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Husqvarna 7021RD Owner's Manual

173cc kohler engine, power-propelled, 21" multi-cut rotary lawn mower
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Owner's Manual
173cc Kohler Engine
21" Multi-Cut
Model No.
Product No.
• Espafiol,
p. 20
Read and follow all
Safety Rules and Instructions
before operating this equipment
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
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  Summary of Contents for Husqvarna 7021RD

  • Page 1 Owner's Manual ® sqva ROTARY LAWN MOWER 173cc Kohler Engine Power-Propelled 21" Multi-Cut Model No. 917.377230 Product No. 7021RD • Espafiol, p. 20 CAUTION'. Read and follow all Safety Rules and Instructions before operating this equipment U.S.A. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 Visit our Craftsman website:
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Maintenance ........12-15 Safety Rules .......... Warranty ........... Service and Adjustments ....15-16 Product Specifications ......Storage ..........17-18 Assembly / Pre-Operation ......Troubleshooting ......... 18-19 Operation ..........7-11 Repair Parts ........38-46 Maintenance Schedule ......IMPORTANT: This cutting machine is capable of amputating hands and feet and throwing ob- jects.
  • Page 3 In the state of California the above is required by law (Section 4442 ofthe California Public Resources Code). Other states may have similar laws. Federal laws apply on federal lands. A spark arrester for the muffler is available through your nearest Husqvarna other authorized service center (See the REPAIR PARTS section of this manual).
  • Page 4: Warranty

    Husqvarna dealer for SECTION 3: ITEMS NOT COVERED BY THIS WAR- evaluation. Proof of purchase, as explained in section RANTY 6, rests solely with the customer.
  • Page 5: Product Specifications

    Record both serial number and date of purchase in space provided above. These accessories were available when this lawn mower was produced. They are not shipped with your mower. They are also available at most Husqvarna retailers and service centers. Some of these accessories may not apply to your lawn mower.
  • Page 6: Assembly / Pre-Operation

    Read these instructions and this manual in its entirety before you attempt to assemble or operate your new lawn mower. IMPORTANT: This lawn mower is shipped WITHOUT OIL OR GASOLINE in the engine. Your new lawn mower has been assembled at the factory with the exception of those parts left unassembled...
  • Page 7 KNOW YOUR LAWN MOWER READ THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND ALL SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR LAWN MOWER. Compare the illustrations with your lawn mower to familiarize yourself with the location of various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference. These symbols may appear on your lawn mower or in literature supplied with the...
  • Page 8 DRIVE CONTROL ADJUSTMENT The operation of any SAFETY GLASSES lawn mower can result Over time, the drive control system may become "loose", resulting in decreased in foreign objects thrown speed. There is a turnbuckle on the drive into the eyes, which can control housing to increase tension on the result in severe eye dam- drive cable.
  • Page 9: Operation

    TO CONVERT MOWER Your lawn mower was shipped ready to be used as a mulcher. To convert to bagging or discharging: REAR BAGGING • Open rear door and remove mulcher plug. Store mulcher plug in a safe place. • You can now install the grass catcher or optional clipping deflector.
  • Page 10 TO EMPTY GRASS CATCHER ADD GASOLINE • Fill fuel tank to bottom of tank filler neck. 1. Lift up on grass catcher using the frame handle. Do not overfill. Use fresh, clean, regular 2. Remove grass catcher with clippings unleaded gasoline with a minimum of 87 from under lawn mower handle.
  • Page 11 MULCHING MOWING TIPS MOWING TIPS CAUTION: Do not use de-thatcher IMPORTANT: For best performance, blade attachments on your mower. Such keep mower housing free of built-up attachments are hazardous, will damage grass and trash. See "CLEANING" in the Maintenance section of this manual. your mower and could void your warranty.
  • Page 12: Maintenance Schedule

    MAINTENANCE EVERY EVERY BEFORE AFTER EVERY 25 HOURS BEFORE EAC H EAC H SCHEDULE USE USE HOURS STO RAG E OR SEASON HOURS Check for Loose Fasteners ,_ Clean / Inspect Grass Catcher * Check Tires Check Drive Wheels *** Clean Lawn Mower**** M Clean under Drive Cover *** O Check Drive Belt / Pulleys ***...
  • Page 13 IMPORTANT: Blade bolt is heat treated. LAWN MOWER If bolt needs replacing, replace only with Always observe safety rules when per- approved bolt shown in the Repair Parts forming any maintenance. section of this manual. TIRES Blade adapter Crankshaft . Keep tires free of gasoline, oil, or insect control chemicals which can harm rubber.
  • Page 14 ENGINE 7. Continue adding small amounts of oil, rechecking the dipstick until oil level LUBRiCATiON settles at FULL. DO NOT overfill, or Use only high quality detergent oi! rated engine will smoke heavily from the with API service classification SJ-SL. muffler on startup.
  • Page 15: Service And Adjustments

    Clamp, Clamp ,ACAUTION" Disconnect spark plug wire from spark plug and place wire where it cannot come in contact with plug. • Clean the underside of your lawn mower by scraping to remove build-up of grass and trash. Fuel Filter •...
  • Page 16 3. Reinstall debris shield. believe that engine is running too fast or 4. Return mower to upright position. too slow, take your mower to a Husqvarna Install new belt on gearcase pulley. or other qualified service center for repair 6. Reinstall belt keeper and spring.
  • Page 17: Storage

    Immediately prepare your lawn mower for storage at the end of the season or if the unit will not be used for 30 days or more. LAWN MOWER Handle pin When lawn mower is to be stored for a SQUEEZE period of time, clean it thoroughly, remove all dirt, grease, leaves, etc.
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    Allow the engine to cool distribute oil. before storing in any enclosure. TROUBLESHOOTING =See appropriate section in manual unless directed to a Husqvarna Parts & Repair Center. PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION Does not start 1. Dirty air filter. 1. Clean/replace air filter.
  • Page 19 Excessive 1. Worn, bent or loose blade. 1. Replace blade. Tighten blade bolt. vibration 2. Bent engine crankshaft. 2. Contact a Husqvarna or other qualified service center. Starter rope Engine flywheel brake is on 1. Depress control bar to when control bar is released.
  • Page 20 20-21 Reglas de Seguridad ....... Programa de Mantenimiento ......Garantia ............22 Servicio y Adjustes ........33-34 ..23 Almacenamiento ........35-36 Especificaciones del Producto ..... 24 Montaje / Pre-Operaci6n ......Identificaci6n de problemas ...... 36-37 25-29 Operaci6n ..........Partes de repuesto ........
  • Page 21 HACER: • Nunca Ilenar contenedores en un vehiculo, en • Puede recortar a traves de la superficie de un cami6n o caravana con un forro de plastico. Colocar siempre los contenedores en el suelo la cuesta, nunca hacia arriba y hacia abajo. lejos de su vehiculo antes de Ilenar.
  • Page 22 Si ocurriera un problema de defecto de material o fabricaci6n durante et periodo funcionamiento o una averia, no usar el producto, sino de garantia. entregarlo tal y como esta a un revendedor Husqvarna SECCI6N 3: ARTICULOS NO CUBIERTOS POR autorizado para la estimaci6n.
  • Page 23 No son facilitados junto al cortacesped. Tambien estan disponibles en la mayoria de las tiendas de Husqvarna yen los centros de servicio. Algunos de estos accesorios tal vez no se apliquen a su segadora. RENDIMIENTO...
  • Page 24 Lea estas instrucciones y el manual completamente antes de tratar de montar u operar su sega- dora nueva. IMPORTANTE: Este cortacesped viene SIN ACEITE O GASOLINA en el motor. Su segadora nueva ha sido montada en la fabrica con la excepci6n de aquellas partes que se de- jaron sin montar pot razones de envio.
  • Page 25 FAMILIARICESE CON SU SEGADORA LEA ESTE MANUAL DEL DUENO Y LAS REGLAS DE SEGURIDAD ANTES DE OPARAR SU SEGADORA. Compare las ilustraciones con su segadora para familiarizarse con la ubicaci6n de los diversos controles y ajustes. Guarde este manual para referencia en el futuro. Estos simbolos pueden apareser sobre su segadora...
  • Page 26 AJUSTE DEL MANDO La operaci6n de cualquier Ocasionalmente, el sistema de mando puede segadora puede hacer que SEGURIDAD "aflojarse", provocando una disminuci6n de la salten objetos extrafios dentro de velocidad. Hay un torniquete en la sede del sus ojos, Io que puede producir mando para apretar la tensi6n del cable.
  • Page 27 PARA CONVERTIR LA SEGADORA Su segadora fue enviada lista para usarse como acolchadora de capa vegetal. Para convertirla a una operaci6n de ensacado o de descarga: SEGADORAS CON DESCARGA TRASERA * Abra la puerta trasera y remueva la tap6n acolchadora. Guardela en un lugar seguro.
  • Page 28 PARA VAClAR EL RECOGEDOR DE C#SPED el aceite con la gasolina. Para asegurar Levante el recogedor de cesped usando el que la gasolina utilizada sea fresca compre mango del bastidor. estanques los cuales puedan ser utilizados Remueva el recogedor de cesped, con los _i durante los primeros 30 dias.
  • Page 29 ONSEJOS PARA SEGAR CONSEJOS PARA SEGAR Y ACOL- PRECAUClON: No utilizar dispositivos anti- CHAR paja de la hoja en la segadora ya que estos IMPORTANTE: Para obtener el mejor accesorios son peligrosos, pueden dafiar su rendimiento mantenga la caja de la segadora segadora y anular su garantia.
  • Page 30 PROGRAMA ANTES DESPUES CADA CADA CADA ANTES DEL MANTENIMIENTO DE CADA DE CADA 25 HORAS O ALMACE- HORAS TEMPORADA HORAS NAMIENTO Revisar si hay Sujetadores Sueltos Limpiar/Inspeccionar el Recogedor de Cesped * Controlar los NeumAticos Controlar las Ruedas Motrices *** Limpiar la Segadora ..
  • Page 31 SEGADORA Instale el perno de la cuchilla con la aran- dela de seguridad y la arandela endurecida Siempre observe las reglas de seguridad cu- en el adaptador de la cuchilla y el ciguefial. ando haga el mantenimiento. Use un bloque de madera entre la cuchilla y la caja de la segadora y apriete el perno LLANTAS de la cuchilla girandolo en el sentido en que...
  • Page 32 * La cajade engranajes s e Ilenaconlubricante Limpie todo el aceite derramado en la sega- hastael niveladecuado enla fabrica. L a dora yen el lado del motor. 0nicavezqueel lubricante necesita atenci6n Echar aceite despacio en el conducto del es cuandose le haprestado servicio a la aceite, parandose a intervalos regulates cajadeengranajes.
  • Page 33 AsegQrese de que no hayan fugas en la de cesped y basura. Limpie la parte de abajo de linea del combustible y que las grapas su segadora despues de cada uso. esten colocadas en forma adecuada. Ai_PRECAUCl6N: Desconecte el alambre de Inmediatamente limpie toda la gasolina tier- la bujia y p6ngalo en donde no pueda entrar en...
  • Page 34 Ileve Defensa en su segadora amas con su centro de servicio contra det desperdicio Husqvarna o con un otro centro de servicio cualificado. CARBURADOR Su carburador tiene un chorro principal fijo no ajustable para controlar la mezcla. Si su motor...
  • Page 35 Inmediatamente prepare su segadora para el almacenamiento al final de cada temporada o si mango la unidad no se va a usar pot 30 dias o mas. SEGADORA Cuando se va a guardar la segadora por cierto periodo de tiempo, limpiela cuidadosamente, remueva toda la mugre, la grasa, las hojas, etc.
  • Page 36 SOLUCION DE PROBLEMAS - Yea la secci6n apropiada en el manual amenos este dirigido a un centro de servico Husqvarna. PROBLEMA CAUSA CORRECCION No arranca Filtro de aire sucio. Limpie/cambie el filtro de aire. Sin combustible.
  • Page 37 Ciguefial del motor doblado. P6ngase en contacto con su centro de servicio Husqvarna o con un otto centro de servicio cualificado. Cordon El freno del volante del motor Presione la barra de control...
  • Page 38: Repair Parts

    ,-_ ..\...
  • Page 39 > -<D co o © • Lu__O ors] _g__ _B_N_6 _mamm_x,3- nzNo©O _©LLO0 H _J o0 o9 (D o_1C_ oo cO _ ___0 _0__0__ _0_0_ _0__ __0_0 _0_0_ ___0__ r- o .-- © > r-- r- r.--...
  • Page 40 ! ///...
  • Page 41 & :>, > "6 co -,_, © "0 ® ® __o_ EL .--_ Cl c NoON H _J i__O_ corn 00 00 rY 00 _ OO0O91110O- • ,._-o 0_00_ __0_ _0_0_ r- o ___0 .-- © 00_00_0 00_0_0 > r-- r- >., :>, "'-'...
  • Page 43 KOHLER 4-CYCLE ENGINE MODEL NUMBER XT173-0084 CRANKSHAFT ENGINE CONTROLS PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 14 014 14-S 1408907-S Crankshaft Assembly Spring, Linkage 14 340 01-S 1409012-S Key, Flywheel Lever, Governor M-641060-S Nut, Flanged, M6 x 1.0 1412622-S Control Assembly, GASKET Fixed Speed 1408914-S Spring, Governor PART...
  • Page 45 KOHLER 4-CYCLE ENGINE MODEL NUMBER XT173-0084 BLOWER HOUSING & BAFFLES OIL PAN / LUBRICATION PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 1 25 086 167-S Screw, Pan Head, #15, 1 25 086 145-S Screw, Hex Head, 6-Lobe (Hi-Lo) Flanged (M6) 1433204-S 1412313-S Insert, Engine Cover Tube Assembly, Oil Fill (Black) (Includes Key Number 3)
  • Page 47 KOHLER 4-CYCLE ENGINE MODEL NUMBER XT173-0084 EXHAUST FUEL SYSTEM PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 14 314 04-S Shield, Muffler 14 065 12-S Kit, Fuel Tank 14 068 05-S Kit, Muffler (Includes (Includes Key Number 2) 1422704-S Muffler Gasket) Fuel Cap Assembly 1405014-S 1407206-S Kit, Exhaust Hardware...
  • Page 48 Your Home For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. For Sears professional installation of home appliances...

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