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Preface; About This Book; Registering Your Option - IBM ThinkPad Ultrabay User Manual

Numeric keypad
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About this book

This User's Guide contains instructions for installing and using the IBM
Plus Numeric Keypad.
The User's Guide contains the product description and usage instructions. For
information about the product warranty and help and service information, see
the IBM ThinkPad Ultrabay Plus Numeric Keypad Warranty and Help Information
that comes with your option.

Registering your option

Thank you for purchasing OPTIONS by IBM. Please take a few moments to
register your product and provide us with information that will help IBM to
better serve you in the future. Your feedback is valuable to us in developing
products and services that are important to you, as well as in developing better
ways to communicate with you. Register your option on the IBM Web site at
IBM will send you information and updates on your registered product unless
you indicate on the Web site questionnaire that you do not want to receive
further information.
© Copyright IBM Corp. 2001



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