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Husqvarna 7021CM Owner's Manual

Husqvarna rear-bag push lawn mower owner's manual
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Owner's Manual
532 18 99-72 Rev. 2 04.12.04 BY
Printed in U.S.A.



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  • Page 1 7021CM Owner’s Manual 532 18 99-72 Rev. 2 04.12.04 BY Printed in U.S.A.
  • Page 2: Safety Rules

    Safe Operation Practices for Walk-Behind Mowers IMPORTANT: THIS CUTTING MACHINE IS CAPABLE OF AMPUTATING HANDS AND FEET AND THROW ING OBJECTS. FAILURE TO OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. I. GENERAL OPERATION • Read, understand, and follow all instructions on the machine and in the manual(s) before starting.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Please read and retain this manual. The instructions will enable you to assemble and maintain your lawn mower properly. Always observe the “SAFETY RULES”. SERIAL NUMBER: _________________________________...
  • Page 4: Assembly

    IMPORTANT: THIS LAWN MOWER IS SHIPPED WITH- OUT OIL OR GASOLINE IN THE ENGINE. Your new lawn mower has been as sem bled at the factory with the ex cep tion of those parts left unassembled for ship- ping purposes. All parts such as nuts, washers, bolts, etc., necessary to com plete the as sem bly have been placed in the parts bag.
  • Page 5: Operation

    KNOW YOUR LAWN MOWER READ THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR LAWN MOWER. Compare the illustrations with your lawn mower to familiarize yourself with the location of various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference.
  • Page 6: How To Use Your Lawn Mower

    The operation of any lawn mower can result in foreign objects thrown into the eyes, which can result in severe eye damage. Always wear safety glasses or eye shields while operating your lawn mower or per- forming any adjustments or repairs. We recommend standard safety glasses or a wide vision safety mask over spectacles.
  • Page 7: Before Starting Engine

    DISCHARGE DEFLECTOR FIG. 5 OPERATION TO EMPTY GRASS CATCHER (See Fig. 6) 1. Lift up on grass catcher using the frame han dle. 2. Remove grass catcher with clippings from under lawn mower han dle. 3. Empty clippings from bag using both frame handle and bag handle.
  • Page 8: Operation

    • For best results, adjust the lawn mower cutting height so that the lawn mower cuts off only the top one-third of the grass blades (See Fig. 8). If the lawn is overgrown it will be necessary to raise the height of cut to reduce pushing effort and to keep from overloading the engine and leaving clumps of mulched grass.
  • Page 9: Maintenance Schedule

    5 - And after each 5 hours of use. to clean under deck GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS The warranty on this lawn mower does not cover items that have been subjected to operator abuse or negligence. To receive full value from the warranty, operator must maintain mower as instructed in this manual.
  • Page 10: Blade Care

    Change the oil after every 25 hours of operation or at least once a year if the lawn mower is not used for 25 hours in one year. Check the crankcase oil level before starting the engine and after each fi...
  • Page 11: To Change Engine Oil

    2. Remove engine oil cap; lay aside on a clean surface. 3. Tip lawn mower on its side as shown and drain oil into a suitable container. Rock lawn mower back and forth to remove any oil trapped inside of engine.
  • Page 12: Service And Adjustments

    Your engine speed has been factory set. Do not attempt to increase engine speed or it may result in personal injury. If you believe that the engine is running too fast or too slow, take your lawn mower to an authorized service center for repair and adjustment. CARBURETOR...
  • Page 13: Storage

    Immediately prepare your lawn mower for storage at the end of the season or if the unit will not be used for 30 days or more. LAWN MOWER When lawn mower is to be stored for a period of time, clean it thoroughly, remove all dirt, grease, leaves, etc.
  • Page 14: Trou Ble Shoot Ing

    1. Depress control bar to upper handle before pulling starter rope. 2. Contact a qualifi ed service center. 3. Replace blade adapter. 4. Move lawn mower to cut grass or other hard surface before starting. 1. Raise cutting height. 2. Replace blade.
  • Page 15 SERVICE NOTES...
  • Page 16: Repair Parts

    ROTARY LAWN MOWER - - MODEL NUMBER 7021CM (7021CMA) - PRODUCT NUMBER 954 22 40-88...
  • Page 17 ROTARY LAWN MOWER - - MODEL NUMBER 7021CM (7021CMA) - PRODUCT NUMBER 954 22 40-88 PART DESCRIPTION 532 17 65-55 Control Bar 532 17 36-58 Upper Handle, with Grip 532 17 41-10 Lower Handle 532 17 95-85 Rope Guide 873 80 04-00...
  • Page 19 SERVICE NOTES...