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GE DCB330EY Technical Service Manual

Commercial dryers
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GE Consumer Service Training
DCB330EY (Electric)
DCB330GY (Gas)
PUB # 31-9041



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  Summary of Contents for GE DCB330EY

  • Page 1 GE Consumer Service Training TECHNICAL SERVICE GUIDE COMMERCIAL DRYERS MODEL SERIES: DCB330EY (Electric) DCD330EY DCB330GY (Gas) DCD330GY PUB # 31-9041 12/99...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Model Series Features Countdown (DCD Models) Dimensions/Rating Plate Installation Highlights Top Panel/Front Panel Lower Drum Seal Drum Removal Drum Shaft and Bearing Dryer Controls Timer/Accumulator Door Switch Control/Bias Thermostat High Limit/Thermal Limit Belt Switch Motor Motor Removal Motor Harness/Wiring Wiring Diagrams 17-18...
  • Page 5: Countdown (Dcd Models)

    COUNTDOWN DISPLAY DIAGNOSTICS To verify correct operation of Countdown Display Board: 1. Make sure power is ON to dryer. 2. Advance coin box timer one cycle. 3. The display should read “88” for two to three seconds, then default to the dip switch settings.
  • Page 6: Cabinet Dimensions

    CABINET DIMENSIONS DRYER CABINET DIMENSIONS 42" 36" 25-1/2" 27" Rating Plate with Model/Serial Number...
  • Page 8 NOTE: When exhausting from the side or bottom, a vent kit is available as publication #14-A018. The vent kit replaces the existing duct inside the dryer to allow a 90° elbow to vent the dryer out the side or bottom. The kit consists of a 6 1/2” long, 4” diameter metal duct with attached mounted bracket and instructions.
  • Page 9 DRYER OPERATION 2 Phillips screws The dryer drum rotates clockwise at 48 – 54 rpm as viewed from front. On electric models, air is drawn into the heater housing and across the open coils of the electric heater. On gas models, air is drawn into the combustion chamber and over the burner flame.
  • Page 10: Lower Drum Seal

    Apply a bead of WH60X20 adhesive on the air duct Rear Access Panel seal and position it on the air duct. Reinstall the lint trap cover and filter, front and top panel. The rear access panel allows access to view the motor, centrifugal switch, idler pulley assembly, belt and belt switch.
  • Page 11: Drum Removal

    Dryer Drum Removal Drum Bearing To remove the dryer drum, disconnect power and The drum bearing mounts to the inside rear of the remove the top and front panels. Next, remove the dryer cabinet by means of a sheet metal bracket yellow spacer/bumper attached to the top cross secured by two 5/16”...
  • Page 12: Dryer Controls

    Dryer Controls Timer To access the dryer controls, disconnect power and remove the four Phillips screws at the top of the The timer is an electromechanical control with a 115v switch trim, remove the screws and the switch trim drive motor. On a timed cycle, the timer motor adapter (shown in illustration below).
  • Page 13: Door Switch

    Schematic Detail of Timer/Accumulator Door Switch The door switch is a normally open switch wired in series with the drive motor. When the door is closed and the motor running, a circuit is completed through the motor’s run winding. To test the switch, remove the top panel and wires from the switch.
  • Page 14: High Limit/Thermal Limit

    To check the control thermostat, remove the wiring from the terminals. At room temperature, the thermostat should have continuity between the control thermostat terminals. To check the bias heater, remove the wiring from the bias heater THERMAL terminals. Check the resistance between the bias LIMITER heater terminals.
  • Page 15: Belt Switch

    by removing the drum and visually inspecting the Belt Switch element for breaks. Remove the leads from the heater terminals and check for 12 ohms across the The belt switch is a normally closed switch and is terminals, then check each terminal to ground. If mounted on the motor bracket next to the idler arm.
  • Page 16: Motor Removal

    The motor contains a centrifugal switch which serves tape, two Phillips screws and the six clips holding three purposes: It disengages the motor start the cover in place. Note the retaining clips under winding, engages the motor run winding and closes the aluminum tape at the bottom edge of the cover.
  • Page 17: Motor Harness/Wiring

    Next, remove the fan housing lock from the rear of the blower housing. HOUSING LOCK MOTOR AND HARNESS WIRING To remove the lock, insert a flat bade screwdriver as shown below. Pry the lock away from the housing far enough to clear the retaining tab and lift the lock out of the channel.
  • Page 20 Dryer Will Not Run Gas Dryer Electric Dryer Service fuse, Service fuse, Adequate voltage Adequate voltage breaker, outlet breaker, outlet to dryer? to dryer? problem problem Connections at Replace door Door switch Repair terminal terminal block switch contacts closed? block connection. Replace start Start switch Door switch...
  • Page 21 No Heat - Drum Turns Electric Dryer Service fuse, Adequate voltage breaker, wall to dryer at outlet? outlet problem Correct voltage at Replace power dryer terminal cord block? Turn timer on Contacts A & B Replace timer closed on the Greenwald timer? Contacts 1 &...
  • Page 22 No Heat - Drum Turns Gas Dryer Ignitor glowing? Replace flame Flame sensor Gas supply OK Fix supply sensor contacts closed? to dryer? problem Ignitor between Contacts A & B 50 and 400 ohms Replace timer closed on the Replace ignitor at room Greenwald timer?
  • Page 23 For complete Illustrated Parts Catalog information consult your GE Parts Catalog, or Microfiche. These examples are for illustration purposes only.

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