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Troubleshooting Guide - Pyramat PC Gaming Chair 2.1 Owner's Manual

Pc gaming chair 2.1 digital wireless rechargeable
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Possible Cause
Unable to hear sound.
The RCA audio cables are not connected
Transmitter and/or PC Chair power is not on.
Different channels are selected on the
transmitter and control module.
Transmitter power light
Cable not connected properly.
does not light up.
PC Chair does not turn on.
The DC power adapter is disconnected from
the electrical outlet or the electrical outlet has
no power.
Unable to connect to the
Your video game console has a coaxial cable
gaming console.
instead of an RCA audio cable.
The yellow RCA video cable is not connected
Sound only plays from one
The RCA audio cables are not connected
Audio/video device has a single MONO audio
output (a common problem when connecting
to an older TV or VCR).
Missing or broken cables.
Missing or broken power
Parts can be purchased on the Pyramat website
Need Help? Visit our website at, send an e-mail to
or call toll-free at 877-591-1012.
Check the connection on your audio/video device. The RCA cables should be
connected to the AUDIO OUTPUT jacks.
Check to make sure transmitter power is on and the power button on the PC
Chair is on with the volume turned up.
Check to make sure that both the wireless channel on the transmitter and
the control module are on the same: 1–1, 2–2, etc.
Re-check your cable connections and make sure the outlet you're using
Check the plug on the DC power adapter. When properly connected with the
volume turned up, the speakers and control module will illuminate.
If the PC Chair still doesn't power up, try another electrical outlet.
Use the instructions provided by the video game console's manufacturer to
hook up the video game console to an intermediary device (such as a TV,
DVD, VCR, satellite receiver, etc.). Your intermediary device must have
both a coaxial input jack (the standard jack for cable TV) and an RCA audio
output jack.
Purchase an RCA replacement cable directly from the console manufacturer.
The yellow RCA video cable connects to the VIDEO INPUT jack on the TV.
Refer to the instructions from the video game console's manufacturer to
connect any other video cables to your TV.
Check that all RCA audio connections are correct–red to red, white to white.
If your audio source is mono only, as found mainly on older model TVs and
VCRs, an RCA "Y" adaptor (1 male to 2 male, not included) is needed to send
the signal to both Pyramat speakers. Please note: the use of this type of
adapter will not produce a true stereo sound. For optimal performance, it is
recommended that you connect your PC Chair to stereo outputs only.
Replace items immediately. Replacement cables can be purchased at your
local audio accessory dealer.
Replace immediately with an authorized Pyramat power adapter. Do not use
the unit until the damaged power adapter has been replaced by calling the
Pyramat service center.