Power will be OFF automatically in 1 minute after bringing the unit out of water. The sound of
pi, pi, pi, pi, peep, peep, peep, peep will be released to notify the power is being OFF.
Power is ON -> checks battery status for 2 seconds ->then in 1 second, the unit becomes receiving
mode automatically. In this mode, no sound is heard until voice is transmitted. When transmitting
by other diver, the voice will come out from the speaker. In receiving mode, LED blinks in yellow
in 1 second period.
1 second
enough for
no battery
pi, pi, pi, pi
peep, peep, peep, peep
When starting transmitting, tap the side of the unit one time lightly. You will hear pi, bo, from
your own speaker to make the mode transmitting.
*Acceleration sensor detects tapping. The sensor may cause glitch to make the mode transmitting accidentally. In this case,
tap the unit again to make the mode back to the receiving mode.
Transmitting mode
No sound for 3 seconds or tapping one time makes the transmitting mode finish. You will hear
pi, bo, bo, bo from your own speaker, and the mode will change to receiving mode.
* Applicable transmitting distance is within visual range. If distance is too close or in the location where sounds echoes
easily such as in a pool, acoustic feedback may happen between 2 units.
One full-color LED is built-in. In receiving mode, LED blinks in yellow in 1 second period. In
transmitting mode, LED is ON in pink. You know if it is transmitting mode or receiving mode by
seeing LED of the unit.
Wash the unit with pure water to wash sea water and dirt away, then dry it with dried cloth before
storing. Do not wash with detergent. Especially, if USB terminal is dirty, it may cause a malfunction.
Clean it with brush when it is dirty. When soaking the units in water to get the salt out, make
the units' mode receiving. Both transmitting and receiving modes exist, acoustic feedback
may occur.
Tap lightly.
Receiving mode
Transmitting mode
Receiving mode