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Whirlpool 1CWTW4840 Use And Care Manual page 4

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To allow for proper spin operation, the lid
will lock and the Lid Lock light will turn on.
This light indicates that the lid is locked
and cannot be opened.
If you need to open the lid, press
START/Pause/Unlock. The lid will
unlock once the washer movement
has stopped. This may take several
minutes if the load was spinning at
high speed. Press START/Pause/
Unlock again to resume the cycle.
The Cycle Status Lights show the progress of a cycle.
At each stage of the process, you may notice sounds or
pauses that are different from traditional washers.
When the START/PAUSE button is pressed, the washer
will fill to the selected water level. If the lid is closed
when the machine is done filling the lid will lock and the
machine will begin operation.
If the lid is open when the water stops entering the
machine, the cycle will not begin until the lid has been
closed and the START/PAUSE button is pressed. If the
cycle has not been started within 10 minutes of the water
filling the washer, the washer will pump out the water.
NOTE: Avoid opening lid during Fill/Sensing phase.
The sensing process will start over when the washer is
restarted. The sensing light may also come on during the
Soak and Wash portions of the cycle. This is normal. To
restart the washer after the lid has been opened press
You will hear the agitator moving the load. The motor
sounds may change at different stages in the cycle.
The wash time is determined by the selected soil level.
You will hear sounds similar to the wash cycle as the
washer rinses and moves the load. You may hear the
motor turning on briefly (short hum) to move the basket
while filling. Fabric softener will be added if the Fabric
Softener Added-Yes option was selected.
Some cycles use spray rinsing. After draining and
spinning out wash water, the washer will continue to
spin and spray in rinse water for the entire rinse time.
The washer spins the load at increasing speeds for
proper water removal, based on the selected cycle
and spin speed.
Once the cycle is complete, this light will come on.
Remove the load promptly for best results.

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Table of Contents

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