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IBM ThinkPad S30 Hardware Maintenance Manual Page 15

Ibm laptop user manual.
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Note: The pull-down menu differs depending on the
4. Run the applicable function test.
5. Follow the instructions on the screen. If there is a
problem, PC-Doctor shows some messages.
6. Reseat the cable or connector of the detected FRU
and run the test again.
If the error recurs, replace the FRU that caused the
Note: With some FRUs, especially the system board,
the problem may be caused by peripheral
FRUs. Verify that each peripheral FRU, such as
the flexible cable, has no problem by doing the
a. Replace each peripheral FRU one at a time,
b. If the peripheral FRUs have no problem,
7. To exit the test, select Quit – Exit Diag.
To cancel the test, press Esc.
The following table lists the options on the test menu.
v Run Normal Test
v Run Quick Test
v CPU/Coprocessor
v Systemboard
v Video Adapter
v Fixed Disks
v Diskette Drives
v Other Devices
v Memory Test – Full
v Memory Test – Quick
Note: In Keyboard test within Interactive Tests, the Fn key is
scanned only once. Each key should be pressed for at least 2
seconds; otherwise, it cannot be sensed.
Note: (s30 only) The testing of 802.11b requires an
Access Point properly prepared prior to conducting
the test. When testing 802.11b with PC-Doctor
DOS, please confirm the following points:
1. An OBI's Access Point is located about 3 meters
from the system.
2. The encryption is disabled on the Access Point.
and run the test again.
replace the main FRU itself.
Interactive Tests
v Keyboard
v Video
v Internal Speaker
v Mouse
v Joystick Test
v Diskette Test
v System Load
v Stereo Speaker
ThinkPad s30, s31


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