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Simple Manual
P/N : MFL00000000 (1.0)


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    ENGLISH Simple Manual LG-P350 P/N : MFL00000000 (1.0)

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    Making an Emergency call when there is no USIM card present in the handset: 1. Enter emergency number 111 or 112 2. Press Voice call to activate Emergency call. Bluetooth QD ID B017379...

  • Page 3

    Copyright ©2011 LG Electronics, • Inc. All rights reserved. LG and the LG logo are registered trademarks of LG Group and its related entities. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

  • Page 4

    Congratulations on your purchase of the advanced and compact LG-P350 phone by LG, designed to operate with the latest digital mobile communication technology.

  • Page 5

    Guidelines for safe and effi cient use Please read these simple margin designed to assure the guidelines. Not following these safety of all persons, regardless guidelines may be dangerous of age and health. or illegal. The exposure standard for mobile devices employs a unit Exposure to radio of measurement known as frequency energy...

  • Page 6

    Guidelines for safe and effi cient use to the public, compliance with such a connection is available. the European R&TTE directive Ensure the above separation must be shown. This directive distance instructions are includes as one essential followed until the transmission requirement the protection of is completed.

  • Page 7: Fcc Sar Information

    the user’s body and the back of FCC SAR information the phone. Your mobile device is also * FCC Notice & Caution designed to meet the Notice! requirements for exposure to radio waves established by This device complies with part the Federal Communications 15 of the FCC Rules.

  • Page 8

    • Repairs under warranty, at being charged. It may cause LG’s option, may include an electric shock which replacement parts or boards may cause serious injury or that are either new or damage your phone.

  • Page 9: Efficient Phone Operation

    solvents such as benzene, Efficient phone operation thinner or alcohol). Electronic and medical devices • Do not charge the phone All mobile phones may get when it is on soft furnishings. interference, which could affect • The phone should be charged performance.

  • Page 10: Road Safety

    Guidelines for safe and effi cient use carry it in a breast pocket. and safety equipment. • If your vehicle is equipped Hospitals with an airbag, ensure it is Switch off your wireless device not obstructed by your mobile when requested to do so in device or accessories.

  • Page 11: Glass Parts

    Potentially explosive NOTE: Excessive sound atmospheres pressure from earphones can cause hearing loss. • Do not use the phone at a Petrol station. Glass Parts • Do not use near fuel or Some parts of your mobile chemicals. device are made of glass. This •...

  • Page 12: Emergency Calls

    • Dispose of used batteries according to the • Use only LG batteries and manufacturer’s instructions. chargers. LG chargers are Please recycle when possible. designed to maximize the Do not dispose as household battery life.

  • Page 13: Driver Safety Tips

    assistance. • Let the person you are speaking with know you are • Always unplug the charger driving; if necessary, suspend from the wall socket after the call in heavy traffic or the phone is fully charged hazardous weather conditions. to save unnecessary power consumption of the charger.

  • Page 14

    Guidelines for safe and effi cient use • Do not engage in stressful or emotional conversations that may be distracting. Make people you are talking with aware you are driving and suspend conversations that have the potential to divert your attention from the road.

  • Page 15: Important Notice

    Important notice Please check to see if any 2. Optimising Battery Life problems you have encountered You can extend your battery's with your phone are described life by turning off features that in this section, before taking the you don't need to run constantly phone in for service or calling a in the background.

  • Page 16

    Important notice To check the battery charge 3. Installing an Open level Source OS On the home screen, touch If you install an open source Applications tab and select OS on your phone, and do not Settings> About phone > use the OS provided by the Status.

  • Page 17: Using Unlock Pattern

    When you can’t recall your 4. Using Unlock pattern unlock Pattern, PIN, or Set unlock pattern to secure Password: your phone. This opens a set of screens that guide you through If you’ve created a Google drawing a screen unlock pattern. account on the phone, tap the Forgot pattern button.

  • Page 18: Hard Reset

    Important notice When the power turns on, 5. Using Safe Mode and release these keys. Hard Reset Using Safe mode WARNING * To recover the phone from any If you perform a Hard Reset, malfunction all user applications and Turn off your phone and reboot. user data will be deleted.

  • Page 19: Using A Micro Sd Card

    To turn Wi-Fi on and connect to 7. Using a micro SD card a Wi-Fi network Pictures, along with Music and On the home screen, touch Video files, can only be saved to Applications tab and select external memory. Settings > Wireless & Before using the built-in camera, networks >...

  • Page 20

    9. Copy LG PC Suite from opening another. Use and SD Card switch among several open The LG PC Suite IV is a program applications. Android manages that helps you connect your each application, stopping and mobile phone to a PC using...

  • Page 21

    PC and follow the already be inserted on your instructions. phone.) * When LG PC Suite IV installation Before connecting the USB is completed, disable Mass data cable, make sure that storage only mode to run LG PC the Mass storage only mode Suite IV.

  • Page 22

    NOTE: To synchronise your phone notification that the USB is via USB cable with your PC, you connected. need to install the LG PC Suite Open the Notification drawer program on your PC. You can and touch USB connected. download this program from Touch "Turn On USB storage"...

  • Page 23: When Screen Freezes

    touch it. Touch Turn off USB storage in the dialog that opens. Note: When uninstalling PC Suite IV, USB and Bluetooth 12. Hold phone up right Drivers are not automatically removed. Therefore, they must Please hold the mobile phone up be uninstalled manually.

  • Page 24

    > Open folder to view video files, copyright must files. be secured. Please note that If you didn't install LG Android a corrupted file or file with a Platform Driver on your PC, you wrong extension may cause need to set it manually. On the damage to the phone.

  • Page 25

    Picture > Menu. Click Share CSV file are different from the and select Bluetooth > Check ones in LG PC Suite IV, you If Bluetooth is turned on and need to map the fields. After select Scan for devices >...

  • Page 26

    Before using the mobile phone, please read fi rst! * Exporting contacts: Run the * Connecting to FTP (Only Contacts application. Touch the FTP server is supported the address you want to export on this handset): Select to. Press Menu and Select "Settings"...

  • Page 27: Getting To Know Your Phone

    Tip! Press Menu key whenever you tap an application to check what options are available. Tip! LG-P350 does not support video call. Tip! If LG-P350 has errors when you use it or you cannot turn it on, remove battery, install it again and turn it on after 5 seconds.

  • Page 28

    Stereo earphone connector Volume keys - On the home screen: controls ringer volume. Charger, micro USB cable - During a call: controls connector your earpiece volume. - When playing a track: controls volume continuously. Microphone Back cover Camera lens SIM card slot Battery micro SD memory card slot...

  • Page 29: Installing The Sim Card

    Installing the SIM card and battery Before you can start exploring your new phone, you’ll need to set it up. To insert the SIM card and battery: To remove the back cover, hold the phone firmly in your hand. With your other hand, firmly press your thumb on the back cover.

  • Page 30: Charging Your Phone

    Slide back the cover of the on the phone and the battery. charger connector on the side of your LG-P350. Insert the charger, and plug it into an electrical outlet. Your LG-P350 must be charged until you can Replace the back cover of the phone.

  • Page 31: Installing The Memory

    To store multimedia files such as captured images by using a built-in camera, you must insert a memory card to your phone. NOTE: The LG-P350 supports up to a 32GB memory card. To insert a memory card: Turn the phone off before...

  • Page 32: Your Home Screen

    Your Home screen On the home screen, touch the Applications tab to open the applications menu. Scroll and touch Settings. Scroll and touch SD card & phone storage. Unmount SD card. Touch Format SD card, then confirm your choice. WARNING! If you set the pattern lock, input the pattern lock and Do not insert or remove the...

  • Page 33: Lock Your Phone

    Lock your phone Setting unlock pattern: Tip! When you are not using LG- You can draw your own P350, press the Power/Lock key unlock pattern by connecting to lock your phone. This helps four or more dots. prevent accidental presses and If you set a pattern, the saves battery power.

  • Page 34: Unlock Screen

    Unlock screen Whenever your LG-P350 is not Home in use, it will return to the lock Simply swipe your finger to the screen. Drag your finger from left left or right to view them. to right to unlock the screen.

  • Page 35: Onscreen Keyboard

    check and manage Wi-Fi, Getting back to Bluetooth, GPS status as well as a recently used other notifications. applications Touch and hold the Home key. Onscreen Keyboard The screen will show you a pop You can also enter text using up with icons of applications that the onscreen keyboard.

  • Page 36: Google Account

    IMPORTANT Number and Symbols Key - Some applications work only Touch to change input to number • with the first Google Account and symbol entry. you add. If you plan to use Enter Key - Tap to create a more than one Google Account new line in the message field.

  • Page 37: Accounts Screen

    Google Mail. from the bottom. The Email application supports the following account types: Messaging POP3, IMAP and Exchange. Your LG-P350 combines SMS Social Networking and MMS into one intuitive, easy-to-use menu. With your phone, you can take advantage of social networking...

  • Page 38: Getting To Know The Viewfinder

    Camera Getting to know the viewfinder Brightness – This defines and controls the amount of sunlight entering the image. Slide the brightness indicator along the bar, towards “-” for a lower brightness image, or towards “+” for a higher brightness image. Zoom –...

  • Page 39

    Once you’ve taken the photo Your captured photo will appear on the screen. Touch to share your Share photo as Bluetooth, Email, Facebook, Gmail, Messaging, Picasa or Twitter. NOTE: Additional charges may apply when MMS messages are downloaded while roaming. NOTE: Share option may vary by area, phone, carrier, plan and version of Android Phone...

  • Page 40: Google Applications

    Maps More – Clear map or find Check your current location and Starred items and more. traffic and receive directions to your destination. The LG-P350 Market™ must be connected to Wi-Fi or Android Market™ lets you 3G/GPRS. download useful applications NOTE: Maps does not cover all and games.

  • Page 41: Thinkfree Office

    ThinkFree Office Bookmark – Add/Show Bookmark, show Most ThinkFree Office allows you to Visited Site and History. read documents, and provides Windows – Show all your limited editing functions for open windows. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, you cannot Refresh –...

  • Page 42: Usb Tethering

    PC Suite onto your will not be shown. You can obtain PC first. the key from your Wi-Fi service provider or network administrator. Wi-Fi Tethering Use your LG-P350 as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Settings > Wireless & network settings > Tethering & portable...

  • Page 43: Phone Software Update

    Phone Software update Notice LG Mobile Phone Software To obtain the corresponding update from internet source code under GPL, For more information on using LGPL, MPL and other open this function, please visit http:// source licences, please visit or http://

  • Page 44

    Accessories These Accessories are available for use with the LG-P350. (Items described below may be optional.) Charger Data cable Connect your LG-P350 and Battery User Guide Learn more about your LG- P350. Stereo headset NOTE: Always use genuine LG accessories.

  • Page 45: Technical Data

    Declaration of Conformity Suppliers Details Name LG Electronics Inc Address LG Twin Tower 20,Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu Seoul, Korea 150-721 Product Details Product Name GSM 850 / E-GSM 900 / DCS 1800 / PCS 1900 Quad Band and WCDMA Terminal Equipment Model Name...

  • Page 46

    Customer. If parts, boards or equipment are replaced, they shall become the property of LG. (5) Upon request from LG, the Customer must provide LG with proof of the date of purchase. (6) The Customer will bear the cost of transporting, delivering and handling the Product to and from LG or its authorised service centre.

  • Page 47

    (3) Breakage or damage to antennas, unless caused directly by defects in material or workmanship. (4) If the Customer does not notify LG of the alleged defect or malfunction of the Product during the applicable warranty period, the Customer shall have no coverage or benefits under this warranty.

  • Page 48

    Except for those terms that cannot by law be excluded, all terms other than those expressly contained in this warranty statement are excluded. To the extent permitted by law, LG excludes all liability (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) for any consequential, special, incidental or indirect loss or damage...

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