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Handling Precautions - Canon AW-PS200 User Manual

Digital camera all weather case
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Handling Precautions
• Do not throw the All Weather Case into water, nor
drop it in snow.
• Use only the supplied silicone grease. Use of other
waterproofing products may impair the strength of
the All Weather Case. If any other waterproofing
product is mistakenly applied, wipe it off
• Avoid opening or closing the All Weather Case near
water. When you are installing the camera or
changing the CF card or the battery, choose a place
with low humidity well away from salty sea air.
• Avoid using the All Weather Case for long periods of
time in hot temperatures.
• The life of the battery is reduced in cold
temperatures. When you use the All Weather Case
in very cold places, keep it warm by putting it in a
bag whenever you are not shooting. It is not
advisable to use the All Weather Case in
temperatures below freezing point.
• Moving the All Weather Case rapidly between hot
and cold temperatures may cause condensation
(water droplets) to form on its external and internal
surfaces. Condensation may cause malfunctions. You
can avo'ld this by placing the All Weather Case in an
airtight plastic bag and letting it adjust to
temperature changes slowly before removing it from
the bag. Stop using the camera immediately if you
detect condensation, wipe off the condensation from
the All Weather Case and the camera with a soft, dry
cloth, and wait until the moisture evaporates
completely before resuming use.
Never remove the waterproof seal. Contact
your Canon Customer Support Help Desk.