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Warsanis 1401FM Quick Installation And Setup Manual

Modulation processor
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March 2001
Wijde Wade 5
3439 NP Nieuwegein
The Netherlands
Tel. 31 (0)30 2322209
Fax. 31 (0)30 2304959



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  Summary of Contents for Warsanis 1401FM

  • Page 1 WARSANIS 1401FM USER MANUAL QUICK INSTALLATION AND SETUP MANUAL WARSANIS MODULATION PROCESSOR March 2001 MODEL 1401FM Wijde Wade 5 3439 NP Nieuwegein The Netherlands Tel. 31 (0)30 2322209 Fax. 31 (0)30 2304959 EMAIL.
  • Page 2 WARSANIS 1401FM USER MANUAL Manual Rev.2.2 Part number: M1401FM0397 8/2001 Warsanis Productions.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS P age Contents Table of contents Table of contents, continued Warranty Introduction Short description of the Warsanis 1401FM Installation General Installation in the studio Installation at the transmitter site Changing the input sensitivity Analog Inputs and outputs Phase rotator...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents, Continued

    WARSANIS 1401FM USER MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS, CONTINUED P age Contents The Warsanis 1401FM in harmony with other equipment Mic processing Leveler Other effect equipment Stereo enhancers Equalizers Audio exciters Bass enhancers Test and alignment procedures Power-up test Input stage test...
  • Page 5: Warranty

    With the Warsanis 1401FM you can give your station the punch, loudness and clarity you always wanted. The Warsanis 1401FM does not only do a great job for CHR stations but also sounds perfectly for talk radio and AC music formats and even clasical.
  • Page 6: Short Description Of The Warsanis 1401Fm

    WARSANIS 1401FM USER MANUAL SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE 1401FM The phase scrambler (rotator) makes peaks more symmetrical to fully benefit the symmetrical peak overload characteristics of the FM medium. Voice and some music can contain asymmetrical waveforms that can overload the processing circuit. By removing asymmetrical waveforms from the audio, larger amounts of gain reduction can be achieved with less distortion.
  • Page 7 STL link. Selectable de-emphasis on the analog output gives you the possibility to connect the Warsanis 1401FM directly to a flat input of a external stereo generator if the integrated stereo generator is not being used.
  • Page 8: Installation General

    The Warsanis is shipped with a flat frequency response on the analog outputs. This means that the de-emphases are enabled. Defeating the de-emphasis is only neces- sary if you install the Warsanis 1401FM at the transmitter site without using the intergraded stereo generator (pre-emphasis at the transmitter/stereo generator must be disabled!!).
  • Page 9: Changing The Input Sensitivity

    Jumpers are provided for 0ohm or 75ohm impedance. BASEBAND COMPOSITE OUTPUT LEVELS On the rear side of the Warsanis 1401FM you can adjust the output levels of the two stereo analog baseband composite outputs. Each of the two outputs can be separately adjusted.
  • Page 10: Changing The Composite Output Impedance

    WARSANIS 1401FM USER MANUAL CHANGING THE COMPOSITE OUTPUT IMPEDANCE The Warsanis 1401FM is shipped with a composite output impedance op 0ohm. This is the common impedance for most situations. If a 75ohm output impedance is required you have to change two jumpers on the Stereo Generator PCB. Make sure you have disconect the power before changing the jumpers.
  • Page 11: Setup And Operation

    WARSANIS 1401FM USER MANUAL SETUP & OPERATION The Warsanis 1401FM is very easy to a setup. You will need 15 to 30 minutes to set up the entire system. INSTALLING THE 1401FM PREPARATION Make sure your transmitter or STL link has a flat input and that all pre-em- phasis, low and highpass filters and transformers are defeated or removed and that all jumpers are set to your requirements.
  • Page 12: Using Sca

    If you have finished the LINE UP, switch off the internal sinus wave generator (don=t forget to change the jumper) and put the cover on the Warsanis 1401FM. If required, connect the SCA generator to the SCA BNC connector at the rear of the Warsanis 1401FM.
  • Page 13: Density Switches

    Be careful when you change the density switches. STEREO TRACKING JUMPERS It's possible with the Warsanis 1401FM to link left and right channels per band individually. This means that for example you can link the left and right channel of band four (high) and leave the other three bands not linked! This special future gives you more control over your sound.
  • Page 14: Recommended Settings

  • Page 15: The Warsanis 1401Fm In Harmony With Other Equipment

    Warsanis 1401FM is being used. LEVELER The leveler in the Warsanis 1401FM is perfectly adjusted to the rest of the unit. Some stations prefer to use their own leveling devices. Be sure that, when you use another leveler than the one in the Warsanis 1401FM, the internal leveler is switched off.
  • Page 16: Test And Alignment Procedures

    WARSANIS 1401FM USER MANUAL TEST AND ALIGNMENT PROCEDURES Thanks to the design of the Warsanis 1401FM the unit does not have any user alignment points. These tests schould be carried out off air. POWER-UP TEST Apply power and immediately check for overheating of the regulators on the power board.
  • Page 17: Multiband Test

    WARSANIS 1401FM USER MANUAL Be very care full, do not touch any other pins than those shown below!! Leveler and System switch: operate. Feed program material or white noise to the unit. Low band check (front PCB board2) Check audio on pin 1 and 7 at U5...
  • Page 18: Loudness Clipping Test

    Repeat the steps for Diode D23 and D24. OUTPUT STAGE TEST Feed program material into the Warsanis 1401. Check for audio at the left output XLR connectors at pin 2 & 3. Repeat set A and B for the right channel.
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    WARSANIS 1401FM USER MANUAL TROUBLESHOOTING Determine if the problem is caused by the Warsanis 1401FM and not by other equipment. LOST OF MODULATION * Check the connection to and from the Warsanis 1401FM. * If this is not the problem disconnect the unit from your audio chain. Test the unit again.
  • Page 20: Vocal Distortion

    GATE LIGHT PERMANENT ON OR OFF WITH NORMAL PROGRAM MATERIAL * This probably indicates a failure of the gating circuity on board 2. Check U13. IF YOU STILL HAVE A PROBLEM: Contact your official Warsanis dealer or contact Warsanis customer service in The Netherlands.
  • Page 21: Technical Specifications General

    WARSANIS 1401FM USER MANUAL TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: GENERAL: Total harmonic distortion (THD): < 0.12% (below processing threshold). < 0.3% (all signal processors active). Signal to noise: > 60 dB (70 dB typical). Audio input: >20K Balanced. Input sensitivity: -20 dBm or +10 dBm (jumper selectable).
  • Page 22 WARSANIS 1401FM USER MANUAL PEAK MODULATION CONTROL: Within " 2% typical. LOW PASS FILTER: 9th order elliptical phase linear. PILOT PROTECTION: >60 dB. UPPER COMPOSITE PROTECTION: >65 dB. PHASE / OVERSHOOT FILTERS: Compensate the overshoots and phase difference created by crossover networks and low pass filters.
  • Page 23: Stereo Generator

    38kHz Subcarrier Suppression (referenced to 100% modulation): -60dB. 76kHz Subcarrier and Suppression Sideband (referenced to 100% modulation): -60dB. INPUT Directely connected to the 1401FM output board. SCA SUBCARRIER INPUT Configuration: One input that sums into composite baseband outputs. Sensitivity: 0.8Vp-p for 10% modulation, 1.0Vp-p for 12.5% modulation of main carrier.