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Chapter1: Steps For Installation Of Vsam Redirector Server On Windows - IBM WAVV 2004 User Manual

Ibm computer accessories user manual
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Chapter1: Steps for installation
of VSAM Redirector server on
Navigate to VSE Redirector Server home page
Open the VSE Homepage with a web browser:
Click on
"Service and Support"
on the left side
and then on
"e-business connectors and utilities".
The page you see contains the VSAM Redirector Server and some tools
that can be downloaded for free.
Navigate to the VSAM Redirector Server which
represents the remote component of the VSAM Redirector.
Click on:
Details and Download
The page explains the most important functions of the
VSAM Redirector Server, which is the Java part of the
VSAM Redirector function.



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