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HP 720 Series User Manual

Hewlett-packard digital camera user's manual.
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720 series
user's manual


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   Summary of Contents for HP 720 Series

  • Page 1

    720 series digital camera user's manual...

  • Page 3

    Apple, Macintosh, and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. SD Logo is a trademark. Materials disposal This HP product contains the following materials that might require special handling at end-of-life: Mercury in the fluorescent lamp in the image LCD. Alkaline manganese dioxide-zinc or lithium-iron disulfide AA batteries.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 1-Getting started ......9 Camera Parts ......10 Setup .

  • Page 6

    Language ......40 4-Using hp instant share ....41 Using hp instant share to print pictures .

  • Page 7

    Contacting hp customer support ... . 60 How hp can help ....60 Before you call .

  • Page 8

    720 user’s manual...

  • Page 9: 1-getting Started

    Getting started The HP Photosmart 720 digital camera is a 3.3 mega-pixel camera with 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. This camera has an exciting new feature called technology. With HP Instant Share, you can select images to print or e-mail automatically the next time you connect the camera to your computer.

  • Page 10: Camera Parts

    Provides audio/video output to a TV Provides connection for an optional HP AC adapter Turns on Preview mode or turns off the Image Display Moves to menu options and navigates through images hp photosmart 720 user’s manual...

  • Page 11

    # Name 8 OK button Share button 10 Image Display 11 Speaker 12 Optical viewfinder 13 Viewfinder light Zoom Out/In button 1-Getting started Description Press once to turn on Playback mode, again to turn on Main menu. Also selects menu options Turns the Share menu on and off...

  • Page 12

    Allows camera to be mounted to a tripod Provides connection to the optional HP Camera Dock Allows access to the batteries hp photosmart 720 user’s manual...

  • Page 13

    # Name Shutter button Video button Flash button Quality button Self-timer/Burst button Status Power button 1-Getting started Description Takes a picture Records a video clip; press once to start and press again to stop Selects the Flash setting Changes image quality from Better Best Sets the Self-timer when pressed...

  • Page 14

    Image quality selection Number of images remaining Self-timer Burst Video is being recorded Battery condition SD memory card is in the camera is active is active is active is active is active feature is active hp photosmart 720 user’s manual...

  • Page 15: Setup

    Setup Attaching the wrist strap Attach the wrist or neck strap as shown in the illustration. NOTE It is easiest to install the strap by inserting it from the bottom of the strap mount first. Installing the batteries With the front of the camera facing you, slide the latch on the battery door to the right.

  • Page 16: Inserting The Memory Card (optional)

    Close and fasten the memory card door. To remove the card, pull it out of the camera. Turning on power Press the Power the camera. When the camera is ready, the viewfinder light stops blinking. button to turn on hp photosmart 720 user’s manual...

  • Page 17: Choosing The Language

    Choosing the language The first time you turn the camera on, the following screen appears and prompts you to choose a language. Scroll to the language that you want by using the Arrow Press OK to select the highlighted language. Setting the date and time The camera has a clock that records the date and time at which you take each picture.

  • Page 18: Installing The Software

    Internet Explorer 5.0 (Service Pack 2) in order to function properly. Windows Insert the HP Photo & Imaging CD into the CD drive of your computer. The installation window automatically appears. NOTE If the installation window does not appear, click Start, and then click Run.

  • Page 19: Macintosh

    Macintosh Insert the HP Photo & Imaging CD into the CD drive of your computer. Double-click the CD icon on the desktop. Double-click the installer icon, then follow the instructions on the screen to install the software. To install any bonus software: Double-click the Double-click the installer icon for the bonus software.

  • Page 20

    720 user’s manual...

  • Page 21: 2-taking Pictures

    Taking pictures Taking still pictures You can take a picture almost any time the camera is on, regardless of what is being shown on the Image Display. To take a picture: Frame the subject that you want to photograph in the viewfinder. Hold the camera steady, and press the Shutter...

  • Page 22: Using Instant Review

    You can delay recording a video clip for 10 seconds by setting the self-timer. button halfway down, you can re-frame or button all the way down until you hear a button. Video button again. The camera hp photosmart 720 user’s manual Instant...

  • Page 23: Recording Audio

    Recording audio After you take a still picture, you can add an audio annotation to it (for example to describe the location of the picture). For the details on how to do this, see page 33. Using preview mode You can use the Image Display as a viewfinder and show a more accurate view of what your picture will look like.

  • Page 24: Using The Self-timer And Burst Features

    Self-timer icon button all the way down, and then release light on the front of the camera button until the Burst Shutter hp photosmart 720 user’s manual appears icon appears on button all the way Shutter button is...

  • Page 25: Using Zoom

    Using zoom Optical zoom Press the Zoom Out/Zoom In between wide angle and telephoto positions (1 to 3x). You cannot adjust optical zoom while recording video clips. Digital zoom Press the Display then frame the picture using the Image Display. Use the Zoom in maximum level, then release the button.

  • Page 26: Using The Flash

    This is also called “fill- flash.” The camera will not flash. Use this setting when you do not want a flash (such as with distant objects). This may result in long exposures that will require using a tripod. hp photosmart 720 user’s manual...

  • Page 27: Changing The Image Quality

    Changing the image quality The camera has three image quality settings: Good, Better, and Best. The current quality setting is displayed on the Status LCD. To change the image quality setting, press the button until the desired setting appears on the Status LCD. The following table identifies the approximate number of pictures that you can take at each setting based on internal memory or with a 16 MB memory card (purchased...

  • Page 28

    720 user’s manual...

  • Page 29: 3-using Playback And The Main Menu

    Using playback and the main menu Using playback to view images After you have taken some pictures or video clips and they are stored in the camera, you can view them in Playback mode. Press the OK button to activate Playback mode. The most recently taken or viewed image appears on the Image Display.

  • Page 30

    12.25.2001 NOTE To preserve battery life, you can connect to an optional HP AC adapter while viewing your images. For more information about accessories for your camera, see Appendix A: Batteries and accessories If you do not have images stored in your camera or on the memory card, the Display.

  • Page 31: Using The Main Menu

    Using the main menu Use the Main menu to view or modify images in the camera or to change the camera settings. To view the Main menu from Playback mode, press the OK button. If the Image Display is off, press the OK button twice.

  • Page 32: Rotating Images

    Deletes all images from internal memory or the memory card (if installed). Deletes all images and files from internal memory or the memory card (if installed), and formats either internal memory or the memory card hp photosmart 720 user’s manual...

  • Page 33: Recording Audio Clips

    Menu Item Undelete Exit Recording audio clips NOTE This option works only on still images, not video clips. In Playback mode, scroll to the image you want by using the buttons, then press OK to display the Main menu. In the Main menu, select the Record Audio Recording starts immediately, and the time remaining appears in the lower-left portion of the...

  • Page 34: Viewing Thumbnail Images

    To magnify the image to six times its size, select the More option. To return to Playback Mode, select the Exit option. View Thumbnails buttons. Magnify buttons to hp photosmart 720 user’s manual option. option. This Magnify...

  • Page 35: Using The Setup Menu

    Using the setup menu Setup menu allows you to set a number of preferences on the camera, including: selecting up to three different exposure settings (exposure compensation, white balance, and ISO) to use when taking pictures setting date and time selecting the image to be used for the welcome screen when the camera is turned on setting the USB configuration (how the camera appears...

  • Page 36: Exposure Settings

    Playback mode. If the image is too dark, increase the compensation. If the image is too bright, decrease the compensation. menu, , or ISO hp photosmart 720 user’s manual...

  • Page 37

    White balance In some cases, it may be necessary to pre-set the light source so the camera can reproduce colors more accurately. Set the White Balance ) according to the following situations. Icon Description Auto Auto - this is the default setting Daylight - recording outdoors on a bright day Cloudy - recording under overcast or twilight skies Tungsten - recording under incandescent lighting...

  • Page 38: Date & Time

    This setting determines the image that appears when the camera is turned on. You can select any image available in the camera or the HP logo, which is the default setting. In Playback mode, scroll to the image you want by using buttons, then press OK to display the Main menu.

  • Page 39: Usb Configuration Setting

    (Mass Storage Device Class (MSDC) standard). Use this setting for unloading and sharing on a Macintosh computer or on Windows system that does not have the HP Photo & Imaging software installed on it. 3-Using playback and the main menu option.

  • Page 40: Move Images To Card

    This setting determines the language of the menus and the text on the Image Display. In the Setup menu, select the Follow the same procedure used in on page 17. Card. Language option. Choosing the language hp photosmart 720 user’s manual...

  • Page 41: 4-using Hp Instant Share

    As another example, you can select images in the camera to be automatically processed by HP’s e-mail service. When the camera connects to your computer, the selected images are e-mailed to family, friends, or any e-mail address that you specify.

  • Page 42

    Share of current image. of current image. Lets you add e-mail addresses to the menu. This procedure is explained later in hp photosmart 720 user’s manual menu.

  • Page 43: Using Hp Instant Share To Print Pictures

    Using hp instant share to print pictures Turn on the camera, then press the Use the buttons to scroll to the image you want to print. Video clips cannot be selected for printing. Press OK to activate the buttons to scroll to the print option you want.

  • Page 44: Using The Hp Instant Share E-mail Service

    Using the hp instant share e-mail service Using HP Instant Share to e-mail images involves three steps: Adding e-mail addresses to the camera’s (using your computer and the camera together). Selecting images to be e-mailed (using the the camera). Connecting the camera to your computer to send selected images.

  • Page 45: Selecting Images To Be E-mailed

    If you are using a Macintosh computer, skip to step 7. If you are using a computer running Windows, you will be asked to sign in to HP’s Passport program. HP Passport allows you to use HP’s free e-mail service and other services that may be available in the future.

  • Page 46: Windows

    Macintosh Images are e-mailed directly to recipients using the default e-mail program on your computer. Share menu, then use the Share button. hp photosmart 720 user’s manual buttons and repeat...

  • Page 47: 5-unloading, Printing, & Displaying Images

    USB cable to the USB connector on the camera. Turn on the camera. The HP Image Unload software will launch on your computer, and the images in the camera will automatically unload to the computer. If there were any...

  • Page 48: Printing Images

    HP Photo & Imaging software that was shipped with the camera. You can also connect the camera directly to any HP DeskJet or Photosmart printer that has a USB connection, then print images selected from the camera the camera.

  • Page 49: Displaying Images On A Tv

    Images in your camera can easily be displayed as a slideshow on almost any television (TV). NOTE You can also use the optional HP Camera Dock to do this task. See To connect the camera directly to a TV, you must first purchase an A/V (Audio/Video) cable.

  • Page 50

    Used mostly in Europe and Asia Displays each image for 5 seconds Displays each image for 10 seconds using the buttons on the camera Starts the slideshow Slideshow Playback mode. Share menu are available during hp photosmart 720 user’s manual menu. buttons...

  • Page 51: 6-troubleshooting And Support

    If you want to use AC power, connect the HP AC adapter to a working electrical outlet. Ensure that the HP AC adapter is not damaged or defective and is plugged into an electrical outlet with power.

  • Page 52

    Turn the Self-timer off. Wait a few seconds for the camera to finish processing the image, and then press the Shutter button. hp photosmart 720 user’s manual button all the button halfway on page 21...

  • Page 53

    See the section called Date & time page 38. Use an HP AC adapter to power the camera when you are using the Image Display for an extended period of time and when you are unloading several images to your computer.

  • Page 54

    Be sure to move your fingers away from the flash when you take a picture. hp photosmart 720 user’s manual...

  • Page 55

    Problem Possible cause Solution My image is The flash too bright. provided too much light. A natural or artificial source other than the flash provided too much light. You were too close to the subject to use the flash. When I The camera is connect the turned off.

  • Page 56: Error Messages

    HP AC adapter. Battery power is Replace or recharge too low to record batteries, or use an a video clip. optional HP AC adapter during video recording. hp photosmart 720 user’s manual USB Configuration Disk Drive.

  • Page 57

    Message Unsupported card The card requires formatting The card is locked The card is too full to move any images Invalid date Unsupported image file Memory is too full The card is too full 6-Troubleshooting and support Possible cause Solution The card in the Ensure that the card is the memory slot is...

  • Page 58

    There is a paper Turn off the printer. Clear jam or the the paper jam, and then printer carriage turn on the printer. has stalled. hp photosmart 720 user’s manual...

  • Page 59: Error Messages On The Computer

    The print job has Press the OK button on the been canceled. camera. Complete the print request again. The camera is Call HP Support (see having a Getting assistance problem that HP page 60). needs to fix Possible cause...

  • Page 60: Getting Assistance

    Contacting hp customer support In addition to the Web, you can contact HP by telephone or mail for support and service for your camera. Prices, availability, and hours of support are subject to change without notice.

  • Page 61: Before You Call

    Our support staff is available from 6 am to 10 pm Mountain Time, Monday through Friday, or 9 am to 4 pm Saturday. If you think your HP product might need service, call HP Customer Support, which can help determine if service is required.

  • Page 62: Upgraded Warranty Options

    180 days of product purchase. HP will determine the hardware service offering based upon the outcome of system self-test programs run by the customer through the initial call to the HP Customer Care Center. If during your technical support call it is determined that your product needs replacement, HP will ship you this replacement product next business day free of charge.

  • Page 63

    Alternatively, you can ask your dealer or call HP at the phone number listed in this document. For English support in Europe, contact +44 (0) 207 512 52 02. Algeria +213 (0) 61-56-45-43 Argentina 0-810-555-5520 Australia +63 (3) 8877 8000 (or local (03) 8877 8000)

  • Page 64

    0 800 10111 Philippines +63 (2) 867-3551 Poland +48 22 865 98 00 Portugal +351 21 3176333 Puerto Rico 1 877 232 0589 +82 (2) 3270 0700 (Seoul) 0-80-999-0700 (outside Seoul) +44 (0) 207 512 52 02 hp photosmart 720 user’s manual...

  • Page 65

    Romania +40 1 315 44 42 (or local 01 3154442) Russian Federation Saudi Arabia 800 897 14440 Singapore +65 6272-5300 Slovakia +421-2-68208080 South Africa 086 000 1030 (RSA) +27-11 258 9301 (outside RSA) Spain +34 902 321 123 Sweden +46 (0)8 619 2170 Switzerland +41 (0)848 80 11 11 Taiwan...

  • Page 66: Hewlett-packard Limited Warranty Statement

    Replacement products may be either new or equivalent in performance to new. HP warrants to you that HP software will not fail to execute its programming instructions after the date of purchase, for the period specified above, due to defects in material and workmanship when properly installed and used.

  • Page 67: Regulatory Information

    HP has marketed this product. The level of warranty service you receive may vary according to local standards. HP will not alter form, fit or function of the product to make it operate in a country for which it was never intended to function for legal or regulatory reasons.

  • Page 68

    720 user’s manual...

  • Page 69: Appendix A: Batteries And Accessories

    Appendix A: Batteries and accessories Managing batteries When the batteries are removed from the camera, the date and time settings are preserved for approximately 10 minutes. If the camera is without batteries for longer than 10 minutes, the clock is set to the last time and date at which the camera was used.

  • Page 70: Extending Battery Life

    Extending battery life Use an optional HP AC adapter or HP Camera Dock when unloading pictures to your computer, printing, or connecting to the TV. Use the optical viewfinder to frame pictures instead of the Image Display. Leave the Image Display off when the camera is on.

  • Page 71: Power Conservation

    Some accessories for the HP photosmart 720 digital camera are listed below: HP AC power adapter (HP Supports only HP AC adapters and other accessories expressly approved by HP) • North America—C8875A #001 •...

  • Page 72

    HP Digital Camera Accessory Kit (Y1788 for United States, Y1789 for outside the United States). Contents include: • Camera bag • Rechargeable NiMH batteries • Battery charger HP Digital Camera Accessory Kit (C8884A). Contents include: • Camera bag • Rechargeable NiMH batteries •...

  • Page 73: Appendix B: Camera Dock

    Appendix B: Camera dock NOTE The HP Camera Dock does not work without AC power. Be sure to use cables that came with the Camera Dock. Follow the setup instructions provided with the Camera Dock. This includes installing the Dock Insert onto the dock,...

  • Page 74

    The associated device is active. The associated device is not connected to the Camera Dock. The associated device is not available because the other device is active. Camera Dock has no power or there is no camera connected. hp photosmart 720 user’s manual...

  • Page 75: Unloading Images To A Computer Using The Dock

    Disk Drive found in the Setup Check that the HP Camera Dock is connected to your computer. Place the camera in the Camera Dock. It will turn on automatically, and a dock intro screen will appear. Press the process.

  • Page 76: Printing Images Using The Dock

    Displaying images on a TV using the dock Check that the HP Camera Dock is connected to your TV. Refer to the documentation for your TV to determine how to set the TV to take video input from your camera instead of the antenna or cable TV.

  • Page 77: Appendix C: Specifications

    Appendix C: Specifications Feature Description Resolution 3.15 MP (2048 by 1536 effective pixel count) 3.34 MP (2140 by 1560 total pixel count) Sensor Diagonal 8.933 mm (Type 1/1.8) CCD Color depth 30-bit (10 colors by 3 colors) Capture types Still, Self-timer, Burst, and Video Memory 16 MB internal memory Slot for a Secure Digital (SD) memory card...

  • Page 78

    Cloudy (6500K), Tungsten (2600K), Fluorescent 1 (6000K), and Fluorescent 2 (3600K) Image Display Color LED Backlit, 1.6 inches (4.1 cm) polysilicon TFT LCD Status LCD 10 mm by 25 mm viewable area Self-Timer 10 second delay hp photosmart 720 user’s manual...

  • Page 79

    Automatic advanced power management The camera has a maximum power consumption of 5 watts (1.2 amps) Interfaces Appendix C: Specifications USB to a computer or USB to HP DeskJet and Photosmart printers Audio/Video out to TV DC IN 6V HP Camera Dock...

  • Page 80

    (W) by 75 mm (H) With lens fully extended:118 mm (L) by 80 mm (W) by 75 mm (H) Weight 255 grams without batteries Warranty HP 1 year exchange warranty PTP transfer (15740) MSDC transfer NTSC/PAL JPEG Motion JPEG...

  • Page 81

    Index AA batteries 69 AC power adapter connector 10 HP part number 71, 79 accessories for camera 71 alkaline batteries 69 arrow buttons 10 audio clips, record 12 audio clips,record 23, 33 audio/video cable 71 connector 10, 49 Auto Flash...

  • Page 82

    Instant Review 22 Digital Print Order Format 43 digital zoom 25 disk drive, connect as 39 Display button 10 dock. See HP Camera Dock DPOF 43 e-mail addresses, customizing the Share menu 44 images using HP Instant Share...

  • Page 83

    29 install batteries 15 bonus software 18, 19 Camera Dock 9 memory card 16 software 18 Instant Share. See HP Instant Share internal memory, move images to memory card 40 ISO, setting 37 language change 40 choose at startup 17...

  • Page 84

    79 turn on/off 16 Preview mode 23 print images directly from camera 48 from computer 48 using Camera Dock 76 using HP Instant Share 41 printer connect dock to 73 connect to camera 48 problems troubleshooting 51 PTP 39...

  • Page 85

    34 thumbnail images 34 viewfinder 11 viewfinder light, description 11 warranty 66 warranty upgrade options 62 Web sites for HP 60 welcome screen, customize 38 white balance, setting 37 Windows computer bonus software 18 install software 18 wrist strap...

  • Page 86

    zoom button 11 specifications 78 use optical or digital 25 Index...

  • Page 88

    Printed in Singapore 2002 *Q2164−90010* Q2164-90010...

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