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Installing The Ibm Ultrabay Plus Numeric Keypad - IBM ThinkPad Ultrabay User Manual

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Installing the IBM Ultrabay Plus Numeric Keypad

To install the Numeric Keypad see the following illustration and steps to
complete installation.
Ultrabay device
lock mechinism
1. Remove the CD-ROM drive from your ThinkPad computer. See the manual
for your computer for instructions on removing the CD-ROM drive.
2. Install your Ultrabay Plus Device Carrier into your ThinkPad computer. To
install the Device Carrier in your computer, do the following:
3. Open the Device Carrier tray by doing the following:
a. Slide the latch on the front of the Device Carrier to the left. The Device
Carrier tray pops out.
b. Gently pull the Device Carrier tray out until it clicks into place.
4. Slide the latch on the Device Carrier tray back.
5. Slide the latch on the Device Carrier tray forward to lock the Numeric
Keypad in place.
Part 1: Installation and user's guide



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