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IBM 19K4206PT1 User Manual

Ibm portable cd-rom drive user's guide
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Portable CD-ROM Drive
User's Guide



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  Summary of Contents for IBM 19K4206PT1

  • Page 1 IBM USB Portable CD-ROM Drive User's Guide...
  • Page 2 IBM marketing representative. Copyright International Business Machines Corporation 2000. All rights reserved. Note to U.S. Government Users — Documentation related to restricted rights — Use, duplication or disclosure is subject to restrictions set forth in GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.
  • Page 3 ........Copyright IBM Corp. 2000 .
  • Page 4: Registering Your Option

    Thank you for purchasing this IBM product. Please take a few moments to register your product and provide us with information that will help IBM to better serve you in the future. Your feedback is valuable to us in developing products and services that are important to you, as well as in developing better ways to communicate with you.
  • Page 5: Part 1: Installation And Usage Guide

    This guide contains the product description, installation instructions, and product use information. Product description The IBM USB Portable CD-ROM Drive is a slimline CD-ROM drive that attaches quickly and conveniently to your IBM ThinkPad computer through one simple connection. In addition to this book, the option package includes:...
  • Page 6: Front View Of The Drive

    Front view of the drive Refer to the following illustration to locate controls. 1 Busy indicator This green light glows steadily when the power is turned on and blinks when the drive is active. 2 Stop button Use this to stop playback of an audio CD (for details on using the audio control buttons, see “Using the CD-ROM drive audio player functions”...
  • Page 7: Installing The Device Driver

    Connecting the CD-ROM drive to your computer Follow these instructions to connect the CD-ROM drive. 1. Locate the USB cable included with this option. One connector on the USB cable is smaller than the other and has two small buttons on each side of it. 2.
  • Page 8 1. After you have attached the CD-ROM drive to your computer, turn on your computer if it is not turned on already. 2. In the New Hardware Wizard for IBM USB Portable CD-ROM Drive window, click Next. 3. Click to select the Search for the best driver for your device check box.
  • Page 9 Uninstalling the Windows 98 device driver If you have installed the Windows 98 device driver and need to uninstall it, follow these instructions. 1. Insert the IBM USB Portable CD-ROM Drive Option Diskette into the diskette drive. 2. Click Start.
  • Page 10 The device driver is now uninstalled. Your computer will not recognize the CD-ROM drive when it is connected to the computer unless you reinstall the device driver. Disconnecting and reconnecting the CD-ROM drive Hot plugging is supported on the connection between the USB cable and your computer.