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Preparation Overview - LG AN-VC500 Owner's Manual

Video call camera
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► For best results when using external speakers, only use the front right/left (stereo) speakers when using Skype.
► When making a video call with Skype using a PC, the Skype software version for Windows should be 4.2 or newer.
(Visit the Skype homepage ( for operating systems other than Windows, e.g. OS X, Linux, etc.)
► Video calls can not be made to a Mac that runs Skype 2.8 or lower.
► Content can be changed or deleted depending on Content Provider.
► Please visit the content provider's web site for specific information on their services.
► The software update screen will automatically appear when an update is available.
► For some models, you cannot use input devices such as a keyboard and mouse while using Skype (premium
(Keyboard does not with
2014 SMART TV: EB / UB / LB8 / LB7 / LB69 / LB67 / LB65 / LB63 / LB58 /LB57 / LB56 / LB49 / PB69 / PB66
MONITOR: MT75 / MT55 / MT35
2013 SMART TV: EA9 / EA8 / LA9 / LA8 / LA7 / LA6 / LN6 / LN5 / LN4 / PH67 / PH66 / PH47 /
MONITOR: MT9 / MS7 / MS5 )
► Before using the built-in camera, you must recognize the fact that you are legally responsible for the use or misuse
of the camera by the relevant national laws including criminal law.
► The relevant laws include the Personal Information Protection law which regulates the processing and transferring
of personal information and the law which regulates the monitoring by camera in a workplace and other places.
► When using the built-in camera, the user must gain consent from the data subjects. Please avoid using the
camera in the following manner.
(1) Using the camera in areas where the use of camera is generally prohibited such as restroom, locker
room, fitting room, and security area.
(2) Using the camera while causing the infringement of privacy.
(3) Using the camera while causing the violation of the relevant regulations or laws.
Activity Indicator
PN67 / PN57 / PN47
No emergency calls with Skype
Skype is not a telephone replacement service, and cannot
be used for emergency service dialing.
USB Cable

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Table of Contents

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