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Maintenance; Angle Gear; Maintenance Schedule; Technical Data - Husqvarna SR600 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna sweeper attachment operator's manual
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Angle gear

The angle gear is filled
a sufficient quantity of grease
at the factory.
Normally, the grease does not
need to be changed except
when repairs are carried out.

Maintenance schedule

Below follows some general maintenance instructions. If you
need further information please contact your service
Important information
The sweeper is often used under dusty conditions. It
is extremely important to maintain the air filter
regularly, often daily. The air filter must be oiled in
order to work satisfactorily.
Daily maintenance
1. Oiling the air filter
Always use
HUSQVARNA filter oil,
order no. 503 47 73-01.
The filter oil contains a
solvent to make it
spread evenly through
the filter. You should
therefore avoid skin
contact. Put the filter in a
plastic bag and then
pour the filter oil over it.
Knead the plastic bag to
distribute the oil.
Squeeze the excess oil
out of the filter inside the
plastic bag and pour off
the excess before fitting
the filter on the machine.
Never use common
engine oil. This would
drain through the filter
quite quickly and collect
in the bottom.
2. Check that the sweeper
rollers do not rotate
when the engine is
3. Check that the sweeper
rollers are not cracked
or damaged. Replace
the sweeper rollers if
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Technical data
Weight, Lbs/kg
Max. rpm
Sweeper roller width
Sweeper roller diameter
262 rpm/4.4 rps
575 mm
270 mm


Table of Contents

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