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Canon AW-PS200 User Manual page 3

Digital camera all weather case
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Please read this manual carefully to operate
the All Weather Case correctly. Keep this
manual for further reference.
• Thank you for purchasing this All Weather Case. It
will allow you to use your Canon Digital Camera in
the rain, at the beach or on the ski slopes. You can
also use it underwater at depths down to 3 meters
(9.8 ft) and in wet or dusty environments.
• Before you use the All Weather Case, please make
sure the case is functioning correctly and water does
not leak into it. To do so, close the All Weather Case
before installing the camera and hold it underwater
at a depth of about 15 cm (6.0 in) for a few minutes
to check for leaks.
If water leaks in to your All Weather Case, please
contact your Canon Customer Support Help Desk.
• Canon Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliates, and
distributors of the All Weather Case are not liable for
any consequential damages arising from corrupted or
lost data due to mistaken operation or malfunction
of the All Weather Case, the digital camera, the
battery or the CompactFlash™ card (CF card) that
results in the failure of an image to be recorded or to
be recorded in a format that is machine readable.
• Please read your digital camera's user manual.
The All Weather Case is shipped with the items listed
below. Please check your package now to confirm that
it is complete. Contact your Canon dealer if anything is
• All Weather Case AW-PS200
• Neck Strap
• Silicone Grease for the Waterproof Seal
• Anti-Condensation Solution
• User Guide (this guide)