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Battery Condition Meter; Speed Keys; Horn Key; Vii. Operation - Pride Mobility Go-Chair Owner's Manual

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On/Off Key
The on/off key turns the VSI on and off.
WARNING! Unless faced with an emer-
gency situation, do not use the on/off
key to stop the chair. This will cause
the Go-Chair to stop abruptly.
WARNING! Always turn the power off
when you are stationary to prevent un-
expected movement.

Battery Condition Meter

The battery condition meter is located in front of the joy-
stick. This is a 10-segment illuminated display that indicates
that the VSI is turned on and also gives the battery status,
the VSI status, and the electrical system status.
! Red, yellow, and green lights lit: Batteries charged;
VSI and electrical system OK.
! Red and yellow lights lit: Charge batteries if pos-
sible; VSI and electrical system OK.
! Red lights only lit or slow flash: Charge batteries as
soon as possible; VSI and electrical system OK.
! Rapid flash of lights: Indicates a fault in the VSI or
the electrical system. Refer to "VSI Error Codes."
! Ripple side to side of lights: The joystick was not in the neutral position when the controller was turned on. If you get "ripple side
to side of lights," turn off the controller, allow the joystick to return to the neutral position, then turn on the controller.
NOTE: If you still get "ripple side to side of lights," contact an authorized Pride Provider.
NOTE: When the batteries approach a discharged state, the first red light will begin to slowly flash, remind-
ing you the batteries need to be charged immediately!

Speed Keys

The speed key controls the speed. Press the speed increase key to increase the speed. Press the speed decrease key to
decrease the speed. The speed setting is displayed on the maximum speed indicator.
NOTE: We recommend that the first few times you operate your Go-Chair, you set the speed to the slowest
setting until you become familiar with your new Go-Chair.

Horn Key

The horn key activates the horn.
V I I .
Figure 23. VSI Controller Keypad

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Table of Contents