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Husqvarna 36 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna 36 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna electric chain saw operator's manual
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Manuel d'utilisation
REV. 2-04/1 2/95


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Summary of Contents for Husqvarna 36

  • Page 1 36/41 Operator’smanual Manuel d’utilisation 101-869562 REV. 2-04/1 2/95...
  • Page 3 / Max 10 teeth Huaqvarna H30 / 16” / 18” / Max 10 teeth Huaqvarna H30 Other kickback comb. manual. Husqvarna 36 0 IJOOIAOOI O MADE IN U.S.A Index CAUTION! ATTENTION! the chain upward For safe operation Pour la securite follow all safety d’operation, observe...
  • Page 4: Saf Ety Precautions For Chain Saw Users

    (ANSI B 175.1-1985 Appendix D) Safety Precautions for Chain Saw Users D 1. Kickback Safety Precautions ~ WARNING!: KICKBACK may occur when the nose or tip of the guide bar touches an object, or when the wood closes in and pinches the saw chain in the cut.
  • Page 5: Chainsaw Overview

    2.4/40 2.2136 3000 3000 13.000 13.000 RCJ7Y RCJ7Y 0.02/0,5 0.02/0,5 WT 239 WT 239 0.73/0,40 0.73/0,40 0.36/0,20 0.36/0,20 automatic automatic 12.1/5,5 12.1/5,5 16/41 16/41 15/38 15/38 16/41 16/41 18146 18146 16.3, 7t 16.3, 7t .325 .325 ,050/1,3 .050/1,3...
  • Page 6: Mounting Guide Bar And Chain

    Mountingguide bar and chain WARNING! Always m order to protect your hands from injury. Check that the chain brake is in disengaged position by moving the front hand guard towards the front handle. Take off the bar nuts and remove the clutch cover (chain brake) —...
  • Page 7: Fuelmix And Chain Oil

    For the best performance, use Husqvarna two-stroke oil, which is especially developed for chain saws. J!Erp~ Mixing ratio 1:50 (2 0/0), ‘ \, –-->” If Husqvarna two-stroke oil is not available, you may use “ M’ ‘ another two-stroke oil of good quality. -Q,, Mixing ratio 1:33 (3%).
  • Page 8: Starting And Stopping

    Start and stop ~WARNING! Neverstartthe sawenginewithoutthe bar,chainandclutch cover(chainbrake)assembled - or elsetheclutchcancomeloose andcausepersonal i njuries. Alwaysmovethe sawawayfromthefuelingareabefore starting. Placethe sawon cleargroundandmake not contacting anything. Also, make sure that you have a secure footing. Keep people and animals well away from the working area. Start Grio the front handle with vour left hand and hold the saw down by putting your right foot ii the rear handle.
  • Page 9: Control And Maintenance Of The Chain Brake

    Chainbrake The saw is equipped with a chain brake. The brake is designed to stop the chain immediately in the event of a kick-back. The brake activates when the hand guard is pushed forward (1). If the brake is already activated, it is disengaged by pulling the front hand guard back towards the front handle (2).
  • Page 10: Air Filter

    Maintenanceand function Air filter The air filter must be regularly cleaned from dust and dirt in order to avoid: Carburetor malfunctions Starting problems Engine power reduction Unnecessary wear on the engine parts . Abnormal fuel consumption Harmful emissions Clean the air filter daily or more often if the air is exceptionally dusty in the working area.
  • Page 11: Starter Device

    Changing a broken or worn starter cord Loosen the screws, that hold the starter device against the crankcase and remove the starter device, . .“ Pull out the cord approx. 30 cm and lift it up into the notch in the -2,’”...
  • Page 12: Chain Maintenance

    NOTE: The second number in the Oregon part number indicate the thickness of the drive link. You are free to choose between 0.050” and 0.058” drive link for the corresponding bar. HUSQVARNA H30 and OREGON 33 indicates 0.050’’/1.3 mm OREGON 34 indicates 0,058”/1.5 mm...
  • Page 13: Depth Gauge

    Sharpening Never cut with a dull saw chain. A chain which does not cut unless you press it hard against the wood is damaged, dull or incorrectly filed. In order to file the chain correctly you need: round file (A), file gauge (B), flat file (C) and a depth gauge tool (D).
  • Page 14: Maintenance

    Maintenance Tools and materials The tools and material shown are absolutely essential for routine everyday safe operation and maintenance of a chain saw. T-wrench (A) – This type of wrench or its equivalent should always be carried with your chain saw. The wrench is needed to adjust chain tension which must be correctly adjusted for safer cutting.
  • Page 15: Weekly Maintenance

    Below you will find some general maintenance instructions. If you have more questions, contact your servicing dealer. Use only genuine Husqvarna replacement parts. -;;;@ Daily maintenance: 1. Check the throttle trigger for smooth operation. If any binding occurs, or if engine fails to return to idle, the saw should be L–...
  • Page 16: Carburetor

    Ill!l Carburetor I Functioning, Basic setting, Final setting WARNING,! DO startthe sawwithoutthe bar, cover (chain brake) assembled. If you do, the clutch might come loose and cause severe injuries. Functioning The carburett~r governs the engine speed via the throttle trigger. In the carburetor, air/fuel is mixed. This air/fuel mixture is adjustable.
  • Page 17 o ..,. NOTE! Do not attempt to adjust the needlesbeyondthe stops as damagecan occur. + 1/4 Low speed needle L Ulmln trlmn Try to find the highest idling speed by turning the low speed olmln needle L within the limits of the limiter cap.
  • Page 18: First Aid Kit

    Clothing The proper-clothing and equipment (as shown) protect you from many potential hazards such as lacerations, thrown objects, and hearing loss. Always wear: safety helmet ear protection visor or goggles heavy-duty non-slip gloves safety pants or chaps boots with steel toe caps and no-slip soles First aid kit A first aid kit approved by the Red Cross or an organization of —...
  • Page 19: Generalworking Instruction

    Generalworking instruction General Avoid cutting in adverse weather conditions, such as dense fog, heavy rain, high winds, etc. Adverse weather is often tiring to work in and creates potentially dangerous conditions such as slippery ground. High winds may force the tree to fall in an unexpected direction causing property damage or personal injury.
  • Page 20 Generalworking instruction Basic rules for felling trees Normally the felling consists of two main cutting operations - notching and making the felling cut. Notching Start making the upper notch cut on the side of the three facing the felling direction. Look through the kerf as you saw the lower cut so you do not saw too deep into the trunk.
  • Page 21 Generalworking instruction Limbing Limbing is removing the branches from a felled tree. ~ WA~NING! A majority of kickback accidents occur Itmbmg. Do not use the nose of the guide bar. Be extremely cautious and avoid contacting the log, other limbs or objects with the nose of the guide bar.
  • Page 22 Generalworkina instruction Commonsense We have already pointed out that a chain saw is dangerous tool, if used carelessly, or if improperly maintained. If you use your chain saw as intended, it is an excellent tool. Should you lack information in any respect, should you feel uncertain about anything, please contact us or one of our servicing dealers.

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