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Safety Instructions; Personal Protective Equipment; General Safety Instructions; General Working Instructions - Husqvarna SR600 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna sweeper attachment operator's manual
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Personal protective equipment

• Always use approved personal protection equipment
when you use the sweeper. Personal protective
equipment does not eliminate the risk of accidents,
however, it can reduce the effects of an injury in the
event of an accident. Ask your dealer for help when
choosing protective equipment.

General safety instructions

Personal protection
• Always wear boots and other
equipment described in the
section "Personal protective
equipment" in the machine's
Operator's Manual.
• Always wear working clothes
and heavy-duty long trousers.
• Never wear loose sitting
clothes or jewellery.
• Secure hair so it is above
shoulder level.
• Wear a dust mask.
Safety instructions regarding the
• Never allow children to use the machine.
• Ensure no one comes closer than 15 metres when working.
• Never allow anyone else to use the machine without first
ensuring that they have understood the contents of the
Operator's Manual.
Safety instructions before starting work
• Inspect the working area. Remove all loose objects, such as
stones, broken glass, nails, steel wire, twine and the like that
could be thrown outwards or become entangled in the sweeper.
• Keep others at a safe distance. Children, animals, onlookers
and helpers should stand outside of the safety zone of 15 m (50
feet). Stop the machine immediately if any one should
• Check the entire machine before starting work. Replace
damaged parts. Check for fuel leakage and that all safety
guards and covers are complete and fastened securely. Check
all nuts and bolts
• Check that the sweeper
rollers are not cracked or
damaged in any other way.
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• When adjusting the carburettor, make sure that the
sweeper rollers are held against the ground and that no
one is nearby.
• Make sure the sweeper rollers always stop when the
engine is idling.
• Make sure the handle and safety features are in order.
Never use a machine that has parts missing or has been
changed in relation to the specification.
• Only use the machine for the purpose it was intended for.

General working instructions

• This section describes basic safety rules for working
with the sweeper.
• If you encounter a situation where you are uncertain
how to proceed you should ask an expert. Contact
your dealer or your service workshop.
• Avoid all usage which you consider to be beyond
your capability.
Basic safety precautions
1. Observe your surroundings:
• To ensure that people, animals or other things cannot affect
your control of the machine.
• To prevent the above-mentioned from coming into contact
with the sweeper or being hit by loose objects that are
thrown out.
• NOTE! Never use a machine without the possibility of
calling for help in the event of an accident.
Avoid usage in unfavour-
able weather conditions.
For example, thick fog,
heavy rain, strong winds
or extreme cold, etc. To
work in bad weather
conditions is tiring and
can create dangerous
circumstances, e.g.
slippery surfaces.
Make sure you can walk
and stand safely. Look
out for any obstacles with
unexpected movement
(roots, stones, branches,
pits, ditches, etc.). Take
great care when working
on sloping ground.
4. The engine should be switched off before moving.
5. Never put the machine down with the engine running
unless you have good sight of it.


Table of Contents

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