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Sony DXC-D50 Brochure & Specs

Dxc-d50 series digital video camera.
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DXC-D50 Series Digital Video Camera


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    DXC-D50 Series Digital Video Camera DXC-D50 DXC-D50P DXC-D50WS DXC-D50WSP...

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    *In this brochure, the DXC-D50 refers to both DXC-D50 for NTSC and DXC-D50P for PAL, while the DXC-D50WS refers to both DXC-D50WS for NTSC and DXC-D50WSP for PAL.

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    Another key to quality in a DSP camera is how many bits are used in its nonlinear processes, such as gamma correction. The DXC-D50/D50WS camera uses more than 30 bits, minimizing round-off errors to maintain the CCD's high quality. The DSP LSI of...

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    (such as key light reflections from a person's forehead) can reduce color saturation and change the hue in highlight areas. The DXC-D50/D50WS cameras adopt a Knee Saturation Control function in which this 'washed-out' effect on saturation and hue change is reduced to a minimum, and far more natural color reproduction in highlight areas is achieved.

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    In order to keep cross color and cross luminance to a minimum, the DXC-D50 Series virtually eliminates frequency components that may result in such artifacts being generated prior to the signal output.

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    At the same time, within a limited time frame. the electronic shutter is automatically set to obtain the correct exposure. DXF-801 Viewfinder The DXC-D50/D50WS is equipped with a 1.5-inch* type Black/White viewfinder, which includes the following features. VF Light •Automatic scan-size switching between 16:9 and 4:3 •VF light (LED)

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    The setup parameter files stored on a Memory Stick media card can be transferred to another DXC-D50/D50WS camera or a RCP-D50/D51 remote control unit, allowing quick, easy setup in multiple camera systems. What's more, the setup files can be...

  • Page 8

    System Versatility The DXC-D50/D50WS can be used with Multicore CCU Operation - for End-to-End Digital Systems a variety of peripheral equipment CCU-D50 & CA-D50 including camera adaptors, camera control units, dockable VTRs and With the CA-D50 Camera Adaptor attached, the DXC-D50/D50WS...

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    The wide-band width DVCAM digital recordings. This transmission system is employed, enabling the higher configuration provides a long recording resolution of DXC-D50/50WS camera to be transmitted with time and supports both DVCAM Mini and virtually no drop in resolution. Standard cassette types.

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    Remote Controllers For remote operation of the DXC-D50 camera, three types of remote controllers are available, each offering direct control of the DXC-D50/D50WS camera. RCP-D50 (Joystick Type) RCP-D51(Dial Type) The RCP-D50 and RCP-D51 have been specifically designed for use with Sony DXC-D50/D50WS cameras. The RCP-D50 is a joystick-type controller, while the RCP-D51 is a dial-type controller.

  • Page 11: Optional Accessories

    Optional Accessories DSR-1/1P PVV-3/3P CA-D50 CA-TX7/TX7P DVCAM Digital Recorder Betacam SP 2000 PRO Recorder Camera Adaptor Camera Adaptor *Photo shows DSR-1 with BP-L40A. CCU-D50/D50P CCU-TX7/TX7P COU-TX7 DXBK-701 Camera Control Unit Camera Control Unit Camera Control Unit for SDI Output Board for CCU-TX7/TX7P CCU-TX7/TX7P RCP-D50...

  • Page 12: Product Configurations

    CAC-12 WRT-847A/847B* WRT-822A/822B WRR-855A/855B* Microphone Holder UHF Synthesized Transmitter UHF Synthesized Transmitter UHF Synthesized Tuner *Photo shows WRR-855A/855B with BTA-801. WRR-861A/861B* DXF-51 VCT-U14 DR-100 UHF Synthesized Tuner 5-inch Monochrome Viewfinder Tripod Adaptor Intercommunication Headset CCZ-A2/A5/A10/AD100/ LC-424 LCR-1 AD150 Hard Carrying Case Rain Cover Connecting Cable (26-pin - 26-pin) *1 Microphone capsule is optional.

  • Page 13: System Configuration

    RCP-D50/D51 (Max. 50 m) CAC-12 (Mic. Cable) (Remote DXF-51 (Mic. CA-TX7/TX7P CCU-TX7/TX7P Control Panel) (Large Viewfinder) Holder) (Camera Control Unit) DXC-D50/D50P or DXC-D50WS/D50WSP CCU-D50/D50P (Camera Head) Zoom Lens (Camera Control Unit) CCZ-A (Max.300 m) CCA-7 CCA-7 CCA-7 VCT-U14 RCP-D50/D51 (Remote Control Panel)

  • Page 14: Specifications

    All non-metric weights and measures are approximate. Sony Electronics Inc. Some images in this brochure are simulated. One Sony Drive Sony, Betacam SP, Clear Scan, DVCAM, Memory Stick and Power HAD are trademarks of Sony. Park Ridge, NJ 07656 V-2179 Printed in U.S.A.

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