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Document Revision - NEC Audio Emcee User Manual

Nec audio emcee cd player users guide
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1) Plug the CD Player into an electrical outlet. We recommend plugging the
player into a regular 110 electrical outlet, and not a battery back up
2) Using the audio cable, connect the player to the phone system. The end
with the adapter goes into the front of the CD Player and the other end goes
into the MOH Port located on your phone system. If your phone system
does not have a MOH Port, you'll need to splice the cable into your phone
3) Program your messages. Refer to programming instructions on the next
4) Adjust the volume. Call your main phone line from another line at your
location, and ask to be put on hold. If the sound quality is distorted, or the
volume is too low even when turned all the way up, contact Customer
Service at (800) 373-8200.
NEC America, Inc.

Document Revision 3

MOH Port
(On Hold)