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AEG HG654440 User Manual

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  • Page 1 EN User manual HG654440...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    9. TECHNICAL INFORMATION ..........16 FOR PERFECT RESULTS Thank you for choosing this AEG product. We have created it to give you impeccable performance for many years, with innovative technologies that help make life simpler –...
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    ENGLISH 1. SAFETY INFORMATION Before the installation and use of the appliance, careful- ly read the supplied instructions. The manufacturer is not responsible if an incorrect installation and use cau- ses injuries and damages. Always keep the instructions with the appliance for future reference. 1.1 Children and vulnerable people safety WARNING! Risk of suffocation, injury or permanent disability.
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    • Never try to extinguish a fire with water, but switch off the appliance and then cover flame e.g. with a lid or a fire blanket. • Do not store items on the cooking surfaces. • Do not use a steam cleaner to clean the appliance.
  • Page 5: Gas Connection

    ENGLISH • The electrical installation must have an • The vapours that very hot oil releases isolation device which lets you discon- can cause spontaneous combustion. nect the appliance from the mains at • Used oil, that can contain food rem- all poles.
  • Page 6: Product Description

    • Do not use water spray and steam to • Contact your municipal authority for clean the appliance. information on how to discard the ap- pliance correctly. • Do not clean the burners in the dish- washer. • Disconnect the appliance from the mains supply.
  • Page 7: Turning The Burner Off

    ENGLISH 4.1 Ignition of the burner WARNING! Be very careful when you use open fire in kitchen environment. Manufacturer decline any re- sponsibility in case misuse of the flame Always light the burner before you put cookware. To light the burner: Burner cap Turn the control knob counterclock- Burner crown...
  • Page 8: Helpful Hints And Tips

    4.3 Using the Wok Stand A wok stand lets you to use a rounded bottom wok on the hob. Do not use the wok stand with any other type of wok or pan. You must only use the wok stand on the Triple Crown.
  • Page 9: Periodic Maintenance

    ENGLISH WARNING! • Be very careful when you replace Deactivate the appliance and let the pan supports to prevent the hob it cool down before you clean it. top from damage. Disconnect the appliance from After cleaning, dry the appliance with a the electrical supply before you soft cloth.
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    10 7. TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Possible cause Remedy There is no spark when • There is no electrical • Make sure that the lighting the gas supply unit is connected and the electrical supply is switched on. • Control the fuse. If the...
  • Page 11: Installation

    ENGLISH MOD. MOD. MOD. TYPE PROD.NO. 230V-50Hz PROD.NO. PROD.NO. 0049 SER.NO. IP20 SER.NO SER.NO 03 IT DATA DATA MADE IN ITALY MODEL MODEL Stick it on Guarantee Card and send Stick it on instruction booklet this part Stick it on Guarantee Card and keep this part 8.
  • Page 12: Injectors Replacement

    12 Location The connection should be suitable for connecting to R 1/2 (1/2 BSP male The hob may be located in a kitchen, a thread). kitchen/diner or bed sitting room (with a When the final connection has been volume greater than 20 m³), but not in a made, it is essential that a thorough leak bathroom or shower room.
  • Page 13: Electrical Requirements

    ENGLISH 8.4 Adjustment of minimum Electrical Requirements level Permanent electrical installation must agree with the latest I.E.E. Regulations To adjust the minimum level of the burn- and local Electricity Board regulations. ers: For your own safety the installation must Light the burner. be done by a qualified electrician (e.g.
  • Page 14 14 letter 'L'. It must always be connec- ted to the network phase. There must be no cut or stray strands of wire present. The cord clamp must be correctly attached to the outer sheath. To replace the connection cable use only H05V2V2-F T90 or equivalent type.
  • Page 15: Possibilities For Insertion

    ENGLISH 8.6 Building In min. 600 mm min. 450 mm min. 650 mm min. 55 mm 30 mm 10 mm 560 mm 11 mm 3 mm 11 mm A - supplied seal Space for connections Kitchen unit with oven The hob recess dimensions must obey the indication and the kitchen unit must be equipped with vents to let a continu- ous supply of air.
  • Page 16: Technical Information

    16 9. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Electric supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz Hob dimensions 3 core flexible Width: 594 mm cable with non rewireable plug Length: 510 mm fitted with a 3 amp cartridge Hob recess dimensions fuse Width: 560 mm Gas connection: G 1/2 "...
  • Page 17: Environment Concerns

    ENGLISH 10. ENVIRONMENT CONCERNS Recycle the materials with the appliances. Do not dispose symbol . Put the packaging in appliances marked with the symbol applicable containers to recycle it. with the household waste. Return the Help protect the environment and product to your local recycling human health and to recycle waste facility or contact your municipal...
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