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Part Description; How To Use; Recommended Installation Position; Charging - LG HFB-510 User Manual

Bluetooth hands-free car kit
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Part description

Volume UP /
Down Button
Solar Module
CALL Button
LED Indicator
Charging Port
Power Switch
Recommend installation position
- For the best performance, the HFB-510 should be positioned and installed on
the windshield in front of the driver's seat.
1. The HFB-510 must be positioned on the windshield in a way so that it
does not obstruct the driver's view of the road.
2. Do not position the HFB-510 in the way of any of your vehicle's airbags.


- Using the car charger
Remove the cover on the charging port and connect the included LG charger.
When the HFB-510 is charging the red LED indicator flashes slowly.
It takes 3 hours to fully charge the hands-free car kit.
When charging is complete, the red LED indicator will turn off.
- Using solar power
Direct the solar panel on the back of the hands-free car kit toward the sun.
(Please refer to the recommended installation position, as mentioned above.)
If the car kit receives sufficient sunlight for 2 hours, you can talk for a duration
of up to 1 hour. When using solar power to charge the HFB-510, the talk time
and the standby time will be extended, without any need to plug in the charge.
* WARNING : Do not attempt to charge the HFB-510 with any charger other
than the one provided in the box. Using another charger may
damage the HFB-510.

Low battery

- When the battery status is lower than 10% of its full charge, the red LED indicator
flickers at the same time as the blue LED

Battery status

- By pressing the VOL UP button and VOL DOWN button simultaneously and then
quickly releasing them, the battery status is indicated by the TTS(Text to Speech).
TTS message
"Battery full"
"Battery half"

How to use

"Battery low" "Battery very low,
please charge now"


Table of Contents

Table of Contents