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Pyramat PC Gaming Chair 2.1 Owner's Manual page 5

Pc gaming chair 2.1 digital wireless rechargeable
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Connecting the Power Cord
Position the PC Chair so that it
is less than 9 ft./2.75 meters from
the power source.
The LED display on the control module and speakers will light up.
If successful, power off the chair by pressing the power button.
Note: If the chair does not power on check your cable connections to the
battery and the power adapter to make sure they are securely connected.
Charging the Battery
The Sound Rocker is equipped with rechargeable batteries. Charge at least 12 hours before first use.
Connect the power adapter to
the power DC port on the battery
box. Then, plug the power adapter
into an electrical outlet.
Battery Charging Indicator Lights
Charging indicator lights are located on the battery casing near the power input.
Red light indicates the unit is
charging when the power adapter
is connected and the power is off.
When the unit is fully charged the
red light will shut off and the green
light will turn on.
Connect the power adapter to
the DC power input on the battery
box underneath the seat.
Note: Make sure all the cables are
securely connected to the battery.
Charge battery for at least 12 hours before attempting to
unplug and use remotely. When the unit is fully charged the
red lights will shut off.
Note: Periodically recharge battery when not in use or the
battery may deplete to a level at which it will not recharge.
Run time of the rechargeable
battery is approximately 4-5 hours.
Green light indicates the power is
on, fully charged and running on
DC power adapter.
Plug the DC power adapter into
the wall outlet.
Flashing Red light indicates the
batteries are running low.
After 5 minutes of flashing
red light the unit will
automatically shut off and
will need to be plugged in.
Turn the power on by pressing
the power button on the control



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