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Dv-180 controller
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Control of the pan and tilt is accomplished by sending packets of serial characters to the DV-115. Camera
related commands are converted to RS-232 level and routed through the DV-115 to the camera. The standard
communications protocol is 9600 baud, eight data bits, one stop bit, and no parity. These commands tell the
pan and tilt head and camera which operations to perform Preset related commands are also passed over the
communication link between the head and the controller.


When the system is powered up, all LED's will sequence individually indicating the system is operating
normally. All LED's will extinguish with the exception of CAM1. The controller defaults to camera
number one at the completion of the power on sequence. Do not activate any analog controls (pan, tilt,
zoom or focus) while the system is in the power-up sequence. These analog controls are automatically
calibrated during power-up. Camera modes setting will be the same as they were when the DV-180
controller was last powered off.


Select the desired camera by depressing the appropriate CAMERA select switch. The selected camera
LED will be lit and the camera location will be under the control of the DV-180 Controller. Camera 1 is
the default selection at power up. To position the selected pan & tilt head, move the joystick up, down, left
and right. To change the zoom, depress the TELE or the WIDE side of the ZOOM control. To change the
focus, depress the FAR or NEAR side of the FOCUS control.


To program the preset location, first verify the PAGE LED is not illuminated, depress the gray
"PRG" switch and the amber PRG LED will be lit. Then position the pan & tilt head and the lens
zoom & focus to the desired positions and depress the desired preset location switch. Note: if the
camera is in the auto focus mode the operator will have no manual control with the focus seesaw at
this time. The individual preset numbered LED will then be illuminated at the point in time when
the desired preset switch is depressed. The current location data has now been stored in the desired
preset location. The program LED will cease to be lit after the preset location is selected or when
the "PRG" switch is depressed a second time.
Note: The preset storage is accomplished within the DV-115. A "Goto" command to preset
location "1" will command the DV-115 to go to the preset location data stored in location #1.
JVC DV-180 PAN/TILT Operations Manual

Doc #: D0154-A


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