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Esd=Electrostatic Discharge - Electrolux COOKERS Service Instructions Manual



ESD=electrostatic discharge

As the single electronic interfaces are not protected internally against statical electricity and are
partially open, you must pay attention to that, in case of a repair, there will be a potential
compensation via the housing of the appliance (touch it) in order to neutralize a possible
charging and to prevent a damaging of the affected electronic interface.
You also have to be careful with those electronics delivered as spare parts, which have to be put
out of the ESD protective package only after a potential compensation (discharge of possible
statical electricity).
If a potential compensation with an existing static electricity is not executed, it does not mean
that the electronic is demaged directly. Consequential damages may result due to the damaging
of internal structures which arise only in case of load through temperature and current.
Endangered are all assembly groups which are provided with control entries, wire paths lying
open and free-accessible processors.
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